SJW Leftists At NOAA Continue To Predict Only Hot Weather And Global Warming

Insane leftists run NOAA, our former weather prediction service.  For the last dozen years, they predict only one thing: continuous warming.  Several months ago, they issued the above map.  It was utterly, totally wrong, as per always.  Since they issue the same map every month year after year, it is pointless to even bother looking.  Even their revised map after the fact of last month’s blizzards and storms still lies about the temperatures!  This is utterly insane, very destructive and extremely dangerous because they use their fake maps to scream about global warming and shut off our energy systems even as terrorists do this to us, too!


This means NOAA ‘scientists’ (sic) are really terrorists!  Yes, our weather service is now run by leftist terrorists who scream at us, we are roasting to death and have to shut off all oil and gas pipelines.  To push their insane objectives, they have to tamper hamfistedly with weather prediction systems so these always show warming, not cooling.  No matter how many blizzards hammer the US in spring and snow stays deep in many places even in summer, they keep on yelling about ‘global warming’.


NOAA falsely claimed it was warmer than ever last month when it snowed nonstop in Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, often in New Mexico, Northern Arizona, parts of Texas, etc.


This very hour, it is STILL snowing in MAY!!!  Not first of May, almost mid-May.  It is snowing in my own state of NY as well as Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, too.  Good lord, global warming sure is cold, isn’t it?  Blizzards in spring and fall and heavy rains in deserts are signs of global cooling.  Last month the lunatics who took over the US weather service information issued this warning: the vast bulk of the US would see very warm to hot temperatures except for parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota.  This was ridiculous:


Colorado and Wyoming as well as Utah and northern Arizona are supposedly hotter than normal as snow continues to fall and cold northern winds blow!  This forecast is the total opposite of reality!  The very hottest spot is smack dab in the middle of one of the coldest spring events in New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona!


How can they be so utterly insanely off track?  Here in NY, we are supposedly having one of the hottest Mays, ever.  Color me skeptical, we are under a freeze warning for tomorrow night, May 12th which is the middle of May.


Another violent, COLD storm hit the Netherlands and winds destroyed structures there:


Cold storms destroyed buildings in India:



Deep floods in Spain:



Incredible floods in Oman next to Saudi Arabia:



NOAA falsely claimed last month was fairly dry (HAHAHA) and a bit warm (BRRR)last month!  NOAA leftists who are destroying information as fast as possible, misreport the weather deliberately.  Tony Heller compares the real temperature data with the data after NOAA leftists ‘fix’ it via simply making the past colder and colder and the present warmer no matter how cold it gets:



Without exception, all their graphs show warming now which is based on nothing real.  Note how the much hotter 1900-1960 temperatures are now colder than today.  I remember the hot, dry 1950’s when even Wisconsin was hot!  By 1960, we were having snow storms in Tucson regularly for 15 years.  It was so cold, I bought a number of fur coats rich northern ladies sold when coming to hot Tucson in the 1950’s and turned these into blankets so I could be warm at night.


NOAA wiped out the very much hotter, drier famous Dust Bowl 1930’s.  Quite an accomplishment, eh?  Stupidly, the average 1930 temperatures are now almost HALF as high as today!  This is utterly stupid, quite insane, very devious, utterly evil.  Young, naive people are easily fooled by this…up until this year.


Another year of blizzards, extreme cold, violent storms that are winter storms, not hot weather storms, fewer hurricanes and a lot more blizzards will turn even Colorado liberals against global warming scams!  Or maybe they are really that stupid as to continue to march off the cliff?


Perhaps!  Humans can be very, very stupid, sometimes.  Note, by the way, the hysteria about the oil/gas pipeline being messed with by computer hackers!  BIDEN just strangled a major pipeline to NY and NY liberals loved him for this!  Arrest Biden! Arrest Cuomo.  Put them in prison together.  HAHAHA.  Cell buddies, I say.



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5 responses to “SJW Leftists At NOAA Continue To Predict Only Hot Weather And Global Warming

  1. Jim R

    What’s even more insane is the notion that the globalists can control the weather, if people do everything they say.

    You’d think they would notice after a while, that their story just isn’t selling. That Texas ice storm in February went almost to the Mexican border. And it stayed below freezing for more than a week — it was more than a temporary weather event.

  2. lou

    What’s even more insane is the notion that the globalists can control the weather, it is geo engineering. there are patents on it and Kill Gates has mentioned it.

  3. snoosebomb

    i find in climate discussions among skeptics even, everyone has forgotten the original theory of AGW. now its all about temp data. which will always be fuzzy.
    the screamers have it boiled down to ”co2 bad ” and that’s all they know.

    the issue needs to be attacked at its base , but low IQ pop.

  4. Zeke

    What’s even more insane is so many denizens of this website calling anybody and everybody with a non ‘party sanctioned’ viewpoint “insane”.

    That’s straight out of the defunct U.S.S.R.’s Politburo playbook.

  5. YOU SHOULD CENSOR YOURSELF, Zeke. You do this thing you decry, all the time. DUH. Mirrors work but not on vampires.

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