World Economic Forum Is A Gang Of Deadly Maoists Who Want To Starve Millions Humans To Death


I decided to torment myself by visiting the Bilderberg gang’s nasty public operations, the World Economic Forum which runs a rarely visited twitter account because they are boring as well as insane.  Today’s top posting there is an electronic art drawing showing their staff at work: tiny brains and stupid office activities.  It is also very sexist: the ‘scientists’ are the men doing data stuff while the females hang out with flowers and such but are dressed like farmers or auto mechanics which they aren’t.  The World Economic Forum is a ridiculous organization and I visited their twitter sites to see how insane they are these days as they push the global warming scam in the teeth of cold weather:


Here is their second posting at their twitter site:  some con artists who use energy to produce FAKE MONEY in the massive bitcoin mess promise to use ‘less energy’ doing this pointless money scheme!


I clicked on the link to the company supporting the global warming scam of the World Economic Forum.  This con game is from the Philippine Islands:



Here are some of the postings at Dogecoin:



The morons running the World Economic Forum are easily conned, aren’t they?  Good grief!  HAHAHA.  This level of stupidity doesn’t surprise me at all, the people hired by the WEF are probably kids fresh out of college with zero mental skills.


It appears that all the WEF twitter is about ‘sustainability’ which is fine except it illustrates the mindless lunacy of young people today, in this case, Germany and Sweden.  Here is the example about ‘sustainability’ which involves using electronic machines to process returned plastic bottles, ELIMINATING THE HUMANS who used to hand process this while consuming no more ‘energy’ outside of some lightbulbs:



Replacing humans with robots is not ‘sustainable’ if this issue is all about using ‘energy’.  These clowns want to control all the world’s operations and impose Maoist ‘sustainable REDUCTIONS’ on everyone and in the end, force us to eat insects, for example. These morons hate cows, too and complain there are around 80 million cows or so that should be slaughtered before they can reproduce.



These nasty Maoists intend to take over ExxonMobil so they can strangle the US energy markets and make oil much more expensive just like their buddy, Biden has done.  It is now over $3 a gallon in my neighborhood yesterday.



This twitter run by these evil elites has virtually no comments nor retweets nor visitors, it seems.  So the clowns planning to seize ExxonMobile are not activists, they are insider Maoists who keep a very, very low profile.



Pakistan is where one of the earliest civilizations grew thousands of years ago.  It is now pledging to be ‘more green’ and eliminate fossil fuels as much as possible.  Those poor people will learn how pleasant this will be for them as they die of starvation.


The World Economic Forum creeps think more ocean water is fatal to fish:


The ocean is a massive carbon sink, protecting us from the worst of climate change.
But rising air temperatures are melting glaciers, while warming seas are bleaching coral.
Action like coral reef restoration is already underway – and research has found some corals to be more resistant to higher temperatures.


And there are now calls to designate Marine Protected Areas for 30% of the ocean by 2030.


This is NOT ‘bleaching’ any corals!  When the ocean rises, the corals end up deeper in the water so they cease being the homes for tiny sea creatures who create ‘corals’.  These then migrate to the new ‘sea shore’ levels and build their houses, called ‘corals’, there.  When the ocean level falls (it certainly isn’t rising anymore) the corals die due to being too dry!


Virtually no glaciers are melting now.  Antarctica has more and more ice, Iceland is buried in huge amounts of ice.  We had snow here on my little mountain at the beginning of May which is ridiculous.  It has been snowing heavily in Wyoming all this spring!  They are deep in snow now.


These insane globalists whine that a warming climate in the Arctic is evil because it encourages more new species and growth of plants!


…The Arctic Ocean is the smallest, shallowest and coldest of the world’s oceans.
…The Arctic is warming two to three times faster than any other place on Earth, meaning big changes for the Arctic Ocean.
…The warming water is having some strange effects, from pulling some species further north to the underwater expansion of kelp forests.
…It’s also allowing more light to flood in and scientists have discovered that polar night is actually crucial for ecological activity.


