Trump’s Protector In Congress, Elise Stefanik, Might Replace Turncoat Liz Cheney

Many Republicans secretly voted to re-install Congresswoman Cheney, daughter of Dick Cheney, as a top GOP organizer.  She hates Trump and all Trump supporters and voted to impeach him twice.  This choice was fought tooth and nail by on the street Trump supporters who hounded all the people who voted for Cheney and now it looks like they are turning around and voting against her.  She is done.  And look who might replace her, to my intense joy:


ELISE STEFANIK!  Great news, if it happens! I love it.



She lives in Saratoga which isn’t far from my little mountain.  She is a military vet and has lots of law training so she knows how to do legal things properly, she is a Constitutionalist instead of a Communist!  Excellent choice.  The Democrats fear her yet she is not a radical right wing person at all, far from it!



I visit her website every few days.  She is a normal, middle of the road sort of person but in an insane world where the DNC has gone communist left, she looks like a radical right winger.  Supporting the troops nowadays is bad, according to the Maoists on the left, for example.


They want China to rule us all.  They are probably angry that Biden, whose son collects bribes from the Chinese, is getting tough with China now.



The Maoists in the DNC who Biden has zero control over and is probably unable to even understand who they are and their goals, they are now actively purging the military of all ‘extreme right wingers’ which is now ‘TRUMP SUPPORTERS’.  So, ordinary citizens who supported Trump, our last President, are now to be fired from the military and purged!



People are piling into welfare using the coronavirus as an excuse.  This is now ridiculous.  I talk to many people who say, they don’t want to be vaccinated due to fears of vaccination.  This is silly but then, people are very scared of anything new or might not be totally perfect in this imperfect world.


Preferring and out of control epidemic, on the other hand, is totally insane, utterly irresponsible and silly.  Perhaps humans do have a death wish.


The left online are very busy banning everyone.  TikTok is run by the communist Chinese and they banned this police news online stream:


Rep. Anthony Gonzales is being kicked out, too, for voting to impeach Trump:


The real real communists in China are censoring US online users:



Here is probably the offending posting that got them removed:



Stopping invaders into the US how any country would survive.  China doesn’t let millions of invaders enter and demand full services or else!  Naturally, they want us to do this because the leaders read history books about the Roman Empire and how it fell.  This was of great interest to the Chinese.


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29 responses to “Trump’s Protector In Congress, Elise Stefanik, Might Replace Turncoat Liz Cheney

  1. Zeke

    Quote Tweet

    · 9h
    “When she saw that Donald Trump was the way to go, being the political windsock that she happens to be, she attached herself like a barnacle to a whale.” Ana “no holds barred” Navarro, speaking on Elise Stefanik. I love Ana Video: CNN

    Zeke is ‘fair and balanced’.

  2. Zeke

    Elaine wrote “She is a military vet ….. “.
    Oh, really Elaine, what, pray tell, branch and what are her years of service, heh?

    Even her own puff piece bio doesn’t make that false claim!
    You need to do a retraction.

    “Rep. @EliseStefanik has been named the 13th most bipartisan member of Congress,” – – IF that is true, that’ll be her downfall because El Cheato demands absolute slobering subsurvience to himself.

    There is so much more wrong about your distorted article. Too much for one post entry.
    If I have time, I’ll make separate critique entries at other times.

    Elaine, are you sane?


    ELAINE: Your blind hatred is blind. She worked hard to save Trump. Why on earth would he hate HER? He would hate YOU. But her? Wow.

  3. lou

    the wilding continue,
    OBAMA’S early release cocaine dealer kills woman, slits throats of two children.
    On fathers day he killed his son over cheesecake,

    Travis Stackhouse initially told officers his 5-year-old son was playing with another child upstairs when he fell down the stairs the afternoon of June 21, 2019.
    Stackhouse eventually admitted to punching etc.
    Travis Stackhouse said he only had one piece of the Father’s Day cheesecake and was upset others were eating it.

  4. Pete

    Cheney comes from a
    Swamp Creature family.


