Teacher Attacks Vaccinated White Male Student Eating Without Mask

NY Democrats want to force us to always wear masks despite getting both shots. Cuomo, who always is doing the wrong things at the wrong times, insists we have to wear masks even though the places producing this disease are nearly all the Big Cities run by ruthless Democrats.

And in these big cities, much of the lower class population has not followed any rules of any sort and wear masks only when committing crimes, as per usual.



Obese, weird feminist ‘teacher’ abuses and calls names when she orders a male student to wear a mask WHILE EATING…and he had his shots already!  She was suspended after this video was seen by many in the southern town.  This is getting insane, the boy has had his shots and was trying to eat and was sitting entirely alone when the fat teacher decided to attack him, verbally.  This is our ‘education’ system under crazy feminist leftists!  Ugly and obnoxious and hating white males with hot passions.



Not all teachers are this racist or obnoxious but obnoxious teachers have been creating obnoxious students for many years.  The teacher’s unions created this monster.  I fought the teacher’s union in NYC, the hotbed for leftist ruinous teaching systems.  When I began ‘Save Our Schools’ the teacher’s union erupted with rage against me.  All politicians ran away from me.


The media went dead silent, too.  I thought SOS would be a gripping name for our group and it was.  But the ship sank, I bailed out entirely and moved not just once but twice to avoid bad DNC run schools.



The video, which was initially posted to TikTok, shows the female teacher addressing the student who is sat down eating his lunch without a mask on in the classroom. “I don’t care if you’re vaccinated, you little dink,” the teacher said, berating the student. “I don’t want to get sick and die. There’s other people you can infect just because you’re vaccinated. You know what? You’re not a special person around here.”


“You should hear about how everyone talks about you around here,” the teacher continued in the video, which was initially posted to TikTok and then to Twitter. “You’re a jerk. You’re a jerk. And you need to have respect for other people in your life. You’re not a big man on campus, quit walking around here like you have a stick up your butt.”


This woman has an entire tree up her own butt.  She should be put in prison but she won’t because it is legal still to call white male children names in public schools in front of other students.  This freedom to abuse white males will vanish quickly as more and more of these victims sue everyone like the ‘smirking (sic) boy’ in DC.

Poynette, Wisconsin where this happened isn’t the only semi-rural school to have difficulties dealing with reality, insane behaviors are manifest from the smallest schools to the fanciest, elitist universities.  Hell, all this horror was hatched at our top universities starting in the late 1960’s onwards!


Now we go to Elise Stefanik’s Congressional District…did you know, she is now the GOP Whip?  HAHAHA.  She is!  She will get all of them trotting along in unison, now.  Miz Cheney is out, O…U…T.  She left snarling like a whipped poodle.  She said, she will get them all and waved her broomstick at Elise.  Good riddance to bad trash!


And this school is in Elise’s district:

This is in St. Lawrence county on the border of Canada, next to Ottawa, Canada.  96 deaths, 33 new cases, 7,340 cases all together.  They had a much, much higher rate of infection than my own small town, the smaller the town, the lower the infection almost to the vanishing point for us who live in rural America.




The town in the news is at the uppermost corner of this low population county in NY: 871 cases of the virus.  This, out of a population of 11,000.



Here is the population levels in the cities in St. Lawrence county: Massena is the biggest population with the greatest density per square mile in that upstate county on the border of Canada…which isn’t much considering we are all very low population in and around the largest state forest in NY and one of the largest in the USA.


So obviously, the coronavirus is harming even rural farm towns of modest size.  But now we have the vaccinations and even though antivaccinationists are terrified of any sort of vaccination, it seems, this one seems to work.



I am betting small towns will benefit the most from the vaccinations due to several factors including lower levels of hysteria.  Speaking of hystericals: the DNC, Democratic voting hell hole cities and ANTIFA/BLM lunatics are rioting again last night in Brooklyn Center outside of Minneapolis.  Naturally, they loot and burn while whining about violent criminals dying after interfacing with cops.


In the present excuse to loot and destroy, a FEMALE cop killed a man when she panicked and pulled her gun.  Ahem…women…panic…accidentally kill due to fear…yup.  Women are better than mere males, right, feminists?


