White Hispanic Female Police Officer Punished For Arguing With BLM Teenager Inside Her Home

Now police are being hauled into court for SAYING the wrong words about BLM which is a violent criminal operation which elites pay billions to while BLM loots cities!


Liberals are destroying society.  We see them going after police, if police use the wrong words, they are punished.  If teachers say the wrong pronouns to terminally confused children who no longer know what sex they are, are punished.  Everyone who says the wrong things or touches the wrong people are punished severely while cities burn, criminals run riot, crime and murder rates skyrocket in all DNC run hell hole cities and states!  This insanity will continue until WWIII or social internal collapse or probably both.


A white Massachusetts police officer will face criminal charges in connection with an off-duty episode in which she is accused of berating a Black teenager, a friend of her son, over his support of the Black Lives Matter movement, a court official ruled this week.


Liberals, who hate themselves, most of whom are ‘white’, have decided to always capitalize ‘black’ while refusing to capitalize ‘white’ which is extremely racist of them all.  Too stupid to see they are racists, they claim whites (sic) should be BELITTLED LITERALLY.  This shows us how much whites are stupid and hateful and should be pushed down all the time and punished severely if they irritate radical black leftists.


Note I do NOT capitalize ‘black’ nor ‘white’.  This is a battle we must fight: if a characteristic description of blacks requires we elevate their status then we must do this to all other color designations, not just ‘black’.  I looked up ‘Lio’ and as I suspected, it is a Hispanic name:



It appears they came to the US during the 1900 mass immigration period.  They are a working class family.  Each generation does better than the previous one as they learned English and melted into the masses here as our system was once designed.  Blacks were the exception to this, being kept isolated deliberately by evil Jim Crow laws.  But that was nearly a century ago now.


Black and Hispanic integration is now going backwards thanks to bad schools and the iron grip on dead cities by the DNC gang who hate their voter base with a passion.  ‘Useful idiots’ and ‘cheap labor’ is the DNC motto.


This is why DNC gangsters run schools that barely function.  They have zero interest in teaching children how to escape the ghetto.  They are supposed to populate the ghetto!  The Liu family escaped the ghetto via public schools.  If they came over today, they would never learn how to escape the ghetto!


Note how 1,000 Lio family members came to the US and soon there were 4,000 Liu family members and 5,000 fought in our wars which is a high percentage.  This was typical of immigration integration in the past.


Today, anyone saying the wrong thing or getting angry with BLM activists will be punished severely because BLM is an arm of the communists who wish to silence everyone and even discussing politics of the BLM fraud is verboten.  Mainstream media will censor any and all discussions of BLM criminal activities.



Note the ‘Diomedes’ guy is a ‘they/he’ guy which probably means, he has a split personality disorder, too.


And this is communist insanity.  ‘Windows’ are not ‘sentient’ that is, alive, so smashing someone’s windows isn’t a news story!  So, stealing stuff, it not being ‘sentient’ also isn’t news?  This is utter insanity and totally ridiculous.  This is being debated at Andy Ngo’s blog due to this story, Click here to see the destruction.



ANTIFA is literally burning down and looting Portland Oregon night after night!  And liberals who run that destroyed city sit on their asses, doing absolutely nothing except drive out more and more police officers who are resigning in huge numbers now.



Liberals are doing this and should be arrested.  If they are in DC and running this country, they should all be charged with treason.


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6 responses to “White Hispanic Female Police Officer Punished For Arguing With BLM Teenager Inside Her Home

  1. KHS71

    I decided to dig deeper into the charge of berating a person. This is what I found. Under Section 39 in Massachusetts. Maybe it is the incorrect section. I was always under the impression that an assault is physically hitting a person. Maybe words are now weapons. Any lawyers wish to comment?

    Section 39: Assault or battery for purpose of intimidation; weapons; punishment
    Section 39. (a) Whoever commits an assault or a battery upon a person or damages the real or personal property of a person with the intent to intimidate such person because of such person’s race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability shall be punished by a fine of not more than five thousand dollars or by imprisonment in a house of correction for not more than two and one-half years, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

    The punishment is more manure. Re-education camp for her.

    A person convicted under the provisions of this section shall complete a diversity awareness program designed by the secretary of the executive office of public safety in consultation with the Massachusetts commission against discrimination and approved by the chief justice of the trial court.


    It keeps getting deeper. Punished for your thoughts.

  2. AT

    She’s being charged with hitting her husband when he intervened in the argument. She’s not being charged with the argument with the 14 year olds as far as I can tell. It’s a domestic. Lol.

  3. AT

    Chances are the husband didn’t press charges but rather the verbally offended 14 year old is the witness to the domestic against the husband.

  4. Back when I was a teenager, in Arizona, a parent could knock their kid out and nothing happened just like when my father did it only I had a lawyer who I baby sat for who volunteered to take him to court but I made a deal instead and got to leave home age 16 and be on my own.

    An odd goal! I loved it. Even when I was still under 21, the University of Arizona let me live off campus in my own home (which the city of Tucson bulldozed down and then the US military dropped fighter jet into my former neighborhood!).

  5. AT

    The saddest part of this policewoman story is that Biden’s VAWA and Biden’s additions to 18 USC 922(g) mean that the domestic will cost her the right to own a gun and thus her job as a police officer. Ironically, both were designed to protect women.

  6. Floridasandy

    Let me add Lio’s husband is a jackoff. Looks like he tried to escalate this by not having her back as his wife and she went after him too ( she could use a little more self control, but now we all could- but we are not going to jail for it. ) Overreach in another corrupt grandstanding state
    She should divorce him and let him raise their kids alone since he’s such an expert 😛
    These asses want to take away jobs and he’s trying to shut her up when she defends her job? What useful thing has any black lives.matter loser ever done for anybody? ? They’re mostly homeless and jobless leeches

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