Hackers Screw Up Oil Pipeline Pumps, Everyone Panics Instantly, Biden Wakes Up Momentarily


So, a COMPUTER hack is causing chaos.  Gasoline prices shoot upwards IN ANTICIPATION not due to anything happening right now.  So everyone panics and wants more gasoline.   I have lived through quite a few oil panics in the past.  This hysteria is probably far above what is going to happen in reality.  I figure, this will be fixed pretty fast but hysteria is much more fun, isn’t it?  Good grief, mainstream media is always doing the dumbest things.


I love the headlines, ‘gasoline over $3 a gallon expected’ when in NY and NJ and CA, it has been up there since the inauguration of the loser in the election, ‘global warming’ Biden.  We are supposed to be scared of…using fossil fuels!  And guess who attacked the fossil fuel computers?  Take a wild guess!


Ahem: global warming radical communist lunatics, duh!  Of course.  They want to destroy civilization and kill as many humans as Mad Madame Mao who set a huge high bar of many millions starving to death!



And as the left squeals about white men being a danger, the usual killers are blacks.  They do this way out of proportion of their population size, they have a ridiculously high kill rate and are killed more than any population per capita, too.    Rep. Cori Bush is alarmed about all this and wants to protect ‘black birthing people’ which is code for black women on welfare popping babies and having the rest of us pay for this service we don’t want.





A Missouri Congresswoman is being widely panned after calling women “birthing people,” in a speech at the Capitol Thursday.


Rep. Cori Bush, a Democrat, made the comments while discussing how doctors dismissed her pain during her two pregnancies.


I am betting she was thrashing about, hollering?  Or not?  Who knows.  I do know there are nasty doctors in big cities who get tired of seeing birthing people and thus, give very poor service.  I had to deal this this, directly in NYC and got an entire hospital shut down after they nearly killed me.


‘”I sit before you today as a single mom, as a nurse, as an activist, congresswoman, and I am committed to doing the absolute most to protect black mothers, to protect black babies, to protect black birthing people, and to save lives,” Bush told Congress.


The freshman lawmaker repeated the gender-neutral language in a Thursday tweet.  “Every day, Black birthing people and our babies die because our doctors don’t believe our pain,” Bush wrote.


Doctors have to ignore ‘pain’ because it doesn’t help anything.  You can’t drug moms having babies so they feel no ‘pain’ because this damages the babies very badly even killing them.  So doctors ask women to huff when a spasm comes, I did this with two babies in the past.  I am figuring here, some ghetto moms just want to yell, they yell about everything, all the time and are quite noisy.  So yelling in a hospital while giving birth is normal, not abnormal.



Now on to something to yell about if you are a man: De Blasio allowed a Canada parade in NYC but refused to allow US Vets march on Memorial Day in Staten Island!  He thinks they will cough on each other and kill everyone with germs.  This is absurd.  Staten Island is whipped by ocean winds in springtime as the ocean waters are now suddenly cooler than land masses.



ANTIFA and BLM can march, loot and burn whenever they wish and De Blasio’s criminal daughter joins in the fun.  So of course, that is OK.  Vets marching way out on Staten Island are Republican voters so of course, they cannot march at all, ever.  Arrest de Blasio.  Charge him with conspiring with his very ugly spawn to destroy and loot NYC this last year. Put both in prison and throw away the keys.



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11 responses to “Hackers Screw Up Oil Pipeline Pumps, Everyone Panics Instantly, Biden Wakes Up Momentarily

  1. AT

    The “attack” on the pipeline (computers?) is really just a way to reduce demand for falling oil supplies. Gas prices go up, but crude usage falls because gas doesn’t get used. So, crude prices don’t go up. They can only play at this nonsense for so long.

  2. AT

    No doubt a hack of some type was conducted or attempted. The rest is just hamming it up, kind of like pantomiming a pandemic with a dud-bioweapon.

  3. Jim R

    I can’t believe the incompetence of this pipeline company.

    They didn’t have offline backups? They can’t scrounge up a few dozen Rasberry Pi’s and hook ’em up? Or old 486 desktops? How complicated can it be to run a fricken’ pipeline? Pressures, temperatures, flow rates, … what? It should be way simpler than molecular biology.

    What is there about it that’s so technical it can be crippled by a computer screw up?

    Or is this just another example of the gang flipping the light switch off and on and telling us there’s a terrible thunderstorm?

  4. AT

    Yes it’s a ruse.

    DarkSide sounds very like US spook humor.

  5. Mewswithaview

    I had to laugh at the last line “Opening a door for a woman, is closing the door on equality”

  6. shawntoh
  7. Blacks hate each other so blaming someone else for this is lots of fun.

  8. Jim R

    I posted another Chute-for-Bits link in a relatively short comment, and it has disappeared into the ether.

    It was a little off-topic, but I wanted to mention another Cassandra, who has been banished to ‘alternative’ media, for being insufficiently hateful . .

    Polly St. George has just published another video.
    Chute-for-Bits dot com /channel/amazingpolly/

  9. thanks for sharing post

  10. That website is down.

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