Biden Deliberately Trying To Start WWIII With Russia And China

When President Trump did diplomacy, he stopped several very stupid wars created by the Bush/Obama/Biden teams.  He did very clever diplomacy and should have earned the Nobel Peace Prize that warmonger Obama got just for being elected.  Now we have a total senile lunatic at the steering wheel and he is increasing wars and tensions due to being literally brain dead and run in circles by his liberal staff who seem bent on destroying the USA and obviously, launch WWIII with Russia and China.


I am using the above video as an example of Bilderberg diplomacy.  This gang is very stupid and thinks WWIII won’t happen if they fool around, causing endless wars.  Like the two semis in this video, Biden and his insane buddies are weaving in and out of global diplomacy, doing and saying the most destructive things, one example is their sudden announcement that they are NOT pulling troops out of Afghanistan in May, they are doing this exactly on 9/11 this September.


What the Holy Hell is going on here?  This is so utterly insane and what is much, much worse is mainstream media printed this insane vow with no comment from anyone.  Why on earth is he planning to pull out all troops on exactly 9/11???


The two semis in the above video are playing tag on a major highway.  As they both endanger everyone else, they weave back and forth and finally, one of the more stupid of the two slams on his brakes in a totally illegal ‘brake check’ and thus, causes all the cars behind this pair of lunatics to also crash into each other due to everyone tailgating.


These sort of games on highways kills thousands of people and cause billions in damages.  Like all of the NJ Turnpike or any highway in and around NYC, this highway runs alongside a major highway that goes right through Chicago.  The I-295 is the bypass to avoid Chicago but is a long accident prone corridor.


When I drove on these highways in the past, I saw many accidents, sometimes ten or more in just one run!  I have been in such accidents, too.  That is, I keep a distance from the vehicles in front of me but people rear end me when I have to stop due to heavy traffic!  This is highly annoying, and worse, scary as all hell.


The two trucks in this video are driven by criminals.  They have zero regard for the safety of all other vehicles on the road and think only of showing up each other using gigantic trucks as their tools of male power.


Both should be put in prison for endangering many people, this accident involved at least half a dozen vehicles.  If someone died and this video was seized by the police, the truck driver would be charged with manslaughter or worse.


Right now, we have a senile old man letting his wild younger staffers veer all over the diplomatic landscape, triggering wars.  Trump stopped the Ukraine warmongering with nuclear armed Russia and Biden restarted this immediately, unleashing lunatic and incompetent Ukrainians and letting them restart a war with Russia!


Good gods, that was stupid.



Hello!  WWIII will terminate us.  This obvious outcome is serious.  Why on earth are the Biden gangsters doing this?  During all of Trump’s many diplomatic triumphs, he was prevented by the DNC gang and the Bilderberg international criminal gang from doing even a little diplomacy with Putin.


Putin understood this and stood down and nothing happened.  Now, the wheels of war are turning again with the DNC trying to start WWIII with Russia!  How insane this all is!  Here is ‘liberal’ MSNBC pushing for WWIII:



What little diplomacy Trump was able to do is being trashed right now by liberal warmongers!  This is very disgusting but not surprising.  The Vietnam War was launched by LIBERALS namely, LBJ!  I remember!  I was antiwar back then.  Still am!  I lived right in the teeth of the Cold War with my dad being involved in informing several Presidents about what is really going on since he did the camera/optics for our spy satellites.


Fake liberal Democrats are screeching for Trump to be arrested for colluding with Russia when he did basic diplomacy.  Meanwhile, war criminal Biden who cheerfully lied about WMD with Iraq who was compliant with the terms of surrender, thus, illicitly invading Iraq causing all the countries around Iraq to have utter chaos…this warmonger lunatic is a LIBERAL.


LIBERALS ARE WARMONGERS!  They are too stupid to notice this but we can see this clearly.  Below are deranged, violent comments by fake liberals who are really brainless warmongers:



Note how one crows about ‘new sheriff in town’ which is odd considering that this ‘new sheriff’ opened our borders to an army of invaders, crime is shooting upwards in all DNC run hell hole cities and states and the solution set up by these lunatics is to have zero law and order, legalizing crimes!


Speaking of criminals, the Black Lives Don’t Matter leader who used donations to buy mansions for herself in white neighborhoods is now being helped by Facebook and Zuckerberg who are now censoring absolutely everything in a desperate attempt at fooling everyone via controlling information a la communist style censorship!!!



Right now on Facebook and YouTube and Twitter, etc. NO ONE is allowed to talk about election frauds!  There is lots and lots of information about this topic and all of it has been removed by Soviet-style coup members who want full bore censorship of real news and transmission of only fake news.


