Portland Liberal Radical Judges/Prosecutors Release Violent Criminals Drop Charges/ Chauvin Claims Mistrial!

These two obvious deranged leftists were deliberately released and charges dropped not by the police but by the prosecutor/courts that are now run entirely by dangerous communist radicals who want to destroy civilization.  So always, after difficult arrests, these obvious criminals in Portland, Oregon are let go and this happens in NYC, too.  Meanwhile, Facebook continues to ban Trump just like Twitter.  This criminal operation by Zuckerberg that milks users for data to be used to control them and to sell to international entities…why anyone uses Facebook baffles me.



Radical communists want to see society collapse then impose their dictatorship of the people in order to save us all from communists running riot or letting other operators run riot!  This is insane and shows how very evil these people really are.  And they are very stupid, too.  All over the world, people are rioting against coronavirus restrictions:



Facebook continues to violate their own legal rules that they are a transmission system and not publishers by refusing to let Trump publish using their systems.



Facebook is censoring people based on what dictators demand, for example.  This is so absurd.  Silicone Valley is in grave danger now due to the army of SJW workers censoring people all over the earth if they don’t conform to SJW dogma.  On to the Chauvin mess: it is now absolutely certain, this man cannot get a fair trial anywhere in the USA due to leftist threats to burn down any and all cities daring to find him innocent of these insane charges:



BREAKING NEWS:  Chauvin has applied for a fair trial!



This is now a fine fettle!  It is obvious to me from day one, this entire trial was a farce, the sentencing was utterly unconstitutional and the Supreme Court better hear this case in the end and rule about what happens when the violent mobs force people to be found guilty based on emotional rages and not crimes!


THIS IS OF HIGHEST IMPORTANCE.  I bet the Supreme Judges in the middle are terrified of ruling on this case in the end because it will end up in their laps.  I bet they will run and hide like they did during the election vote counting.  Both cases, the vote mess and this police mess MUST be ruled on and must apply our Constitution and this is literally life and death and for god’s sake, we have this ‘Constitution’ for good reasons!!!


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7 responses to “Portland Liberal Radical Judges/Prosecutors Release Violent Criminals Drop Charges/ Chauvin Claims Mistrial!

  1. snoosebomb

    Portland , this just after ted wheeler said he was going jail them ,,, was on Bret weinsteins podcast [ who fell for it , haha ]

  2. AT

    State and Federal informants usually get released with a slap on the wrist, especially if they were building street credibility while committing their crimes. And now, the catch and release doesn’t even look suspicious because they can blame it on insane leftists in charge. Meanwhile these informants run riot, like a cure that becomes the disease, like an immune system attacking healthy tissue.

  3. Mewswithaview

    To Promote Equality, California Proposes a Ban on Advanced Math Classes

    How ever did we let these demons of stupidity (Dogbert reference) get this far that this can even be seriously considered?

  4. Zeke

    Sex crimes charges dropped for NYC Elites:
    Unequal justice in NYC.
    Rare incidence of ugly succubus caught on camera.

  5. KHS71

    #5, maybe they should consider a ban on sports especially football and basketball in the name of equality since black perform above whites, asians, hispanics, and others. That way those groups will not feel marginalized and oppressed. The bigotry and racism that come out of these proposals is appalling but then that is what the Rats do.

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