The China Long Crash Lands In Indian Ocean Meanwhile, Sunni/Shia Wars Rage In Afghanistan Killing Many Children!

Australia was under the threat of a rocket crashing there much of the previous 12 hours but luckily, it finally fell into the Indian Ocean just before hitting the Maldive Islands.  Whew.  Meanwhile, Biden’s troop pull out is in trouble as Shia and Sunni terrorists attack mainly schools of each other’s people.  This is terrible to watch.


And this makes little news splash in US media: Afghanistan religious wars heat up to boiling point as Sunni and Shia terrorists attack mainly children of each other’s communities!


The terrorist bombing of a GIRL’S school a few hours ago is typical of the male terrorists in Afghanistan.  This is shocking, horrible and vicious.



Here is one of the victims:



AND…Iran wants to send in lots of Shia fighters!  My god, that will make it super nasty!  This is the worst suggestion on earth.  Everything Trump did to tamp down religious fanatics and bring peace has been totally undone by Biden, the CIA and the Bilderberg gang.  I keep pointing out, this gang intends to kill many of us.


They seriously believe, there are way too many humans.  Prince Phillip in England said he wanted to come back as an epidemic and kill most humans, after all.  What a jerk!  I am sad he didn’t die of the coronavirus.



So, this is probable the bombing of the girl’s school was a tit for tat job.  Afghanistan believes in revenge.  We must watch out, they have it in for us citizens here in the US!  It was double ‘good’ for the Afghan terrorists that they killed little girls who were learning things instead of being enslaved.


Look at the sweet child here, caught in the crosshairs of international intrigue:


My heart broke for the little children in Vietnam and Cambodia back in the 1960’s:



I was so very angry when I saw this.  Then the military gave poison gas to the Oakland Sheriffs who then dropped it from a helicopter on Berkeley cops, causing them to have eye and throat problems, it was a powder and I saw this and being a medic, ran over and ordered them to throw water on themselves to wash it off and then gave them cloths to wipe it off.  This caused them to become friendly with me and led to one of them being assassinated when he stopped by my home to say hello, killed by a communist radical lunatic.


The world is a very tangled web!  Where, oh where have the antiwar left gone?  Where can it be?  Sheesh…they voted for a warmonger, that is where they went!



Hmm…I remember the Vietnam War.  The US government lied about Russia and China and pretended both were involved in that war.  China did get involved, as an attacker of the communists in Vietnam and Cambodia!  All the commie nutty rulers of those unfortunate nations did this. Communists are crazy.  Look at North Korea:



Everyone MUST watch this video all the way through.  It is shocking how brutal this dictator is!


This lunatic also kills school girls, too.  The frightful world of Mad Madame Mao continues in North Korea.  The insane dictator was pissed off at a popular conductor of an orchestra so he had him brutally killed via shooting him NINETY TIMES.


My parents saw this first hand in Maoist China.  At a performance there, they sat next to the Chinese leadership and Madame Mao glared at everyone and then the performers rose up and applauded HER.  It was really scary.


The scared audience in this video clapped wildly and constantly yelling and all look scared to death.  My father said, no one knew when to stop applauding when he was in China because anyone who stops is eliminated later.  It is insane.


This is the world US Maoists want  here!!!


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7 responses to “The China Long Crash Lands In Indian Ocean Meanwhile, Sunni/Shia Wars Rage In Afghanistan Killing Many Children!

  1. Zeke

    It’s also what Trump wants. Trump said he “fell in love” with N. K. Dictator Kim Jong-un. Who wrote him ‘beautiful’ poetry and love letters! And this was after Kim killed innocent U. S. college student Otto Warmbier!

    When Democrats did not vigorously applaud Trump’s SOTU address, Trump looked around and asked: “can we call this treason”?
    N. K. stooges compete with each other to see who can applaud most manically. Those with lesser display of ardour are executed.

    Today, subservient docile Republicans make the pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago to figuratively kiss the Don’s ring. Or as Trump says: “accept the embrace”.

    Only a cult-of-personality Trump cult member is incapable of seeing Trump’s adoption of dictatorial trappings.

    Zeke, the Truth Bringer, is here to remind you.

  2. Nina

  3. lou

    I have heard of balcony collapses and the hotel dance floor [1981, Kansas City, Hyatt Regency] collapse.

    I would not go out on a very crowded balcony.

  4. lou

    This is shocking, –Not to those who know mussies may oppose girls education or unmasking.
    And the first world imports and subsidizes them. ask evil omar.

  5. shawntoh

    Mein Dame Elaine,

    Zeke, der Kandidat für eine Irrenanstalt.


  6. Zeke

    Zeke is against bullying in any form. You said you were bullied in school. That was wrong; there’s no excuse for that.
    With you, they may have had a reason but again no excuse.
    You have a sick ‘kiss up, kick down’ teacher’s pet mentality. Always sucking up to the webmaster.
    Even with that, you should not have been bullied.

    Also, are we supposed to be impressed by your use of German? Go practice your pigeon German some place else. Not impressed. Inappropriate.
    Find some other way to suck up to your perceived authority figures.

    The old U.S.S.R. had a standard tactic of labelling any alternative points of view, all dissidents as mentally ill and subject to involuntary confinement in a asylums.

    Those who can’t argue against the message – attempt feeble ad hominem attacks against the messenger. Grow up.

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