Lil’ Homicide/Bvby Diablo Is Latest Police Shooting Victim


Note, please, the name in the title and note how no liberal media will use these names in their stories about the kid shot by cops in Chicago.  A young (are his parents illegal aliens?) Hispanic boy, only 13 years old, was shot and killed by cops at 2:30am at night while the armed kid was roaming Chicago, looking for criminal potentials.  He was called ‘baby devil’ and ‘little homicide’ by his gang members!  I remember when I was 13 years old…and could pull a gun on an adult invading our ranch property!  Yes, 13 year olds can be very dangerous.  I know this better than anyone.



Chicago is now a hellish city, one of the worst in the USA if this is possible with all the competition:


As of Dec. 31, the city recorded 774 murders in 2020, an increase of more than 50% from the 506 murders in 2019, according to a database maintained by the Chicago Sun-Times. The uptick was felt across the city, as 20 of the CPD’s 22 police districts recorded more murders in 2020 than the year before. The number of overall shooting incidents skyrocketed, too, rising from 2,120 in 2019 to 3,237 as of Dec. 27, 2020.



We have no idea right now but it is quite possible, this cute ‘child’ has already murdered at least one person.  Most murders in Chicago are not solved, after all.  And the murder rate has gone up to the moon this year.  Thugs of all ages are now roaming freely as cities were shut down by the coronavirus.


Here is the raw data showing deterioration in preventing or solving murders in DNC Chicago:


The department’s murder clearance rate on the year stands at 45.6%, with detectives closing 350 murder cases in 2020 — the most in a single year since 2005, according to CPD spokesman Don Terry. The department’s clearance rate in 2019 was 53%.


Their ability to solve cases has dropped by nearly 10% this year!  Time to hobble the cops totally so they can never stop these many criminals including very young ones who are as violent as full adults!



Nervous cops at 2:am dealing with a gun totting tot known to be a possible killer, can make mistakes.  Liberals want perfection with zero errors but this is impossible.  If we  have the police severely punished for these sort of mistakes, we get this result: NO MORE POLICE bothering to stop anything.


Chicago police officers were targeted, too. The CPD says 79 officers were fired upon throughout the year, 10 of whom were shot, including three wounded in a single shooting at a Northwest Side police station in July.


I saw this years and years and years ago in Tucson, in NYC, in California, etc.  Criminals ran riot.  How many tried to climb through my bedroom windows during 1968 to 1980?  Lots and lots!  It happened so often, I slept with throwing knives next to my bedside and yes, I threw them, too.


Violent crime rose in major cities all across the country, but Chicago saw the most murders of any American municipality, nearly matching the combined totals of New York City and Los Angeles, according to records from all three police departments.


Constant gun shots, bombs going off, people stabbing each other all of this right under my bedroom windows in NYC was so obnoxious, we shut down our entire street and refused to let anyone use the sidewalks without being escorted by us, we used large dogs and some tools to enforce this.  Arresting many people did work but the best work was arresting corrupt DNC liberals and putting them all in prison.


Remember this week’s ‘evil white racist male’ story?  A military guy confronted the criminal.  He did push the criminal.  So he was arrested for pushing while the criminal was allowed to run around, openly, after accosting a number of women:


This ‘victim’ of ‘white racism’ is also a man who would wander about this neighborhood, harassing and doing bizarre things to white women and children:

According to one incident report, an African-American man approached a woman walking in the area on April 8, put his hand around her waist and then put her hand down the side of her shorts. The woman then pushed away and when she did, her shorts partially came down. As she pulled her shorts back up, the man put his arm around her waist for a second time, according to the incident report. The woman then ran back into her home.


A second incident report showed on April 10 a woman was walking when an African-American man approached her and picked up a baby who was with her. The woman said he tried to walk away with the baby but she grabbed the child back. She said this happened three times before she told the man it was not her baby and she “did not have the right to allow people to hold the child.” She then went home and said she wanted to prosecute, but no charges have been filed, according to the incident report.


The ‘victim’ in the twitter storm is really a criminal.   The criminal was wandering around a closed off neighborhood, he wasn’t innocently passing by on business of any sort except criminal actions.


In the case of the 13 year old criminal, when he was shot it was because the woman cop screwed up.  She was careless/nervous and shot him and should be fired for this.


Now on to other psychopaths:



Later, the murderous mom falsely claimed, she ‘softly drowned them while crying.’



In Mesa, Arizona, a father, his little child and two dogs were all found shot dead and the mother shot in the head with a light injury.  The story is very odd and menacing:


Authorities say a man and a child have been found dead in a Mesa home in an apparent murder-suicide. Mesa police say officers arrived at the scene about 8 p.m. Wednesday after a woman called 911 to say she was injured and needed help.


Police say the woman was taken to the hospital with a serious eye injury.


Officers then went inside the home and found the bodies of a man and a child plus two dogs.


Were the children and dogs and husband still alive when the cops came for the mother who called the cops?  Or did they notice silence in the house after she asked to go to the emergency room and after sending her there, walked into the rest of the house to find everyone else shot dead?


I am guessing it is the latter.  Right now, everyone is silent.  Obviously, the cops have to get something more or a confession from the woman.  If the family was dead long enough before the cops came, this would mean the woman did this.


A previous Arizona murder of three small children by their deranged mother:



We can’t jump to conclusions but the problems we see to day are often made worse by the coronavirus business of locking down schools while releasing an army of criminals from prisons.


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5 responses to “Lil’ Homicide/Bvby Diablo Is Latest Police Shooting Victim

  1. lou

    your hero, Obama said ‘diversity is our greatest strength’, however his estate is on the vineyard. He didnt move from the WH to Compton.

  2. snoosebomb

    Mystery ; is it really just about ratings ? or money ? It doesn’t feel that way ,

  3. Pete


    Holy Sh*t!!!

    Monkey – Human hybrids Chimeras created
    in lab. Another US-China project lol

    China building 4 more biolabs like in Wuhan.

    Not by fire, not by ice, by GMO!

  4. shawntoh

    Tonight, around sundown, I witnessed a four ATV gangsta procession roaring up a sidewalk at nearly the rate of 35 miles an hour in a semi-rural/suburban area and then they roared back on the ATVs nearby on another sidewalk on another highway nearby where I was walking. It was shocking to see.

    They had no helmets on and they had NO respect for anything the way they were driving– much less the laws on ATVs in the state I live in. Nearby the sidewalks is a two-way four lane highway and they certainly can’t ride on that legally, either, folks.

    Drivers can ONLY use the things OFF-road and on dirt country roads at the most. I’ve driven one on a farm to check on cattle and they’re fun driving but they can be VERY dangerous if you copulate around on one.

    Just ask Ozzy Osbourne next you see him—he nearly died in a crash with an ATV (see the video below).

    I called the local non-emergency police line when I got home and they said next time to call 911. When I saw these criminals, I just was “frozen” with rage and felt very concerned for some of the elderly residents living nearby.

    How much does anyone wanna bet these idiots scream to the stupid liberal corporate media they’ve been pulled over for “…driving while ‘black’…” if the police catch them next time?

    Do BLM really matter if you drive an ATV and NO other life matters when you make your own laws? Could that be the case here? Maybe that’s the “reasoning”(!).

    You make the call! Next time I’ll be making it and I hope they learn their lesson when they get caught. Let’s hope so.


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