Oh no, more species!  Kelp forests instead of nothing at all!  MORE LIGHT!  Good grief, will wonders never cease?  These monsters want us all to be in the dark and starving.  Also, evolution doesn’t happen?  Generally speaking, the ideal life situations is warm and wet.  Creatures manage to evolve to survive in difficult situations but the more difficult the situation, the fewer life forms.  Less light=fewer life forms.


Every year, usually in September, the sea ice cover shrinks to its lowest level. The tally in 2020 was a meagre 3.74 million square kilometres, the second-smallest measurement in 42 years, and roughly half of what it was in 1980. Each year, as the climate warms, the Arctic is holding onto less and less ice.


They don’t mention the South Pole nor do they seem to understand the yin/yang earth ice cycles.  For thirty years, it builds up in one pole and then the opposite happens.  The North Pole had barely any ice in the Ice Ages, herds of huge mammals grazed there and walked from Asia to North America and back, multiplying and grazing happily while almost all of Canada especially where HUDSON BAY is, was under a literal mile thick ice sheet.


I point out frequently that monitoring the Hudson Bay is much more important than anything around Alaska!  We are nearly exactly one month away from the Summer Solstice.  Maximum sunlight is from May 20 to July 20.  Tiny bits of Hudson Bay is melting so far!



The southern end of Hudson Bay if a short hike from the Great Lakes and it is mostly still frozen!  Do these WEF morons want the ice to not melt at all???


YES!  This appears to be their goal: to make it as cold as the Little Ice Age if not colder.  Why, you ask?


TO KILL MOST HUMANS!  This is no joke, I am not exaggerating this.  This is their goal.


Some of (global warming trends) are unexpected. The warmer water is pulling some species further north, into higher latitudes. The thinner ice is carrying more people through the Arctic on cruise ships, cargo ships and research vessels. Ice and snow can almost entirely black out the water beneath it, but climate change is allowing more light to flood in.


Organisms use light as a cue to do this, so they shouldn’t logically be able to during the polar night. We now understand the polar night to be a riot of ecological activity. The normal rhythms of daily life continue in the gloom. Clams open and close cyclically, seabirds hunt in almost total darkness, ghost shrimps and sea snails gather in kelp forests to reproduce, and deep-water species such as the helmet jellyfish surface when it’s dark enough to stay safe from predators.


Even in cold and darkness, life can survive but it thrives in warmer climates.  This is true all over the place.  If there is WATER and sun, life becomes a jungle.  The problem according to the globalists is not too much sun, it is too many humans.  These monsters want a lush planet earth but only for themselves, not the masses.  Our life forms don’t matter at all.  Here is who wrote this article:


Jørgen Berge, Vice Dean for Research, Arctic and Marine Biology, University of Tromsø

Carlos Duarte, Adjunct professor, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Dorte Krause-Jensen, Professor, Marine Ecology, Aarhus University

Karen Filbee-Dexter, Research Fellow in Marine Ecology, Université Laval

Kimberly Howland, Research Scientist/Adjunct University Professor, Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR)

Philippe Archambault, Professor & Scientific Director of ArcticNet, Université Laval


Wow, it took an army of eco-nuts in our schools to write a short article.  One is in Saudi Arabia!  That is a long ways away from the Arctic, isn’t it?  The World Economic Forum that hosted this junk says this: The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum.


HAHAHA.  This gang is on YouTube and are so very popular, their videos barely bring in 1,000 viewers:



Trump used to get a million viewers for each of his tweets!  This is why he is banned.  Most of the early tweets on his postings were always SJW Democrats posting the same junk over and over again, not really responding.  They do this to all popular Republicans.  Here is the globalist conspirators and their Davos Agenda 2021:



The Aussies aren’t being fooled!  Here is a video from Sky News Australia:



More information: The ‘Great Reset’ isn’t a conspiracy theory it is the actual name used by the Bilderberg gang and they intend to execute this scam…and thus, ‘execute’ vast numbers of humans.