  5. shawntoh

    “Preferring and out of control epidemic, on the other hand, is totally insane, utterly irresponsible and silly. Perhaps humans do have a death wish.” – EMS

    Yes! It is called Thanatos.*

    The problem is that in the USA way of life humans hallucinate, due to advances in medical technology, that we are a wonderful death defying sort that will soon have a cure for “death”. […sounds of demented laughter…] Nope, we are death DENYING species overall and it’s pretty bad in “America” with that mindset…

    Please remember this… in the USA, people use to die at home but now it mostly happens separately at some medical facility far removed from everyday life…

    Yes, folks, we need to “…Bring ‘death’ back into the home!” […utterly hysterical sardonic laughter from the peanut gallery…]…

    Ooops, I probably just scared some more people “to death”. My apologies, Elaine. I’m not a public relations flack when it comes to death.

    So as Iggy Pop sings… “Baby won’t you come along with me, come along on my death trip… Honey, my death trip…”.

    So don’t have too much fun! […sounds of fading maniacal laughter…] and please… everyone die to your illusions before you physically die… Just a suggestion. Peace.



  6. Petruchio

    Liz Cheney just shows you she what a phony Republican (like her Dad) and Deep Stater she is. She’s a Carpetbagger too, just like her Dad. It’s about time there was some pushback on sleazy Political Frauds like Liz Cheney. Everyone see the fist bump she gave Sleepy Ol’ Joe? Liz Cheney is jsut a disgusting human being.

  7. Zeke

    Just don’t mistake patriotism with Trumpism. Two completely different things.

    Worshiping the Cult of Personality Trump worship in fact is the opposite of Patriotism.

    Don’t let a malignant narcissist worm its way into your heart or brain.
    Be strong. Think for yourself.

    Don’t be hoodwinked, bamboozled or brainwashed. Be a critical thinker.

  8. Pertry

    The Bilderbergs are trying to trick us into not taking the vaccines, that is why they are desperately trying to scrub all the top scientists and doctors from the internet that are sounding the alarm about how dangerous they are. Right. Got it.

    COVID is not smallpox. COVID is not polio. It is a coronavirus, a.k.a. the common cold. There is no vaccine for the common cold. Here is what happens when you try to make one:

    Click to access pone.0035421.pdf

    When the people pushing a so-called vaccine are known eugenicists, it might be a good idea to do some research before taking it. Duh. When this crime is exposed it will make Nuremberg look like a picnic.

    Arrest Bill Gates. Arrest Anthony Fauci. Heck, arrest Elaine Supkis since she claims to know everything.

  9. AT

    They all got vaccinated themselves.

    This bioweapon was dud, just ended up a bad-flu like disease.

    Beware the next one if we don’t get a handle on those who did this one.

  10. AT

    COVID-19 was removed from the UK academics’ list of “High Consequence Infectious Diseases” over a year ago. Lockdowns there are being justified solely by the WHO guidance.


    Coronavirus? Leave it to the Brits to drop a bio-weapon called the “Crown” virus.

  11. Pete


    US economy is Planet Ponzi
    This admin is going to
    wipe out the US Dollar

  12. Pete


  13. Zeke

    @ Pete,

    Yes. Max Keiser is usually right on.

    FRB Chair Powell is creating a new feudal society.

    Effectively illegal to save USDs in Banks.

    Lords – – Vassals – – Serfs
    1% – – 9% – – 90%

  14. snoosebomb


    covid bio weapon a dud ?
    it got rid of trump , shut down travel , excused gov repression , imitated mass experimentation , reduced pension loads , and now we can ” build back better so you own nothing and are happy
    And that’s just for starters !

  15. Pete

    Breaking News

    Colonial Pipeline Shut
    Cyber Attack!

  16. AT

    Mortality-wise it was a dud. The point was to use propaganda and implement political and social planning. They did that.

    “Build it back better” means build it back after the monetary system explodes, and also after the billionaires own everything. Trump’s “Economic Opportunity Zone” tax loopholes lets billionaires like Bezos defer capital gains on stock sales now, gains that would be 100% of the proceeds, buy property or locate businesses in the “opportunity zones”, many of which are rural, city or resource rich, and then . . .

    . . .the mother of all kickers. . .

    After six years of ownership, sometime after it all blows to hyper-infinity around 2025, they get their tax basis adjusted to fair market value, meaning whatever they sell it for is their tax basis, meaning there is no gain. And so they pay no taxes, not now, not later, not never.

