It Looks Like NY Rep Elise Stefanik Will Be House Leader! Hooray!


Great news from my own neck of the woods!  Elise Stefanik who represents the district next door to mine, will certainly be the next GOP leader in the House!  This is just amazing.  Just last month, the GOP mainstream guys in Congress stabbed Trump voters in the back, choosing the woman who voted to impeach him twice as their ‘leader’.  This led to open revolt which scared those clowns into doubling back, big time!  HAHAHA.


Elise is no radical, she gets along with Democrats when they are sane and do obviously useful things.  Right now, they have gone utterly bonkers and are trying to destroy the USA as fast as possible.  So she opposes them.  Unlike Cheney who played footsie with international corporations and foreign powers!


“Republicans are almost completely unified in a single mission to oppose the radical, dangerous Biden agenda and win back the majority in the midterm election. And any other focus other than that is a distraction from stopping the Biden agenda from what it — what it’s already done in three months,” Banks (R-Ind.) told host Chris Wallace.


“That’s our focus as a House Republican conference. And any leader who’s not focused on that … needs to be replaced,” he said.


Banks said the Republican vote on Cheney isn’t to oust her from the party but to remove her from her leadership post.


Something very much more important at stake is this: will we be run by lunatics who want ‘open borders’?  This is insanity.  Also, do we have endless wars in order to ‘save’ countries that obviously hate us and want to kill us?  Did we learn nothing from the Vietnam War?



What scared the globalists in the GOP was the uprising against Cheney in her home state.  Her ‘vote with the clemency’ position dropped to near zero and so basically, she is being shoved out the door now.  And not one minute too soon, we need someone sane running the GOP in the House now!


The audit of votes in Phoenix, AZ continues with Dominion refusing to turn over password to unlock the voting machines!  They claim, it is a secret!  Business and all that rot.  Well, it is CRIMINAL.  I hope these guys at Dominion get arrested.  It isn’t just Arizona seeing DNC gangsters refusing to allow vote checking, so are the GOP going after the cheaters in Antrim County, Michigan:


A judge in Arizona ruled the Republican-led Senate could hire a third-party contractor — Doug Logan of Florida-based Cyber Ninjas — to conduct an audit of the 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County in the 2020 election, which is ongoing.


Good!  Finally, a full analysis will be done.  This has been a very slow process due 100% to interference by Democrats to prevent obvious vote verification of ballots because it will show obvious cheating.  They cheated in NY and California quite openly.  Cheating in Arizona took a lot of effort and had to be desperately hidden.


Cyber Ninjas, listed in court documents as an expert witness for the plaintiff in the Antrim County lawsuit, was also referenced in a letter sent Wednesday from the U.S. Department of Justice to an Arizona official.


Love the name, Cyber Ninjas.


“This description of the proposed work of the audit raises concerns regarding potential intimidation of voters,” Pamela S. Karlan, of the Civil Rights division of the DOJ, wrote to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann.


HAHAHA…verifying votes and removing illegal alien votes is ‘intimidation’, eh?  Good lord.  Wicked Wikipedia has an utterly partisan ‘article’ about Karen Fann that defames here and utterly lies about the Arizona vote counting mess!


Between 2011 and 2017, Fann was a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, representing Arizona Legislative District 1. She was elected to the Arizona Senate in 2016.[4]


After Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election in Arizona and Donald Trump refused to concede while making false claims of fraud, Fann ordered an audit of the election results in Maricopa County (at the time, the results had audited and verified multiple times, finding no evidence of significant fraud).[5][6] The company hired by Fann to lead the audit was owned by a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist who had promoted false claims of fraud.[7][8][9]


Under Fann, the Republican-controlled Arizona Senate invoked baseless claims of fraud to demand that Maricopa County turn over ballots and other materials to the Senate. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors turned over a massive volume of documents to the Senate, but Republicans continued to make unfounded claims of fraud, even after such claims were rejected by the Arizona Supreme Court and other courts.[10] Multiple checks, including tests of ballot tabulating machines and software both before and after the election, as well as a hand count of a ballot sample, showed that the election in Maricopa County was free, fair, and administered properly.[11] Arizona Democrats called Fann’s quest a “charade” fueled by a desire to undermining the settled will of voters.[11]In February 2021, Fann sought to hold the Maricopa County board in contempt; the contempt resolution failed after one Republican senator, Paul Boyer, joined all Democrats in voting no, resisting pressure from Fann to change his vote.[10] Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo, a Democrat, expressed concern that the efforts of state Senate Republicans to question the election outcome could cause violence, saying: “And I would hope that Karen Fann knows who’s she talking to. Every time she throws something out there, this whole group that was part of this insurrection, that’s the audience that she’s talking to.”[10]


I love how Wikipedia, run by crazy liberals, has to get so hysterical about Karen!  They are very invested in clinging to the fiction that Phoenix voters wanted Biden, not Trump!  So they have to pretend, the voting systems were perfect and 100% of all Democrats voted for the first time in history which is ridiculous.


NEVER have 100% of the voters ever turned out in any election in our history like they supposedly did in the last election!  What turned out were illegal aliens.  Which is…illegal.


This is why the DNC is madly pushing now for no ID when voting which is insanity.  How dare they do this to us!  They are pushing this in NY now, too.  Good lord, this is insane.


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4 responses to “It Looks Like NY Rep Elise Stefanik Will Be House Leader! Hooray!

  1. Pete



    That election algo video you posted
    reminded me of this old video from 2013.

  2. snoosebomb

    ” they anticipate a major cyberattack, just like they anticipated a virus pandemic. The World Economic Forum”’

    hmm. along with crazy witmer trying to cut off oil to Ontario , there is a cyber attack on a major pipeline.

    lets just bypass the usual bs and just shut it down to ‘save the planet ‘

  3. snoosebomb

    Pete , i need to sort through that guys long vids to find the other info about how the votes would actually get rigged.

  4. There are 100 ways of rigging voting which is why vote watching which I used to do is so vital. The vote cheating happened after everyone was sent home after midnight and the crooks then worked for hours to rig the election in five states.

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