Crazy Leftists Double Down On Global Warming Scam/Vote Counting In Arizona Infuriates Biden Gang


As we freeze to death (it is going back down to freezing where I live in the first week of MAY) as floods rage in deserts in the Sahara and Australia, etc. Biden is demanding we kill our economy and destroy people’s lives because we are going to roast to death!  The global warming scam is being pushed harder than ever by shivering liberals who deny reality as it gets colder and colder.  These people are insane and worse, evil.



This man is insane.  He is also so alarmed about too much CO2, he is allowing China to triple their CO2 output for another 30 years and the Chinese really intend to continue doing this ‘burn fossil fuels thing’ for the foreseeable future making them stronger and happier while we all freeze and starve to death.



China is sabre rattling like crazy lately.  Australia is worried about this for good reasons.  China is absolutely happy their puppet is systematically destroying the US and wrecking our energy systems rapidly while opening our borders to invaders.  They know the barbarian hordes being let in will cause chaos in dying hell hole cities that already reel from the influx of people who have no reasons to behave legally and protect cities, these populations intend to loot and burn these stupid cities.



No longer pretending to be a friendly panda, China is a roaring dragon now:



The Aussie news is running extensive stories about Chinese aggression.  India and China already have soldiers fight on India’s northern border this last winter, for example.



The real climate crisis is the looming cold cycle which could go on and on and on like the Little Ice Age:



Wine crops are being destroyed by extreme cold this April.  YES, APRIL!!!  Into MAY, no less, on separate continents divided by a major ocean!!!  THIS IS INSANE.  But mindlessly, mainstream fake news media systems and the liberals in Europe and North America march onwards, screaming about it being too hot.



This dangerous young lady who is imitating Mad Madame Mao, threatens us here in the US who doubt global warming as we freeze.


Arrest them all!  Or put them all into insane asylums where they can do no more harm to the rest of us.  Our senile President is right now, plotting with the Chinese to freeze us to death.  This is treason.



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54 responses to “Crazy Leftists Double Down On Global Warming Scam/Vote Counting In Arizona Infuriates Biden Gang

  1. Petruchio

    “The Big Lie” and “Republicans Against Democracy”. The headlines on the screen before even one word vomits out of Chris Hayes’ mouth. Then another: “Trump Election Conspiracy Lies”. This is pathetic. Not even a facade of being unbiased. “They were using Blue pens”. HaHaHaHa!! Gee Chris. You sound like a Conspiracy theorist. This coming from a Media that has blacked out a former US President, Trump.

  2. snoosebomb

    wuhoo flu #2 2022 , now they can attack the the victims will deny it happened.

  3. snoosebomb

    I’m on a climate skeptics forum and i find that most have forgotten the original GW theory claims.
    i can say 2 things that will draw a blank. 1 , tropopause. 2. imagine 2 buckets of hot water, same temp , one is larger than the other so it contains more heat.
    In other words tropopause co2 is saturated so adding more barely affects heat retention. But above the tropopause it is unsaturated so co2 is added there giving us the ”warm blanket” . BUT the tropopause is defined by temp.
    Also earths supposed increase in water vapor is never mentioned and IT was going to be the driver of WARMING !

  4. Zeke

    ‘Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based consulting company that has never worked on an election and is led by conspiracy theorist Doug Logan, asserted that abiding by a court order to produce its training manuals and procedures would “compromise the security of its recount.”’

    SMH – ya can’t make this $hit up!

    Totally insane now Trumpterdian faction wing of Repub party screaming incoherently, projectile vomiting, projectile defecating, running around setting hair on fire!
    Hired “Cyber Ninjas” to do secret “recount” of one county. Ya can’t make this $hit up!!

  5. snoosebomb

    your ‘ reference’ is run by ”

    no bias there !!

  6. Mewswithaview

    The climate grinch from Sweden made $1 million from her travels around the world. We are expected to ignore the financiers and public relations teams hiding behind the curtains who pull her strings.

  7. KHS71

    I understand that they are not counting the ballots but examining them forensically. Apparently legitimate ballots are printed on a special paper with special ink and have a watermark on them. Just like paper money. Since they are normally sent to the voter and returned by the voter via mail, the ballot should have fold marks. If the ballot is just a copy or doesn’t have fold marks, the difference will show up. The copy or unfolded ballot is then an illegitimate and can not be counted. Based on the actions by the Rats, they are doing everything within their means to stop the examinations which tell me all I need to know. They’re aware the election was all a fake and they cheated to win by specific margin in key states.