Right now, blacks are rioting and looting yet again like they did all year long.  They are screaming for no police when we need double and triple the police.  Police are deserting DNC hell hole cities due to the chances of them being put on trial and imprisoned when interacting with violent drug addled DNC supported thugs and criminals!


It is too dangerous to be a police officer in any DNC run city or state!  This total collapse of law and order which is happening ONLY in DNC run cities and states should alarm everyone at the top but it doesn’t alarm them at all.  This is why I am certain, the Bilderberg gang wants social and political collapse!  Why?


Because… THEY ARE STUPID.  Yes, naked stupidity is at work here.  They figure, erroneously, that the mobs will kill each other and not turn on them, the ones with all the loot, and attack.  Anyone with brains who reads history knows that this is a false hope.


Even if they have vast armies protecting them, the leader of these armies will loot them, instead, to pay for the soldiers!  Duh.  History is clear about this, too.  I marvel at  how stupid people can be.


And then I review the video of the two stupid truck drivers…yes, people are that stupid.


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17 responses to “Biden Deliberately Trying To Start WWIII With Russia And China

  1. Jim R

    And the Russians still have nukes, and missiles, from the Cold War which “ended” in 1990, but has been kept alive by operatives in the State Department and CIA, some of them left over from the Reagan/Bush era.

    With the best of luck, the Russians will hold off using them, and “free world” nukes will fail to function due to decades of deferred maintenance.

    This is likely to be the end of the US/UK empire, but I hope it is not the end of civilization.

  2. Pete

    The Russians have good electronic warfare systems.
    Radar jamming microwave systems.
    Russia will stomp NATO in Ukraine.

  3. Jim R

    Apparently they switched it on April 11 — from a comment on a Saker thread, the Ukies suddenly found that their surveillance drones could no longer fly.

    Communications, satellite navigation, radar, and other electronic things no longer work over the Black Sea and eastern Ukraine.

  4. Pete

    I should read Saker more.

  5. Petruchio

    I believe it would be helpful to ask, “Why is Biden and the Dems and their Bilderberger owners trying to start wars with Russia and China? Why, asks Elaine, do the DNC and their Masters want the Country to collapse and to start wars? Real simple. First off, many of the DNC and Bilderbergers are insane. Not figuratively but literally. But the main reason is that they have allowed Wall Street to once again crash the US Economy. And there is no bouncing back from this Economic Crash. What is an insane Bilderberger and his Political Wh#res to do? Answer: start wars and vandalize the Economy and have a Plandemic Lockdown. This way you can blame all the sh#t that happens–all bad things–in the Economy not on corruption and criminality, but on a poor old Flu bug AND all the mean things those Chinese and Ruusians have done to the poor, pitiful Exceptional Nation. The Bilderbergers and their Political Wh#res are the lowest form of scum.

  6. Mewswithaview

    The Biden administration gets no respect and shows no respect even to its allies.

    NO ONE Met Japanese Prime Minister at the White House Door Except Stationary Army Guard

    Meanwhile climate czar John Kerry was in China and could only meet with a Chinese climate envoy and only only got a virtual meeting with Vice-Premier Han Zheng. While the Chinese leader had a video conference with the German and French leaders. Totally dissed them

  7. Zeke

    That’s hilarious!
    No one has dissed USA allies more than Trump! Have you forgotten already?

    Trump’s adoration of Putin – and any other dictator is strong. He proclaimed his LOVE for North Korean dictator and killer of US citizen Otto Warmbier.

    “The Gateway Pundit (TGP) is an American far-right[2] fake news website.[1] The website is known for publishing falsehoods, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories.[21]”

  8. Mewswithaview

    Whether intentional or not Trump publicly exposed the empty shell that is NATO. The European leaders did try publicly dissing him (remember the handshake with Macron) and he started taking action on it by moving more US troops out of Germany, which the Biden administration has now reversed. Russian politicians and military know NATO is an empty shell and put on a show of strength on the Ukraine border. The Biden administration has frozen like a dear in headlights and has no tactical response to this. Rather than recognise the US is no longer the dominant superpower, hubris blinds them to the fact they are now operating in a multilateral world and they need to act accordingly. If Biden wants cooperation with Russia or China he needs to reign in the hawks and stop his attacks on those countries. The US and its allies attempt to use “climate change” as a geopolitical strategy tool has no way forward except to impoverish their domestic populations while enriching their cronies.

  9. Trump twisted the arms of a bunch of nations that were riding on our backs, cheating us or making trouble. He exposed this and forced them to STOP.