    That’s “build it back better”. Translation: billionaires buy everything tax free forever. Lol.

  17. I happened to have traveled the world years ago as it ‘blew up’ right in front of me. This is why I was deported from Europe at age 17.


    HAHAHAHA. I lived in the middle of chaos in NYC, I lived in chaos in Tucson requiring Killer Rabbit and Killer Rooster to protect my home from strangers climbing in the windows…seriously…I arrested around 100 people during the Years of Chaos!

    I haven’t arrested anyone in years now but we are heading right into more chaos as our Rulers go nuts yet again.

  18. AT

    Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make make insane.

  19. AT

    The pallets of bricks were delivered into BLM/ANTIFA riots in “economic opportunity zones”. Do you see?

  20. Zeke

    Elaine – – The Queen of Chaos

    Wherever she goes – chaos follows.

    She flees or is deported from Europe, Germany, California, Tucson, NYC.

    Wherever she is, she leaves in chaos.

    More Queen of Chaos than
    Housewife from Hell.

  21. Pete

    @19 AT

    Great quote.
    One of my favs.

  22. AT

    Rome had one Crassus, screwing people over and burning shit down to buy it cheap. And, he ended up getting 1/3 of the Senate slaughtered in a giant ill conceived military adventure that was supposed to be fun. We have billionaire families packed with Crassus’s.

  23. Zeke is so dumb he can’t do cause and effect. NYC was dying when I arrived, I saved part of the City while the rest continued to die. Brooklyn’s Park Slope and associated neighborhoods took off due to my diligence while the Bronx burned down, for example.

    Tucson: I systematically was fixing the messes when my Watchers warned me, a military jet was going to crash into my home so I fled.

    Then a jet did crash into my neighborhood. Again, I was doing fine when I had to leave.

    Berkeley: radical leftists threatened to shoot me dead and shot a cop dead at my home. I was not allowed to have a gun so I left.

    Where I went wrong? Nowhere. I now live where it is legal to have a gun collection which I do have including 150 year old guns. Love it and use it.

  24. lou

    Elaine, stop grandstanding.

    The neighborhood [spent about 20 years there] went up because the houses were nice and until 1970 were cheap–10-30k.
    It gentrified.
    Jewish wall streeters.
    I attended kindergarten -9th grade there, or just outside there.

  25. You were obviously very sheltered back then…OH…I recall there was this crazy lady running around Park Slope arresting lots and lots of criminals and doing things like working to get the streets clean, planting trees all over the place and arresting a bunch of top DNC people who ran the city into the ground!

    Yup, you remember the RESULTS of my hard work, kid. Houses were cheap due to the riots and crimes. I squelched all that.

  26. lou

    you remember the RESULTS of my hard work, kid.

    stop the self promotion.

    I was there in 1955-on.

  27. IT WAS A CRASHING MESS because of the 1977 riots. Did you know 5th Avenue was part of Park Slope? And it was torched and looted that summer and the ‘riots’ didn’t stop, it was nonstop crime, shooting guns, throwing BOMBS, drug lunacy, etc. Day and night. Even in front of my brownstone, on my front doorstep!

    Good lord. If you ‘fixed’ anything it didn’t show up in my quarter of Park Slope and when I lived on Berkeley Place next to the Park, I did a huge number of arrests and this is near where that officer was shot and killed in front of me, too.

    YOU did NOTHING. I did a lot of ‘things’. Even the garbage collection: I was in on that, too. You probably didn’t notice, of course but I don’t blame you, the news was carefully concealed.

  28. There were lots of people who whined about everything, by the way. It was sadly amusing to me.

    I grew up on a ranch and had no cops, no rescuers, I was Search and Rescue and was pretty good at it, too. People usually were happy to see me rescue them and if they were criminals, they were terrified to meet a nasty girl ready to knock them down, big time.

    And my horse, Soxxy (because he had four white ‘stockings’ on his legs). People who live in cities expect the city to do everything, fix everything. They think they are smart, doing this.

    It is dumb but note how these same city smarty pants have outlawed citizen arrests in many cities in particular, ones I lived in and did multiple citizen’s arrests and this includes Berkeley and SF as well as Tucson and NY.

    It is a sign, I lived in these cities.

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