Giant Ugly ‘African’ Statue Menaces Rockefeller Center!


This statue plopped into the middle of Rockefeller Center, NYC, is iconic.  The city is dying,  it is being systematically destroyed mainly by people who have the same attitude of indifference and with flaming torches, they are once again, busy destroying civilization.  This is happening all over the earth as leftists claim, civilization itself is evil and cities should be terminated and yes, cities are being terminated!  NYC has decided four years ago to go down the ‘destroy all cities’ route, too.  Andy Ngo begs people to notice how systematically his home town of Portland, Oregon is being destroyed by liberal leftists who are furious with him for pointing out the obvious.  Thus, news media adamantly refuse to report the news from that dying city!


Within less than an hour of unveiling this ugly mug on YouTube, people made fun of it:



They should put up this companion statue, the Darth Vader Funko Pop statue:



This would be instantly popular in Manhattan.  The statue even has ‘iconic breathing sound’ too!



The leftist radicals have taken over the entire DNC machine.  Biden has no idea what they are doing in his name.  The new White House deputy director is a far leftist communist violent radical who called for people to attack Federal facilities and burn these down:



This is pure insanity.  Pelosi seems unaware of all this because she is very stupid and most of the time, drunk.



ANTIFA, BLM and Hamas are all on Twitter but not Trump and this week, YouCan’tTube has shut down Louder With Crowder again, this time for two weeks and next time they capriciously do this again, it will be forever.  Crowder is going to sue them, he has a legal team unlike most online personalities and made it very clear, he intends to sue for many millions of dollars.


These crazy communists want to kill the Golden Goose and have a flat, dead, boring, stupid internet just like they are all flat, dead and stupid.  A perfect fit.


Ted Cruz has been on a blast of a ride ever since he picked up the cudgel in the Senate to defend Trump not once but twice.  I think he will be our next President:



He sets these traps and forces the DNC gang to smack themselves in the face!  So, they want censorship?  They want to boycott Georgia?  Well, that won’t end the way they expect!



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