DNC Coup: DC Will Be Fake ‘State’ In New Bill…This Is A COUP!


Totally ignoring the Constitution and knowing perfectly well why DC was not any ‘state’ but rather, a city that is politically neutral, the DNC has decided to make DC a ‘state’ so they can increase their political powers.  DC should be handed over to Maryland, if they don’t want it to be neutral!  Making it into a ‘state’ is ridiculous.  They also intend to make several islands in distant waters, states, too.  This is an obvious COUP.  Now we must call on all states to split in two so they have more votes for the conservatives who are stuck in states that are run by insane Democrats like California or NY.


First, a funny cartoon:



‘Peaceful’ for the DNC is of course, extreme violence and even killing people.  They also allow children to kill people and the latest ugly story is from Cincinnati where one 13 year old black girl murdered another 13 year old black girl:


Ohio Horror: 13-Year-Old Black Girl Stabs to Death a 13-Year-Old Black Girl the Night Before Ma’Khia Bryant Killed by Police While Trying to Stab Teen Girl


When I was 13 years old, I was pulling adults out of auto wrecks on Catalina Highway and ordering adults to not drive into washes during floods.  These ‘children’ grow up very fast in a violent world with irresponsible, violent adults.



Democrats are determined to start a civil war.  They think they can win this due to controlling so many cities via ruining schools, forcing middle class families to flee and scatter hither and yon.  It is just amazing how swiftly a civilization can fall.


Ma’Khia Bryant’s neighbor says his security camera footage shows cop had no choice but to shoot her | Daily Mail Online



These radical leftist students are insane.  So, they want armed teenagers running riot?  They will regret this choice in the hard future that awaits.  By the way, we now see clearly that a black male adult kicks a young woman lying on the ground, in the head!  This, exactly when the knife was being used to kill and the cop stopped it with bullets.


Meanwhile, we have yet another ‘hate hoax’ at a university filled with SJW liberals:


This desperate leftist black female had to rig her own attack on herself so she could spread hate against white people.  And will she be expelled?  Forced to make a public apology?  Nope.  She was arrested but released.  In general, blacks who fake race attacks are NOT punished severely.  Whites, on the other hand, get the book thrown at them!  This has to change!  But won’t in DNC run hell hole cities and states.


China threatens WWIII over issues like the port they were building illicitly in Australia which has been shut down now:


China communist rulers demand Australia let them steal stuff or else!  The ‘Belt and Road’ scheme cooked up by the communists who want to take over Australia has been terminated.  So the Rulers (Xi) use threats!  HAHAHA.  All this due to China refusing to take responsibility for the Covid-19 China flu.



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8 responses to “DNC Coup: DC Will Be Fake ‘State’ In New Bill…This Is A COUP!

  1. shawntoh

    Mein Dame Elaine…

  2. KHS71

    I agree that DC can not become a State. The Constitution refers to DC as a district, not a state. They would have to change the Constitution which would require 2/3 of the Senate and House and 3/4 of the States to approve. This is no more than a naked power grab. These people are drunk of power. By adding two senators they could eliminate the filibuster and then start ramming bills such as HR-1 down everyone’s throat to gain even more power to maintain a stranglehold on Congress, the Presidency, and the Judicial branch. With the Judicial branch under their control you will start seeing more decisions upholding laws such as outright banning guns, approved discrimination against certain groups, curtailing more Civil Rights such as freedom of speech. If you feel it is bad now, just wait. It is not me I worry about, it is my grandchildren. Elaine, you called this 5 or 6 years ago when you started talking more a CCP and Madam Mao.

  3. Zeke

    D.C. “Statehood” would be unconstitutional.

    D.C. was established so that District would be independent of any State Sovereign. No undue influence of any particular state on Capitol seat of federal government.

    If, somehow, D.C. were dissolved, the land donated by Maryland for that specific purpose – would have to be returned to the donor state: Maryland.

    But it should never come to that.

    Why is anyone even talking about this crazy insane unlawful nonsense? It’s a nonstarter.

  4. lou

    for laughs,

    Elaine, on craigslist, someone is offering a Doodle pup for $2,500.
    for a mixed breed, unregister pup.


    Wedding crashers! Brazen Florida couple try to tie the knot at $5.7million mansion believing it was vacant and even tell guests it’s THEIRS – before being busted by IHOP heir owner and the cops on their big day
    A black couple plan a wedding at a mansion they don’t own or even paid to rent. Also, advertise it online. They just had a wedding in someone’s house and didn’t get permission. Ghetto Negroing x1000

    blacks are known for their higher rates of narcissism, unwarranted self esteem, mental illnesses, etc. So I can see them doing this.
    Would be interesting to hear their justification for just taking over someone’s home.

  5. snoosebomb

    covid, cut to the chase

  6. shawntoh

    Here’s a resource I found that helps people cope with Antifa. It is called antifawatch.net… It exists to log and track Antifa participants and activities…


  7. Andy Ngo does a great job of tracking ANTIFA.

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