Small But Dangerous Warning Earthquake At Tejon Pass: San Andreas Will Eventually Blow

I watch the junction where the San Andreas and the other major earthquake rifts cross at a 90 degree angle with each other and one of the most dangerous crossing points is the Tejon Pass where a major highway crosses from the mountains on the violent side into Bakersfield which is on the slow moving continental plate.  The fast moving northwards plate, on the other hand, is the ‘green side’ of California and the near-stationary continental side is dry and hot.  Well, today, for the first time in many times, we had a very small but very dangerous quake at Tejon Pass.


For the last week, we have seen a series of quakes along the fault line leading to the Tejon Pass from the east to the west, one by one, each one closer to the Tejon Pass.  Now, it has happened this morning!  Time to issue a strong warning to everyone who has foolishly decided to live on or next to one of the world’s most dangerous fault lines, the San Andreas:




A photo of just south of Bitter Lake:


This screenshot is highway 25 in Central California and it follows the San Andreas fault line nearly exactly.  When the western half of California shoots northwards another 12 feet or so in one minute, this entire road will be utterly destroyed.  The ranch in this photo is on the East Side of the San Andreas so it will barely move at all, it will shake quite a bit but remain where it is.


The West Side, on the other hand, will shoot northwards!  Good grief, this is just one little example of the utter mess we will see after the inevitable quake happens.


Further south, past Parkfield which is famous for a fence that jumped northwards 150 years ago, we have more interesting roads: Cholame Road.  This sits right on the middle of the San Andreas for many miles from Parkfield to Route 46 right where the James Dean Memorial Junction!


Here is an interesting section of the road:


Note the total change of the earth’s geology with the west side being utterly different than the right side and it slices like a knife, and dry rivers run right next to the rift.  Further south is this big house built right smack dab on the San Andreas:

Note the name of the road: Bitterwater road.  Here is a long shot of the farm house and the farm equipment which is on the other side of the continent collision zone:



I am betting that the rift shift will be right on the Bitterwater road but the farm will shoot northwards while the facilities will remain firmly in place.  Here is a long shot of the long Bitterwater road which lies right on the fault nearly its entire length for quite a few miles.



The greatest violence from this impending earthquake will be mainly on the western side of the San Andreas.  Due to the Tejon Pass crossing of one major earthquake zone with the very violent San Andreas means Bakersfield, which lies slightly to the north and east of both, will have very significant damage.  The other big question is, will LA be shaken to bits, too.


It is crisscrossed with more earthquake paths than any city on earth.  These are many and very dangerous.  My parent’s birthplaces were right on one fault in Pasadena and in the 1920’s, had a good sized quake there, too.



The San Andreas is easy to find in this photo showing the LA region: it is where the dry desert, in a straight line, is next to green mountains which pick up all the ocean moisture!  Palmdale is right on the San Andreas and is doomed.


Here is a close up of Lake Palmdale:



Lake Palmdale is right on the San Andreas. So are a bunch of houses!  Below is a view of the lake from the road that runs through a considerable community of doomed houses with people who might not survive when the quake happens and their homes or half of their homes jump northwards:



There is NO EXCUSE for these houses!  They were built long after we understood the San Andreas and geologists explained how inevitable these quakes are and they happen like clockwork and the coo coo clock has passed its due date so every day is a possible day for the inevitable to happen!


So, today we had this tiny warning shot across the prow.  The Big Event is on the horizon now.


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7 responses to “Small But Dangerous Warning Earthquake At Tejon Pass: San Andreas Will Eventually Blow

  1. snoosebomb

    Cool !

  2. nclaughlin

    No, it’s not cool!

  3. Mewswithaview

    Looks like the effects of that $4 trillion inflationary expansion (in debt) last year is not coming through and showing in the rapid rise in price for plywood and steel.

    The price of lumber is up 193%—and about to spike even higher (fortune)

    Steel prices set to rise further, specialist warns (Construction news)

    High freight costs, regional steel prices seen supporting ferrous scrap in Q2 (Spglobal)

    Biden meets today with executives on chip shortage as U.S. auto industry feels the pain (CNBC)

    Lack of shipping containers causing bike shortages, headaches for Canadian farm exporters (CBC Canada)

    The money is losing value. You cannot destroy production (lockdowns), damage the supply chain (lockdowns), and print four trillion dollars (stimulus) into existence within six months without having some negative effects. Politicians worldwide are pumping the money system at an accelerated rate for the last 12 months, the monetary inflation is getting harder to hide and they won’t be able to suppress interest rates forever.

  4. snoosebomb

    3, went to buy 1.5 ” brass round , $82 / ft ! , supply problems , yada yada

  5. Jim R

    Off Topic — “global warming” . . .

    With a cold front moving through the Lone Star state some generation units were already down for repair work. Bloomberg reports one spot price for Texas power jumped as much as 10,000% on Tuesday.

    In particular, the average spot on-peak electricity at Ercot’s North Hub jumped more than 10,000% to $1,975.96 a megawatt-hour as of 4 p.m, according to grid data compiled by Genscape. Prices are capped at $2,000 a megawatt hour, after regulators suspended the previous $9,000 cap following the energy crisis.

    It’s April and Texas is supposed to be getting HOT by now. At least it isn’t supposed to be cold. Bluebonnets should be in bloom. My own back yard is still recovering from the freezing death of all the semi-tropicals in February. Cycads, Agaves — one of my neighbors had an orange tree — haha, is that thing ever dead!

  6. Jim R

    And, that’s pretty amazing, the stupidity of Californians.

    All that stuff along the fault is gonna be rekt!

  7. Mewswithaview

    There are always large structures built prior to an economic slump. The developer behind this lunacy will be taking a loss. Any “owner” will need a mobility scooter to get around, combined with the price tag and Commieforniastan taxes means this property will own you.

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