  8. Zeke

    You don’t like that ‘reference’; here’s another.
    “Arizona judge suspends Republican vote ‘audit’ being conducted by Cyber Ninjas, a Florida company led by a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist”
    If ya can’t dispute the message; try attacking the messenger.
    HAHHAHAHAHA. LOLing very heartily.

    The treasonous anti-American Trumpterd Pukes will stop at nothing, are desperate to anoint their ‘lord and saviour’. There was no “‘Stolen Election”‘ but facts don’t matter to them. They just want to worship their Grifter and can’t wrap their minds around the fact that the failed Casino Clown lost the election. So sad for them.

  9. AT

    Biden was the only world leader at the virtual climate summit without his National flag behind him. He was also the only world leader at the virtual climate summit wearing a mask, telegraphing to the world whose people dropped the dud-bio-weapon, bad-flu-like-disease being pantomimed as a pandemic.

  10. snoosebomb

    so any election audit is a pro Trump conspiracy theory . i get it !!

  11. snoosebomb

    And here is a very good site re: RNA jabs

  12. Petruchio

    @#9 AT: And Biden was the only leader at the Climate Summit who was wearing Depends.

  13. Jim R

    LOL, Depends. Probably true.

    Yeah, it’s really telling that anyone who wants an audit is now a Trump-loving terrorist.

    Let’s not forget, Elaine has gotten the RNA jab. For people our age (Elaine and I), there may be some benefit to the vaccine. For anyone younger, not morbidly obese, children, etc. the vaccine should not be (in a sane world) given. It’s like the bad old days of the flu vaccine, where it caused the disease it was meant to prevent. The polio vaccine guys worked on it to try and forestall such a deficiency — although I think the Sabin ‘live virus’ vaccine has been quietly withdrawn from the market.

  14. Zeke

    Whenever I see LOL in a posting I am not impressed – as in thinking, wow, that poster is sooooo intelligent that he/she/it totally sees thru any alternate point of view and reduced it to mockery.

    Noooooo. Whenever I see LOL in a post, I realise that’s it’s a low IQ poster, so cock sure AND so dumb that he/she/it cannot even mentally conceive that his/her/its idea is not the only possible point of view.

    LOL is a linguistic posting ‘Dunce Cap’ worn by the poster on display for all the world to see.

    It is a Fun House moron laugh.


    ELAINE: HAHAHA. You are troubled by LOLs? Wow.

  15. snoosebomb

    LOL !

  16. Jim R

    Three LOLs in a posting — must be our village jester!

  17. Zeke

    Don’t confuse expository use of term to demonstrate the flaw – with trope usage by low IQ purveyors who were before the demonstration – using it unaware.

    And S….b…. – case in point. You wear it well. The linguistic Dunce Cap that is.
    In fact, being Canadian, you should wear one with a beanie propellor on top.
    Don’t know who hurt you but you are damaged goods. Maybe Chief Snooze pile driver dropped you on your head.
    You should have stayed working in that hippy restaurant putting sprouts on sandwiches on that hippy commune artist colony island retreat.
    It was all downhill for you after that.

  18. Moe

    @18 Zeke

    Extract: “Don’t confuse expository use of term to demonstrate the flaw – with trope usage by low IQ purveyors who were before the demonstration – using it unaware.”

    Now that elicits laughter, it’s difficult to be more turgid, pompous and supercilious than that. A hearty LOL to Zeke!

    C’mon Zeke, bring it on. I know you absolutely MUST have the last word, but you’re so easily triggered I may decide to have some fun antagonizing you (again). You’re so easy. On the other hand you’re irrational but predictable and it’s not much of a challenge: I’m getting bored already in (non)-anticipation.

    N.B. Snoozebomb, I’ll be visiting BC this summer (Covid restrictions permitting), we should set a meet up. You on the Island?

  19. snoosebomb

    Hey Moe near vancouver ish , how do we do that ?

  20. Moe

    Contact me by email: here’s a disposable email address and I will contact you further.

    (With apologies to Elaine for cluttering her site).

  21. I wouldn’t ask anyone to come to diseased NY. We are the top in China Flu deaths.

  22. Zeke

    @ Moe
    You flatter yourself.
    You’re the one who’s ‘triggered’; not me.
    You still harbor resentment from when I mentally put in in your place before. I’d forgotten about it. It’s eating at you. So sad for you.
    You never were a worthy opponent.
    You’re nothing but a waste to me.

