NY Upstate Sheriff Mike Carpinelli, Running For Governor, I Explain How NYC Is Collapsing Into Chaos

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Mike Carpinelli has to become our next Governor and I have the perfect story explaining why: crime is out of control, the police are withdrawing more and more and the DNC gang is bent on making it impossible to police violent criminals in our insane DNC hell hole cities like NYC and everything is collapsing horribly as we replay the 1970’s and I am retired, I am NOT going to fix this mess created by people I knew, years ago.


I want them all arrested!!!  Here is a classic hellish story in that insane city that no longer has any police thanks to liberals screwing up everything: An insane black man hunted down and tried to stab a subway conductor at the Mets-Willets Point subway system transition station!



Here is the deranged criminal:


Subway conductor Kevin Rivera was fresh off a late-night shift early Monday when he reported that a crazed rider with a razor blade threatened him and claimed a train car was his turf.  The run-in began around 1:30 a.m.


“I started running, and he spat on me a disgusting snot that hit my head, ran down my ear and onto my shoulder,” said Rivera. “As he got closer, I saw he had a box cutter. He threatened to cut me. I ran for my life.”


Rivera ran to the station’s token booth, where the attendant allowed him to enter to hide for safety. The man followed him, and video recorded by Rivera shows the unhinged rider try to open the door to the booth, bang on its bulletproof glass and flash what appeared to be gang signs with his hands.


The regular police were called.  THEY REFUSED TO ARREST THE ATTACKER and LEFT.  So when the cleanup crew arrived, they chased the crazy man away!  This is utterly insane and exactly how Democrats ALWAYS ran NYC: zero control over insane or criminal people destroying property and attacking everyone.


Evidently, the assailant was spitting on the subway workers in the booth.  According to the cops, this is LEGAL!!!  The legislature which is mainly NYC Democrats, refuse to make spitting on city workers illegal.


But then, we HAVE NO LAWS AT ALL except for people the DNC hates or wants to drive out of their political bases in dying DNC hell hole cities.


“The cops let this guy go walk the street, even after he threatened to cut me and said he’d follow me,” said Rivera. “They don’t want to do their job.”


I bet Rivera voted DNC.  His family votes DNC.  Now he has to pay the piper!  The cops won’t arrest creeps like the man attacking the subway conductor, this is because de Blasio and Cuomo shut down the jails!  Due to germs, of course, so diseased lunatics who are violent and criminal are allowed to roam free at will!


ARREST CUOMO.  ARREST DE BLASIO!  They are the real criminals in this idiotic story.  This is exactly what happened in the 1970’s.  The cops stood down and the trains fell apart and criminals ran riot and I began systematically arresting people over and over and OVER again even in the subways.


Want to know how my stupid former neighbor, de Blasio did this last several years?


He eliminated the subway cops!!!  They were my buddies.  The conductor would call them for me on their private communication systems and they would then meet up with me, underground and make arrests!  Yes, it worked great.  This is all so infuriating.


ARREST BIDEN and HARRIS, too, while we are at it.  Good lord.


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8 responses to “NY Upstate Sheriff Mike Carpinelli, Running For Governor, I Explain How NYC Is Collapsing Into Chaos

  1. Jim R

    The assailant was spitting? His pandemic face diaper should have caught the sputum.

    If he wasn’t wearing a mask, the police should have arrested him for that!

  2. AT

    Generally it’s an uphill battle for a former cop to get elected to anything but Sheriff.

  3. snoosebomb

    Hey watts up with the establishment [ jewish ] now attacking israel via CNN
    never thought i would see that,

  4. Petruchio

    @#3 snoosebomb: Haven’t heard their criticisms, but I doubt their motives are sincere. The American Media Owners are pretty clever. They can take the ‘pulse’ of American Public Opinion accurately. The MSM wants to look like they are impartial and “fair and balanced”. This is a tough task for the Media Owners because the MSM is a lot of things, but fair and balanced is NOT one of them. They will go back to mouthing the AIPAC storyline soon.

  5. How many crusades and battles and invasions and ‘this is MY home’ has happened in the Middle East during the last 12,000 years? Longer, actually. Wave after wave enters that barely habitable corner of the earth and then massacre everyone so they can lay claim, over and over and over and over again.

    Interesting to observe and plaster on this the birthing of many religions based on taking over this corner of the unfortunate world…a BLOODY MESS INDEED.

    I think one of the major Portals to the Outer Darkness is in the Middle East.

  6. Jim R

    Elaine, Somebody made a cartoon about that:


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