88 Adult Male Illegal Aliens And 3 Women Crammed Into Houston House!


Thanks to traitor Biden and his DNC gang, we have an army invading our country.  90 people (bet most were men of military age) were piled into this house before being scattered around the country.  This is ridiculous when it comes to the facts of this epidemic which Biden obsesses about while letting thousands of diseased illegal alien pouring into the country thanks to his policies and stealing this election.  OK: there were five women and the rest were definitely men of military age.


Interesting that Fox turns off comments whenever they report on this invasion.  Well…good lord! This is insane.  Now we go to evil Russia to see the amusing ruling by a Russian court aimed at forcing Google to restore a channel YouTube censored for political reasons:



Tsvargrad is a Russian news channel which I never saw, I go to mostly RT news in the past.  Well, now I will visit Tsvargrad News.  Many people overseas are very angry at Google censoring Trump and other conservatives and perhaps someone will notice all the US tech giants belong to the Bilderberg meetings and had top secret meetings with the global rich and powerful to concoct all sorts of ways of controlling information on the internet.


They conspired to rule us ruthlessly by eliminating most of the modern internet users just like virtually NO newspaper or publication created by these conspirators allows comments.  Great cartoon from Branco:



The FBI openly refused to ever investigate the Skull and Bones Crypt at Yale University, just for example!



‘Zero’ inflation is really approaching 100% inflation in key areas.  So Biden plans to hike taxes and thus, stop ‘inflation’ even though he is creating this inflation by pouring money into Hell Hole DNC Cities.  The Democrats did this in the mid-1970’s and into 1990.  They think letting cities be wrecked by violent criminals while building housing for the mothers producing this criminal class and this is insanity.  It cannot work.


Ted Cruz is starting his run for President via telling the Bilderberg gang, he doesn’t need their money:



Good shot across quite a few prows!  Speaking of prows:


Biden and his Bilderberg buddies hate Giuliani.  They have hated him ever since he put a bunch of DNC gangsters in Brooklyn and Queens in prison after tapping my phone and listening to them try to intimidate me.  This led to him tapping THEIR phones so he could hear them conspiring to do all sorts of garbage, they being criminals.


The NY DNC machine remembers all this.  They had it out for him for years and years and finally have enough power via cheating in elections, to go after him and punish HIM.  They want him to commit suicide like the President of Queens but nope: when they came at 6:00  am to search his house, he didn’t bat an eyelash.


This is making them nervous now.  They are up to their eyeballs in crimes, corruption and conspiring with foreign powers, enough for mass treason trials which is why I say, every day, ‘ARREST THEM ALL.’


Yes, arrest all of these criminals.  I know them all too well.  They hope to stomp on Giuliani and wreck him in revenge.  Well, I think he is stronger than that.  The Democrats want a Robber Baron government which allows them to loot and steal and kill at the top while their voter base does this at the bottom.


This, of course, leads to the absolute destruction of empires and is IMMENSELY STUPID.  Good lord, can’t these fools read history???


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18 responses to “88 Adult Male Illegal Aliens And 3 Women Crammed Into Houston House!

  1. Zeke

    90+ people in house = no “social distancing” even with masks (filters really).
    Starting out as scofflaws = no regard for our laws. Mores, taxes, norms, etc.
    = questionable hygiene, sanitation.

    Zeke insists – no immigrants, no refugees, no legal or illegal aliens unless and until:
    They solve the homeless crisis,
    They solve the shelterless crisis,
    in this country ….. for starters.
    And indictment of FedResvBnk ringleader Powell, etc.
    Despite was Repub thought leader and hero, W Bush says.

  2. Zeke

    Both heart-throb Pres. Ronny Reagan wanted and hero Pres. W. Bush wanted and still wants when out of office to flood the country with immigrants.
    Both were staunch Repub card carrying Conservatives.

    Have you forgotten?

  3. shawntoh

  4. Zeke

    Have you forgotten?

  5. Pete

    On Topic! woohoo

    Speaking of the FBI….
    Check this sh*t out!!!

    Secret Court Reveals: FBI Hunted for Domestic Terrorists Without a Warrant


  6. Zeke

    If you forget, Zeke will remind you.

  7. lou

    Elaine said Obama was a better choice than ‘Mittens’ [her term for him].
    Harris Biden is the continuation in the ruin USA democrat rule.

  8. Did ANYONE want Mittens?

    Good lord, even Republicans now hate him! I was on target. Don’t forget, I used to know Barry Goldwater and his family, for example. I did stuff with Giuliani, too.

    I was very puzzled at the choice for the candidate back then. Obama looked better but then turned out to be a BILDERBERG FRAUD. So I turned violently against him.

  9. Moe

    @9 EMS

    Bathhouse Barry, but you’re a self-described non-homophobe so felt fine in supporting him. He was always rancid from the inside out and his unearned and undeserved prior trajectory in elected office should have been a warning.

    His run against Mittens was calculated, Romney was selected by TPTB as the perfect foil, knowing the electorate would reject him and Obama would readily defeat him.

  10. Obama was concealed and when his fake birth certificate became an issue, I attacked Obama nonstop about this matter and demanded he resign YEARS AGO.

  11. Moe

    @11 EMS

    And that’s the problem – everything of import to the electorate that is not obvious is always concealed. Without reliable information it is impossible to arrive at correct decisions and enact them.

    One ray of light in the present is the loss of trust in MSM and to some extent, government itself. The question is how pervasive and entrenched this distrust is.

  12. lou

    Harris is here to do the work of Barrys handlers, as EMS knows.

  13. Jim R

    #3 shawntoh,

    That should be perfectly legit. No cops, no rules, right? Why didn’t he back up and really run ’em over?

    Anyway, the headline was a lie, when I actually watched the video. Driver carefully slowly went past the terrorists, as one of them jumped on his hood. No one even got a skinned knee or bruise.

  14. Eventually, we will be forced to be much more violent. I have been VERY violent in the past while dealing with the massive rise in crimes from 1970-1990.

  15. lou

    15–Elaine, check Breitbart. (((Zuckerberg))) just got another 500 or so acres of Kauai. His house is 50,000 square feet.

    He of the ‘build bridges not walls’ sermon.


  16. He needs more slaves.

  17. lou

    More slaves to tend his plantation? Bodyguards?
    As we know, he and 3 of his bilder-buddies made a TRILLION since the plandemic started.

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