Will China Rocket Smash Into Israel Or Washington DC?


The Chinese booster rocket is crashing to earth wildly.  Right now, it is over Europe.  If the rocket ship doesn’t blow up over the Middle East, it might end up crashing in DC!  HAHAHA.  Actually, the latest AI6YR tweet is, the rocket is descending quickly and will hit…ISRAEL???  Or IRAN?????  Either is a mess indeed.  Thank you, Red Guards!



There are many sites to watch this happen in real time.  It is a big fireworks event in real life.  Now it looks like it could crash in Mecca!  So many interesting targets!


It missed.  It is now going over India!  The fall will now be between 9:11 or 11:11.  Oh dear, magic numbers from the authorities.


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8 responses to “Will China Rocket Smash Into Israel Or Washington DC?

  1. KHS71

    Reminds me of Skylab which fell to earth in Australia. Round and round it goes and where it stops, nobody knows.

  2. Jim R

    70% chance it hits the water somewhere.

    As you can see from the map, Africa and South America are potential targets. Of course, it can come down anywhere under the squiggly line.

    What amuses me is that a lot of people think it is reasonable to “shoot down” this orbiting pile of crap. You can shoot down an airplane, because it stops flying if its engines fail. But merely shooting the Chinese Junkheap will not change its course very much, because it is in orbit.

  3. AT

    This will be a weekly event once StarLink gets 20K satellites up there.

  4. AT

    If the jackasses in charge took 1% of the funny money being spent to create a worldwide surveillance network, from Obama phones to StarLink, and spent it on giving every child in America a cellular enabled Apple Watch, and mounted a contemporaneous propaganda campaign to get the kids to wear the watches religiously 24/7, it would prevent at least 50% of all sexual abuse in this country, probably closer to 90%.

  5. Zeke

    Speaking of mishaps –
    I did read on a blog somewhere someone claiming to be a former US intelligence agency officer.
    Her speculation was (and she did back it up with graphs and dimensions of the ship, even ‘overloaded’ as it appeared, and dimensions of a cross section of the shipping channel of that part of the Suez Canal) that the navigation system and propulsion and guidance other electronic gear may have been hacked by Iranians and Evergreen’s container cargo ship “Ever Given” was purposefully grounded to obstruct shipping. She claimed that it was probably not winds that drove it to be stuck blocking the Canal.
    Never heard any follow up on that story.

  6. Jim R

    Lots of junk has fallen out of space over the years.

    NASA always tries to plan, when they have a large item like a Shuttle external fuel tank, to have it crash into an ocean. On purpose — they actually expend rocket fuel to move things into a predictable crash-trajectory. But back in 1975, Skylab crashed into Australia, so nobody’s record is perfect.

    But really, China! Did you actually make any attempt to de-orbit this thing?

  7. AT

    StarLink claims 90% de-orbit. Incidentally, no one has achieved that high before. Now, with 20K satellites and a five year service life in low earth orbit (inside the atmosphere, actually), here’s the math problem: How many crash on land uncontrolled per year?

  8. Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been having VERY VIOLENT weather lately. Many, many storms, record rain storms, frequent hail/snow storms, etc. Yes, there was very strong cross winds from storms the day of the ship screwing up.

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