This is the ‘End Game’ except it appears increasingly the end of the End Gamers, aka, the ruling elites.  ‘You will own NOTHING and will be happy’ is their trick…they lie and say, they will give you housing and food…only it will be horrible housing or no housing and horrible food or no food!  The history of communism is all about starvation and the deliberate deaths of massive numbers of victims.



Yes, feed our food to insects and then eat those!  Um…this is insane but these clowns are insane.  Arrest the people who belong to this evil gang!  At least, kick them out of our country.


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12 responses to “World Economic Forum Is A Gang Of Deadly Maoists Who Want To Starve Millions Humans To Death

  1. Petruchio

    “A Gang of Deadly Maoists…” Why do we always refer to these people in anonymous terms like this? What needs to be done is to put faces to names and names to faces. Let’s find out whether these Bolsheviks (Elaine calls them Maoists–whatever) are travelling Radicals stirring the pot wherever they go or whether it is homegrown. “Know thine Enemy” is one of the first Principles of War. Let’s ID these guys.

  2. snoosebomb

    You forgot to mention ”covid 19 is a great opportunity ! ”

    & remember ‘ Build Back Better ! ‘

  3. Timothy Carroll

    @1 You’re forgetting! We must never mention (((those who must not be named)))! I prefer calling them “Members of the Small Hat Society”. So much more delicate and proper, doncha agree? 😀

  4. Since when have blacks, Chinese or white leftist students turn Jewish? Not to mention Muslims, etc. Sheesh.

  5. Zeke

    Agree in part + disagree in part.

    Why supply them with the cloak of anonymity? Gimme names.
    Yeah, I want names. Particularity.

    But ….. They have to keep it vague + nameless b/c once a name is plugged in – the delusion fails.

    The last Bolshevik died a hundred years ago. That last Maoist killed maybe fifty years ago.
    They come up with names such as “George Sorros” but he doesn’t fit any of their “ist” categories.

    Maybe with their inept communications ‘skills’ what they mean to do is analogize to those defunct movements.
    What they should say is so-and-so is LIKE this-or-that failed system in that ….. or so-and-so is SIMILAR TO such-and-such in this respect …..

    But they are NOT saying that. They say (vague unnamed party) ARE Bolsheviks or ARE Maoists.
    Stupid in extremis. IMO of course.

    “What we have here is a failure to communicate”. Accuracy in language is important.


    ELAINE: Zeke, if you read my blog once and a while, you would learn that the people screwing up everything and demanding we all die to save the earth do have a name and organization: THE BILDERBERG GANG.

  6. snoosebomb

    and what about Klaus and his cat ? ,, purrrr

  7. Zeke

    You seem shrill, angry, despondent. As yur crypto conspiracy weltanschauung shattered and collapses ya reach for snark.
    Others reach for the gusto (plant based) and optimize:
    Hoping ya can climb outta yur debris field and embrace the day.
    Carpe diem.

  8. snoosebomb

    OT ; its amazing to watch the ‘ new USA ” turn on Israel , the evil Trump supported Israel soo,,
    And are the Palestinians really so stupid as to do the same thing over again and expect a different result ? The iron dome seems to have failed with sufficient numbers of missiles , the embedded arabs are revolting [haha] and the Israelis are entirely predictable in their attacks on gaza , do they think people are so stupid as to be occupying those buildings ? [ maybe] ?
    Add together war in the holy land , looming inflation , food, fuel shortages , viruses , sounds like the old 4 horsemen don’t it ?

  9. Mewswithaview

    Maybe one of the few benefits of having President Trump in the White house is they spend all their time and energy attacking him and leaving us to get on with our business, now their attention has turned full time on us plebeians.

  10. Their plan, the plan of the ‘global warming’ garbage is to blame the ‘little people’ causing it to be too warm (thus, all the blizzards in April and May) and the cure is to eliminate modern lives by cutting off all energy systems used by the common people.

    Meanwhile, the rich will fly private jets and live in palaces. Ask the British Royals who are founding members of the Bilderberg gang. ‘I want to come back as a deadly plague’ royal is dead this year and good riddance to bad trash.

  11. lou

    10–We are seeing this unfold. lockdowns while 4 men [white or jew] make a trillion in one year.

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