Chaos In America: Liberals Unleash Constant Crimes


This is not ‘chaotic’ it is obvious: black girls who are now as violent as black boys, are in a fight.  Instead of pulling hair, one of them pulls out a huge knife and is about to plunge it into a young teenager’s belly, thus, planning to kill her.  So a cop who the blacks called to come officiate their endless fights, shoots the intended killer dead.   So of course, blacks then get hysterical about this and become even more out of control and violent.


JUST YESTERDAY in Long Island:



The killer got on a bus and disappeared.  Liberals have been very, very busy attacking police and letting criminals out of jails and spreading mayhem and monstrous crimes all over America.  They want chaos and we have chaos.  Cops come to stop chaos and are then blamed for the chaos!


18 hours later:


Note the hoodie:



The killer collected carts at the store and yesterday, decided to kill everyone.  Now on to the top story here, there is a video clearly showing how the black young lady wanted to kill another black young lady and a bunch of violent blacks were fighting each other around the two ladies who were fighting:



Note that both adults and teenagers are all fighting and one of them was planning on killing the other.   Naturally, the watchers who came to see the violence and who assumedly, called the cops, are now shrieking with rage due to the police taking actions that were necessary.


A dear friend of mine was stabbed in the stomach on my front door step by a little black boy in NYC many years ago!  Here is another arrest/shooting with a violent black man:



They are taking this lunatic to the HOSPITAL and he became violent!  He even says, ‘I’ll kill ya’ and the cop says, you will be in the hospital for only a couple of hours.


They had a shootout in the emergency room in the hospital!  This insane, evil man refused to surrender even after being shot so they had to shoot him over and over again!  Cops put their lives on the line all the time.


The crazy black guy wasn’t properly searched when he was taken into the hospital.  Only when they tried to deal with his pants did he suddenly pull out a gun and begin shooting them.  Here is another recent crazy person killing cops from Phoenix, AZ:



This time, a crazy white guy shot and killed a white female commander who died.  The same ‘let me see your other hand’ which ended up being a gun hand which the criminal used to kill.  Another case of another crazy shooter in California, a Hispanic man, perhaps an illegal alien:



End of March in Fremont, California:



This officer is a total pro.  He did everything right.  He showed intense skills.  His aim was perfect.  He even waited for a civilian car to pass by safely before loading all his ammo into the violent criminal.


And now a last word here, our Real Rulers want to kill us and the Chinese love this a great deal:



We are in a ‘climate crisis’ and this is due to the super warm weather (HAHAHA):


We aren’t exactly roasting to death.  Winter increases its death grip and it is nearly May.


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14 responses to “Chaos In America: Liberals Unleash Constant Crimes

  1. AT

    That so called “shootout in the emergency room” was a firearm hidden under the suspect’s genitals going off during a struggle to search him. The officer then draws his service pistol and fires one shot. His gun jams. He fails to clear the jam and has to reload another magazine which jams again and he clears it.

    I’m not sure if you are sticking to a narrative or what. But, your inability to assess what you can actually see and hear does you a great disservice and throws into question the validity of the rest of your inferences and comments.

  2. You obviously didn’t watch the video. The guy refused to disarm. He never said, ‘the gun went off in my pants’ nor did he say it was in his pants, by the way, it was in his HAND.

    Good lord, good thing I have eyes and ears.

  3. That is, when he was on the floor, he had the gun in his hand and refused to drop it.

  4. I have wrestled with violent criminals like that man, too, so I have a very good idea what they do. THEY ALL LIE. They will say, ‘I surrender’ while fighting to escape like crazy, this is NORMAL for them to lie while trying to get away from arrest.

  5. Moe

    @1 AT

    You watching the same video as I am? This drug-addled moron hid a gun on his person and refused to surrender it when discovered, when wrestled to the floor by the officer still did not relinquish it and refused to raise the arm holding the firearm when ordered to multiple times.

    If it was me in this scenario I would have shot the idiot the moment he refused to release the firearm, but then I am not well-versed in police procedure, merely skilled in self-preservation. If this is an example of police excessive restraint as a result of the existing political background then their lives are in a precarious state every day they show up for work. (And unlike Elaine I am not a cop-lover, in fact just the opposite).

    This person was the prototypical candidate for the Darwin Award: it’s difficult to be any stupider. Genetics or environmental influence, it doesn’t matter: when faced with a rabid animal there is only one solution.

    PS: kudos to the EMTs, they handled this loony-tune with sensitivity and aplomb.

    PPS: no level of remuneration would entice me to undertake a job as an EMT or a cop. Millions wouldn’t suffice.

