Biden Wants Rudy Giuliani In Prison Because Rudi Is Very Patriotic Unlike China Biden


What Giuliani did was check out the strange money making schemes of the Biden family in Ukraine.  These raids and investigations of anyone and everyone around Trump continues nonstop now that we are in a DNC dictatorship.  They intend to shut down any and all opposition to their hamfisted, draconian rule and their constant chaos and destruction of basic law and order.  Below is a fine example from my home state of New York, this, in NYC:


Since the USA has been handed over to foreign powers, we see patriots being punished while rioters, criminal leftist gangs and a complete collapse of law and order in our country while the rich and powerful liberals hide in their very expensive villas surrounded by conservatives who don’t loot, riot or burn their neighborhoods.


Rudi took a dying city, NYC, and restored it to good health.  Even a very violent and vile terrorist attack on NYC killing thousands of people, Rudi prevented a collapse of law and order.  But via the mere election of Democrats put in power by illegal aliens and various racial/sexual groups we now have the complete collapse of law and order and it will get much worse.


Time to try to put a patriotic hero into prison!  Yup.  Here is NY City today, run entirely by deranged Democrats:


Liberal leftists and this female is very much exactly that, are getting nastier and nastier by the hour and think nothing about killing people for the hell of it, for example.  In North Carolina, the usual Black Lives Don’t Matter gangsters decided to fight cops and this guy lost:


100 Percent Fed Up reports – Brown was a drug dealer with a 180-page criminal record dating back to 1988. According to investigators, Brown was filmed selling narcotics weeks before his death.


As always in DNC run hell hole cities, the police and Rudi Giuliani will be investigated and punished while DNC criminals and their criminal populations that are systematically destroying all DNC hell hole cities…run rampant with no one stopping them.  Democrats in say, Oregon, haven’t put hardly any leftist terrorists or rioters or police attackers, in prison!


But this party is determined to put Rudi Giuliani in prison!  They itch to do this!  They absolutely hated it when he stopped 40 years of NYC criminal chaos put in place by DNC politicians.  They won’t forgive him (OR ME) for putting a bunch of these crooks in the Democratic power structure, in prison.



Note that Hunter Biden, the cause of Giuliani going to Ukraine, isn’t in prison for his own many, many crimes some of which he admits, he committed.  This drug fiend gets away with anything and everything and he represents the Democratic Party: remember the Kennedy clan?  One of whom drove his female friend off into the Atlantic Ocean where he left her to drown?  Yes, that political party.


Here is how Hunter Biden is being punished:

This is utterly insane!  I am amazed these leftists are utterly shameless.  Paying a criminal to talk to them about his various adventures in the New World Order!  How charming.  Arrest the professor, arrest the administrators of this shameless school!



Liberals love to do horrible things to people just for the fun of it.  Forcing school children to wear masks OUTDOORS is insane.  It is stupid.  It is useless.  It is very evil and can destroy the health of these children.  This means, liberals love it!  They are gleeful about forcing children to suffocate while doing sports, for example.


Arrest these perverts!  This is very disgusting.  If doing sports outdoors is spreading diseases, shut them down, totally. DUH.  Of course, this isn’t happening due to being careful.  Biden and his stupid gang ordered this.  They want to do this and think this is hilarious.  Watch our VP laugh and laugh all the time.  Hilarious.



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6 responses to “Biden Wants Rudy Giuliani In Prison Because Rudi Is Very Patriotic Unlike China Biden

  1. Zeke

    The dominos are lined up and starting to fall now. Guilani’s goin down. As is Allan Weisselberg.
    It’s a ‘race to the prosecutor’s office’ to see who can turn state’s evidence and get the best deal. They’ll be singin like they were on “Americas Got Talent”.

    The final domino will be the Big Liar hisself. Maybe he’ll plead insanity and like the “Kraken” lady say – ‘us gotta be stone cold crazy to be anything I say.’
    Stay tuned; this should be fun.

  2. Mewswithaview

    Black business owners at George Floyd Square pleading for help as crime spikes and revenue plummet

  3. lou

    2–nogs observe the no snitch rule, usually.

    stitches for snitches.

  4. Zeke

    Cohen, who was once former President Trump’s personal lawyer before a serious falling out, wrote on Twitter,
    “Here we go folks!!!”’
    ‘They are looking into if Giuliani illegally lobbied the Trump administration on behalf of Ukrainian oligarchs, the same officials who were helping him search for dirt on Trump’s political foes, including then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

    News outlets reported that Giuliani’s electronic devices were seized.’

    As a Russian comedian said: ‘Trump has more Russian connections than Aeroflot.’

    The chickens are commin home to roost.

  5. Pete

    More from the swamp creatures!

    Biden DOJ Raided Former Trump Attorney Victoria Toensing at Same Time as Giuliani- took her cell phone

  6. So, if Giuliani did that why isn’t Biden in PRISON already? EH???

    This is utterly insane but typical of liberals.

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