    @ two of you rendezvous :

    The border is closed. No opening date set.
    If it does open be sure to have your proof of vaccination and reserve 2 weeks quarantine time and wear masks.

    Be safe and don’t spread disease.

  23. Zeke flatters himself since no one else will do it for him.

  24. Moe

    @23 Zeke

    Yep, easily triggered. Delusional too. 🙂

    Zeke, intelligent but Dum(b) Dee Dum(b)

  25. Zeke

    And remember, I am the LONE voice of truth at this site.
    Zeke = The Truth Bringer.
    Y’all pile on me; gang up on me. Actually that’s a tribute to Zeke.
    Because you realize at some level in your primitive cortex that ya have to double, triple team to cover Zeke.

    Doesn’t matter to me. Actually I prefer it. Zeke can take them all on with one hand tied behind his back. No problem.

    Even the web master joins in. Mad Madam Supkis even cancelled a very important post that I made about four days ago. I didn’t complain. I know about Maoism and the Cultural Revolution’s “Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom” – then they were mowed down.
    How many of you have had an important post cancel cultured? None.
    So ….. some other loser can chime in and give it yer best shot. I don’t need any ‘back-up’; the Truth stands on its own.
    Doesn’t matter.

  26. Zeke

    I don’t know about Western Canada but –
    Ontario and Quebec are in bad shape now.
    And they are just instituting lockdown on the Atlantic Bubble of the Maritimes.

    It’s like this pandemic is effing wit us. Places that were hotspots became quiet. Places that were quiet became hotspots.

    India was doing well; now it’s a hell hole. Bodies falling off ambulances, two patients to a bed, not enough oxygen, air pollution from outdoor cremation.

    Where are all of ya who was sayin it’s not a real pandemic – just a sort of bad flu?

  27. snoosebomb

    hey zeke ,make sure to wear a mask at all times !!!!! And to stay busy during lockdown you might consider putting up a chain link fence to keep the mosquitoes out . !

  28. Moe

    @26 Zeke

    I feel so guilty now, I wish I could retract my previous derision of Zeke. It’s obvious from posting @26 that poor Zeke is genuinely deranged, and I can’t take pride in goading a person with his psychological limitations.

    Mentors warned me about seeing the worst in people and they would have been so right in this case, damn it to hell I shouldn’t be so insensitive and judgmental. (Sob). 😢

    Dang me!

  29. Zeke

    Wow. You really are ‘triggered’. Zeke is in yur head – and ya can’t get him out. Wow.

    Who were these “mentors” of which you speak? We want names.

    Also, Zeke offers some free advice to a person of obviously low IQ such as yerself and so reliant on yer “mentors”: don’t have “pride” in anything . Pride is a sin; one of the 7 deadly sins; the worst of them. “Pride precedeth a fall”.

    Also, try not to be so easily ‘triggered’.
    But do give yerself a pat on the back for not drooling so much on the keyboard.

  30. Moe

    @31 Zeke

    This isn’t a contest you know, it’s actually a no-contest with your weak comebacks. Weak Zeke, so apropos.

    Unfortunately I have tear myself away from our exchanges since I have – oh, I don’t know – about a hundred better things to do. But here’s something you can do for me, hold my beer…

  31. Zeke

    You saying responses were ‘weak’ doesn’t mean they were. That is a self self serving, conclusory statement.

    You brought up your “mentors”; not me. I instructed you to name who these supposed “mentors” were by name. Your failure to do so leaves all of us to conclude that was a lie. There were no “mentors”.

    Now, all of the sudden you found more important things to do! If you wish to disengage, put yur tail between yer legs and run away. Do so.
    At least be honest in that you have been met by a superior intellect and can’t compete.

  32. snoosebomb

    There are now 3 references to conclude that the innate immunity to covid in the population is 80% not 0 % as claimed by the gang of international criminals.
    1 . the original ,now forgotten Diamond Princess outbreak

    2 . Dr Vanden Bosssche , see the bret wienstien interview


    so why insist on jabbing the entire pop. with an experiment ?

  33. Immunity isn’t 80% and the rate of infection is rising again due to India and Brazil being hit now.

    It is still killing thousands of people every week.

  34. lou

    It is still killing thousands of people every week.

    And the population of earth is 7.5 billion.
    That means 100-200 million die every year, Id estimate.