  6. Zeke

    The State of Minnesota is now out to get the other three police officers for “aiding and abetting” in the crime.
    Derek Chauvin was convicted under Minnesota’s “Felony Murder Statute” which strips ‘intent’ from being a requirement.
    Many jurisdictions, foreign and domestic, have done away with or severely limited their “felony murder doctrine’. It seems like Minnesota has an expansive interpretation of the rule.
    What Derek Chauvin did was wrong and it was a crime. But, IMO it was not murder.
    It was manslaughter.
    A takeaway message for me was – the awesome power of the State when it decides to go after someone. Unlimited budget and resources. Chauvin had one overworked attorney; the State had a team of multiple lawyers. The state had dozens of expert witnesses, which cost money; Chauvin had few.
    The threats to the jury to arrive at the ‘right’ verdict were enormous. Thousands of National Guard troops were mobilized in multiple cities to prepare for possible looting and arson and mayhem.
    What Chauvin did was wrong and it was a crime – but not murder, imo.
    Although never mentioned, Chauvin’s life was no bed of roses. He was a scapegoat but not the monster they portrayed.
    Floyd was a drug addict conducting a drug deal at the time of his arrest. He resisted arrest even when four police officers tried to get him to comply.
    He talked gibberish; his go-to mantra was that he couldn’t breathe even earlier. He claimed he was claustrophobic and slid out of the other side of the squad car despite being seated in his Mercedes with no problem when he was arrested.
    If only Floyd had complied with arresting officers the way Chauvin did at the conclusion of the trial – it would have been a non-event.
    Judge Cahill did an excellent and expeditious job. But because of forces outside his control, the trial was tainted by undue influence of political figures and ominous and pervasive threats of riot and looting and arson, etc.

    What Chauvin did was wrong, and a crime. But he did not intend to kill Floyd or anticipate it.
    George Floyd should be alive today. As the State’s lead attorney said: ‘taking into custody also means taking into care’. And the police, esp. Chauvin failed at that and should be charged. And the trial was tainted by outside forces. I know that’s not the popularly accepted interpretation. That’s my opinion.

  7. AT

    There was no gunfight with many shots fired, as you wrote. There was only jackassery on both sides.

    The crook was trying to hide the gun under his balls. The cop knew he had something: He even jokes with him about him being the guy who holds stuff for other people. If you listen, you can hear it. What was going on was the cop was using the medical visit and the hospital security guard (read non-police no 4th amendment violation) to conduct a more thorough search because the police officer’s previous pat-down missed whatever he was looking for. The crook was trying to hold out in the hopes he could get away. But he was probably a felon in possession of a firearm looking at a long prison term once caught, and so he started to lose it after being tasered repeatedly by the security guard and his balls crushed by the officer’s hand looking for whatever he thought he missed, drugs or a gun. I’m not shedding any tears, believe me. What’s even funnier is that as the hospital security guard is tasing him over and over, the officer isn’t even helping out. Rather, he keeps fondling the crook’s ass and groin with his hands looking for something. If you look, you can see it. And then the officer’s gun starts jamming. Pure jackassery.

  8. Mewswithaview

    This is from 2018

    Baltimore police stopped noticing crime after Freddie Gray’s death. A wave of killings followed.

    In the space of just a few days in spring 2015 – as Baltimore faced a wave of rioting after Freddie Gray, a black man, died from injuries he suffered in the back of a police van – officers in nearly every part of the city appeared to turn a blind eye to everyday violations. They still answered calls for help. But the number of potential violations they reported seeing themselves dropped by nearly half. It has largely stayed that way ever since.

    “What officers are doing is they’re just driving looking forward. They’ve got horse blinders on,” says Kevin Forrester, a retired Baltimore detective.

  9. I have taken down MANY criminals in my very long life. I am accustomed to doing this. I know what the the cops have to do in the real world. Some of the events in my own past were very, very violent.

    Only very sheltered people protected by that invisible blue shield want perfection and have zero idea what battles rage elsewhere.

    So…YESTERDAY A WOMAN WAS OPENLY ASSASSINATED JUST A BLOCK AND A HALF FROM MY PREVIOUS HOME! She was arrested by the 78th Precinct police, my old buddies (they all retired, these are new guys). I had someone assassinated right next to my front doorstep years ago.

    A very vicious storm is brewing and we went through it in the 1970’s and I know what will happen next. Already, cities are being looted and burned! Stupid liberals thought, stop arresting criminals and they would stop looting and burning.

    THIS IS INSANE. This encourages them.

  10. lou

    YESTERDAY A WOMAN WAS OPENLY ASSASSINATED JUST A BLOCK AND A HALF FROM MY PREVIOUS HOME! She was arrested by the 78th Precinct police, my old buddies (they all retired, these are new guys)……..

    can you tell us more? ASSASSINATED?

  11. AT

    Competence and perfection are two different things.

  12. Yes, her former lesbian lover who is black, ambushed and shot dead her white girlfriend just two blocks away from my former home.

  13. Jim R


    I’m not sure you were watching the same video as I did. The drugged up hospital scene. Many shots were fired. I think the suspect managed to get off two, not aimed at any particular thing. Obviously heavily drugged, he barely reacted when repeatedly tazed.

    Yeah, the bodycam officer’s gun jammed, but one of the other cops emptied a clip into him, from the sound of it. It was hard to see what was going on, but it sounded like they held off long enough, maybe too long.

  14. Jim R

    I would count that as a “gunfight with many shots fired”. The cops used overwhelming force, as usual. I’d rate that one about a 7 on a scale of 10, or maybe a grade of B+. No bystanders or cops were injured. Maybe not perfect, but that was one BL that doesn’t M.

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