Worse of all: THIS MADE NEARLY NO NEWS.  In Russia, YES, in the US: NOPE.


Incredible.  Insane, too.  Local Fox News is reporting part of this story, namely, the politicians are meeting to ‘fix’ the cops by making things much, much worse:


“The momentum and collective desire to get this done across the nation is now,” said Dimock.

She believes the officers who responded to the call were not properly trained to handle the 21-year old’s mental health needs and escalated the situation. Dimock-Heisler, who was also on the autism spectrum, had gotten his hands on a knife inside his grandparents’ home when the police fired.


All DNC ‘fixes’ backfires.  Thing will be much, much worse now.  Cities that are even small ‘cities’ will be looted and burned by angry mobs of criminals.  Criminals came from all over America to loot and burn that sad town.  Leftists do this: they travel a lot since they collect money from Biden to ‘stay home’ due to germs.  They never stayed home!


They used this government money to travel from one riot to the next riots.




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11 responses to “Teacher Attacks Vaccinated White Male Student Eating Without Mask

  1. AT

    It’s like the speech the Teacher in “The Breakfast Club” gives to dress down and humiliate Bender. Only, in the movie, the teacher does it in private, and smart phones haven’t been invented yet. Lol.

  2. KHS71

    I saw this event yesterday. They showed the teacher from behind. I was so glad she did not bend over any further. It would have been real ugly. She would have blinded everyone within 50 feet. She has been suspended as you state and does deserve due process. Hopefully they will fire her for her antics. These Karens are crazy. They are scared crapless of the this virus while I am not. Being very obese and probably with diabetes, she is aware of her underlying conditions but expects everyone to bend to her will due to her conditions and accommodate her. She should try losing 150 pounds.

  3. Too many teachers are filled with hate aimed at white male children these days. They learn this in our universities where feminists teach that white male boys have to be destroyed and turned into slaves of the females. That is, do note who does all the dangerous, dirty jobs that sometimes KILLS the workers?

    MEN. I did ‘men’s work’ all my long life, construction, and did many a dangerous job indeed. Have injuries to prove all this, too. Also, nearly no females copied me. The number of women doing say, roof work, is miniscule.

  4. lou

    3-The hate I got in school, or what I remember, was from a jew shrew.

  5. KHS71

    Remember 93% of all work place deaths are men. They do more dangerous jobs.

  6. Not to mention injuries. Construction has lots of injuries.

  7. Petruchio

    @#4 lou: I certainly do not make a habit of it, but I like to check in on the Enemy. I caught Bette Midler on “The View”. She said she wished for the deaths of more as she put it, “old white males”. That’s OK by me. I feel the exact same way about bitter old lesbian Jews. But can you imagine what would happen if a white male were to say anything even mildly negative about jewish folks? He’d be run out of TV. Lose his job, etc.. Bette Midler also said she wanted to kill every kid that didn’t get vaccinated. What a nice human being. She’s jewish so nothing happens.

  8. Moe

    @7 Petruchio

    Wow, you watched ‘The View’: I salute your courage sir. Way to take one for the team! 🙂

    I can’t watch two minutes of their drivel before revulsion kicks in.

  9. Petruchio

    @#8 Moe; Know thine Enemy is a important rule to follow. Bette Midler, Joyce Behar and to a lesser extent Whoopi are consumed with HATE. They are pathetic individuals and they should not be allowed to spew their hate filled Agenda. It’s curious. Midler, Behar and their kind always spew hate about how White Male “Patriarchy” persecutes everyone. Funny thing is, if these White Males were really so Powerful, WHY do they allow people like Bette Midler and Joyce Behar on TV in the first place? BTW. I check in on Joel Osteen from time to time as well. Osteen gives me a laugh. I can’t figure out what his message actually is. Maybe I should send him a check for $59.99 and get one of his books??? HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!!

  10. lou

    7-8-9..Those 3 are rich. How could things be stacked against them?

  11. These females are MADAME MAOISTS. I know the type very well, thank you. My own dad actually won arguments inside China with Madame Mao getting plenty pissed off each time.

    These ‘women’ would cheerfully kill anyone who opposes them. They are pure evil and I wish we could shut them down. They are increasingly unpopular now.

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