  35. snoosebomb

    @ 35 show me the numbers LOL


    Use the World-o-Meters to see the statistics. The disease is rising like a rocket in India, for example.

  37. snoosebomb

    World-o-Meters to see the statistics.” ok

    can’t do math? wots 20 % of 7,900,000,000 ?

    its 1,580,000,000

    total ‘ deaths & cases ‘, [and those numbers are fake ] 154 ,000,000

  38. Zeke

    News out of India is hell on earth. India WAS a model of pandemic containment. Now the disease has exploded.
    Ontario and Quebec are hurting. And the ‘Atlantic Bubble’ of the Maritimes has burst and they are going into lockdown now. Nova Scotia for the 1st yr. of the pandemic was a Shangri-La set aside from the diseased world. Sadly, no more safe haven.
    Sometimes, people fleeing the disease end up taking the disease with them to the new ‘safe’ place, transplanting it there.
    Remember when Connecticut was stopping and turning around cars with NY license plates?

    (Even in a planetary pandemic people die of other causes. It’s muddled because it’s hard to parse out causation and what weight to give other disease vectors and cofactors and co-morbidities, etc.
    If one has a mindset of ‘Everything is Fake’ one could probably make a case for that in one’s own mind – but it’s just not helpful.)

  39. snoosebomb

    LOL ! ,, no more safe haven ,, aww how’d that work ?

  40. Zeke

    “(Bloomberg) — The U.S. told its citizens to get out of India as soon as possible as the country’s Covid-19 crisis worsens at an astonishing pace.
    In a Level 4 travel advisory — the highest of its kind issued by the State Department — U.S. citizens were told “not to travel to India or to leave as soon as it is safe to do so.” There are 14 direct daily flights between India and the U.S. and other services that connect through Europe, the department said.”

    Let’s hope that the US State Dept. Level 4 Travel Advisory also included demands that returnees quarantine for 2 weeks and not just get off one of these flights and ….. mingle.

    No laughing matter – to sane people.

  41. snoosebomb

    re india , their deaths/ 1mil pop, 149 still a long way to go, topping out seems to be 1900 or .19 % for now

    point 19 % , remember innate immunity is 80 %

    c-19 disease patterns over time between countries seems to be a great mystery

  42. Zeke

    ‘It depends on whose ox is being gored.’ Martin Luther
    Being a craven psychopathic sociopath lacking in empathy laughing hysterically at the misfortune of others. Schadenfreude. Falsely assuming the pandemic was ‘fake’.
    Who’s crying now? Will you be ‘crying out loud’?
    ‘Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone.’

  43. lou


  44. Zeke is going off the reservation and into the ditch lately.

    India has a pandemic? India IS a ‘pandemic’ because it is a very filthy place, my parents went there periodically especially to the Nepal/Sikkim borders and did CIA type stuff there. They had to have a lot of shots to protect themselves each time they traveled there.

    India finally has this particular disease and duh…it will rage everywhere, you can’t isolate ANYTHING in that country where the trains are so full of passengers, many ride on the ROOFS, for example. Every street, every building is stuffed with people.

  45. Like when I commuted via subways in NYC many years ago, people trying to get off of trains have to battle their way against people jamming themselves onto the trains at the same time.

  46. Compilation of massive deaths India train wrecks. Many of these were due to holy cows on the tracks! No one heard of ‘cow catchers’?

    Frankly, the death tolls ranged from ‘500-1,000 dead’ because they can’t couch how many free riders were on the roofs and sides of the crashed trains.

  47. Jim R

    Indian bureaucrats are surfing along on Covid hysteria.

    Exactly as described by KD, who supplied concrete evidence, the vast majority of people are already immune. (@snoosebomb #34)

    The news I’ve heard from India is that people are dying of heat and starvation, as the markets are closed and people are ordered to stay indoors as temperatures soar to 50℃. It has nothing to do with a virus.

    And of course, very much like here, people who fall off the train, or die of heat exhaustion, are recorded as ‘Covid’.

  48. I love the ‘people who fall off of trains’ and then one complains about people dying from ‘heat’. I lived with zero air conditioning in Arizona back when it was much warmer than today and did what Indians do: you don’t do hard work during the hottest part of the day.

    India was like this for EONS. And Indians are now rather on the fat side than the starvation side these days.

  49. India, next to China, is history’s home base for introducing new mass epidemics. I would not go to either country for fixes and how to deal with these historic mass killing epidemics.

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