    Zeke is beyond stupid now and I feel sorry for him.

    By the way, I missed the news due to it being mostly hidden, about the Japanese leader being ignored by both Biden and his female beast VP.

    The Japanese will retaliate.

    I THINK BIDEN IS DYING, by the way. This is why he and Harris are hidden by their staff right now.

  10. Kenogami

    That’s hilarious!

    Zeke disbelieves The Gateway Pundit, based on the fake encyclopedia Wikipedia, a CIA-Mossad-MI6 operation of lies, slanders, distortions against anyone who tells the truth about the Washington regime crimes and those of its lackeys.

    Those interested should read how former British ambassador Craig Murray,
    or George Galloway tried to correct the lies and slanders about them on their Wikipedia pages. It was quite a jolly (for the CIA bots) adventure. As soon as they made corrections on their page, CIA bots would erase their corrections and write back the lies and slanders. Finally, they were locked out and forbidden to make corrections on their own Wikipedia pages.

  11. Zeke

    Why are people who frequent this site so damn gullible and stupid?
    Y’all believe any damn quack site and refuse to question or verify. Ten seconds devoted to an Internet search would have revealed that BIDEN DID MEET WITH THE JAPANESE PRIME MINISTER !!
    There are a MULTITUDE of various sources stating that, with photo documentation !!
    Here’s just one for example:
    What the hell is wrong with you people? Are you that derelict or that mentally deficient?
    Or are smug in not wanting to know the truth because a dodgy website tells you what you WANT to hear; what you WANT to believe?
    Even the webmaster of this site repeats the unfounded lie! Complete with attendant and resultant brain fog addendum such as Biden is dying, the Japanese are insulted and will retaliate, ad nauseam.
    And I am not nor have even been a Biden supporter. But you don’t have to lie.

    Why does Zeke have to be the Truth Bringer to the denizens of this site!?
    Shining the light of Truth into the darkness of the ignorant masses.

    Will ANY of you apologize? Hardly. Y’all don’t possess the character for that.

  12. I was hopeful about Trump as an anti-war president, in the beginning. But he just has the mind of a businessman. He was withdrawing troops to cut costs, which made sense, but he quite nearly started WW III with China over Taiwan. What he’s really good at is marketing. He sticks his name on things, acts on TV, etc. No sort of geopolitical genius. But he did recognise that the US is being bled dry by its forever wars.

  13. Jim R

    I never thought of Trump as a geopolitical genius. And I’m pretty sure Elaine never did, either.

    But for anyone who has been paying attention, it has been obvious for decades that the war department is out of control, and the forever wars will eventually ruin our economy. I have been amazed that it has lasted this long — I thought it would be ruined by Dubya back in the ’00s.

    Trump attempted to reverse the ruinous trends with tariffs and sanctions and whatnot, and attempted to bring some troops home from the middle east. But of course, those efforts tended to disrupt the gravy train for a lot of the parasites whose fortunes depend on the war machine. Trump ran into a lot of powerful opposition to his policy changes.

    As for Taiwan, I expect China to move in and grab it in the next few years. The geopolitical trends are obvious — America is declining, and slowly losing its ability to project power to the far side of the planet. In my opinion, the decline is much faster this year, thanks to the Idiocracy now in charge.

  14. lou

    As for Taiwan, I expect China to move in and grab it in the next few years….I thought mainland had control of Taiwan.

  15. Taiwan’s current president is no fan of mainland China. She’s trying hard to negotiate security and trade pacts with the US. Trump forced her to choose sides in his trade war with China, and she chose the US.
    I don’t think it’s sustainable at all. China won’t tolerate them becoming a sovereign country, and the US can’t do a Kosovo there. Biden is at least smart enough not to try. With Trump I was really worried, because he thought pushing people to the brink was just good negotiating.

  16. Jim R

    Taiwan has been sort of a USA satellite in the South China Sea ever since the revolution in 1949. It is where USA-backed Chiang Kai Shek retreated to — had he stayed on the Mainland, he and his army would have been exterminated.

    China was very weak in 1949 and could not invade the island. But it has gained strength since then. And I suspect they’d prefer to use soft power anyway, instead of a bloody assault. Get them into business deals and so forth.

    I think Taiwan still does a lot of semiconductor manufacturing for us, making it a very attractive economic target…

  17. @16, yes exactly. One of Trump’s cleverer moves was forcing Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to obey his edict that no chip-makers were to sell chips to Huawei. That was really pushing things to the brink. But clearly China wants an economic take-over of Taiwan much more than a military one, as you said.

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