Bungling Biden Reverses His Own ‘Peace Officers Memorial Day’ Proclamation After DNC Communists Freaked Out

Yesterday, the fake President, Mr. Biden, called for all flags to fly half mast in memory for the many police who were murdered in the last year due to the huge surge in crimes after DNC devils running places like NY released violent criminals from prison!  But Biden’s buddies who are communist radicals, ran into his bedroom/office and ordered him to reverse his order or else so the little chicken s…t did this!  Talk about cowardice!  Arrest Biden!  Arrest his buddies who are communists!


And I am serious.  This action is what traitors would do considering this monster opened our borders to illegal invaders and is funding this via billions of dollars to house and feed invaders.  This is the ultimate treason!  Worse than peddling his sick son to collect bribes overseas.



Our women molesting governor, Cuomo, refuses to fly the flag at half mast.  He is a half wit so I am not surprised.  I knew his dad.  Mario was smart.  He joined forces with me years ago because it was the sane thing to do.  This, while Bush Sr. was President and hated my guts!  Shows us how politics fluctuates!  The DNC has decided to go full globalist/communist and this will doom the party to failure.



My fellow upstate NY conservative is now sitting in a seat of power.  She was quite good during the impeachment trials and has been steadfast supporter of all GOP voters.  She isn’t a snake in the grass like Cheney who was like all the Cheney clan: tricky Dicky sticky.  Elise has a charming personality and smiles a lot so she can’t be mistaken for GOP old guard guys who are almost always glum.


Now back to the glum leftists who are systematically destroying the USA: their latest threat they killed off was a celebration of police officers who lost their lives, defending DNC hell hole city residents while they tried to stop the riots/looting/murders of the DNC voter base…here is the latest edict from the communists who use Biden as their puppet:



China isn’t the danger, now, slightly warmer weather is the danger!  We are all going to roast to death except in Texas which has been cold and wet for quite a while and is seeing more cold, wet storms.  Hell, Texas even had snow storms in April!  So we are too hot because there aren’t glaciers in NY…yet.  The goal is to have another Ice Age, I presume.


Our military will focus on making it much colder.  They can do this easily by moving to Siberia.  Or put all our troops in northern Alaska or our base on the South Pole or Greenland.  Yes, the troops will love being slightly cooler!  Give them enough parkas and they can be parked in those hot spots, right?  Leftists have a horrible sense of humor.



Remove Harris?  I want her arrested.



White males will be driven out of the military.  And the police.  And the few remaining cities that are not DNC hell holes.  Yes, that is a fine plan indeed for all good Maoist communists.  Arrest them all.



There are help wanted signs all over the place down south and up north.  I see them everywhere in my own community!  The DNC wants everyone on welfare, instead.  This is their voter base.  Meanwhile, in the House, Pelosi will punish anyone who dares show up with no masks after they had full vaccinations!



We know what to do: ARREST PELOSI.  She is insane.


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6 responses to “Bungling Biden Reverses His Own ‘Peace Officers Memorial Day’ Proclamation After DNC Communists Freaked Out

  1. lou

    It is nice that WPress allows EMS. I was over at SGTreport. He lists the 7 web commies that have banned him.
    This is from his site, if true this is alarming.

    I previously warned that Trudeau had a law passed as of January 1st, 2021 he can cancel the currency of Canada. Little by little, those countries who have joined Schwab’s World Economic Forum’s view that paper money must be eliminated and we must have only digital currency so everything is taxed. Now Switzerland, which has been the hedge in Europe against the euro, has without notice canceled its entire run of currency they call the 8th series which includes the 1,00SF note which has been perhaps the #1 large note used in hoarding.

    TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/

  2. Zeke

    While y’all are distracted chasing the ghosts of commies past – – the real terrorists, the fascists at the Central Banks are stealing the show.

    There’s a saying re. the military – that the generals are always preparing to fight the last (i.e. previous, just prior) war.

    Indulge yur fantasy at yer own peril.

  3. Petruchio

    ” This action is what traitors would do considering this monster opened our borders to illegal invaders and is funding this via billions of dollars to house and feed invaders. This is the ultimate treason! Worse than peddling his sick son to collect bribes overseas.” The worst part of this Open borders policy is allowing thousands upon thousands of people from Muslim countries to come live here–at Public Expense of course. Why is allowing 100’s of thousands of people from Muslim Countries so bad? Well gee whiz. Let’s see… The US of A has been bombing, invading and maiming residents of Muslim Countries in other ways for the past 20-25 years. So what do we do here in the USA? Allow them into the USA and greet them with open arms!! Now this doesn’t take a genius to figure out that at least some of these people will from Muslim Countries will have malicious intent while living here in the USA. I believe the leaders of this Open Borders policy are fully aware of how damaging allowing Muslims into this Country i. That is EXACTLY why they promote the Policy of allowing Muslims into the US of A.

  4. AT

    More clown show for your entertainment.

    I wonder if Biden will defund his DHS and FBI? Idiotic. More importantly, no more likely than the grand total of zero defunded police departments in supposed DNC run cities so far. Watch the uniparty march its two respective bases around in circles.

  5. shawntoh

    Elise Stefanik…
    …Tulsi Gabbard…

    … müssen Führung für die Zukunft bieten … JETZT!

    “….Im Oktober 2019 warnte Hillary Clinton, ohne Gabbard zu nennen, dass Russland auch bei den Wahlen 2020 wieder eine dritte Kandidatin fördern würde. Dies bezog der berichtende Sender CNN auf Gabbard und wies darauf hin, dass Clinton dasselbe 2016 über die Kandidatin Jill Stein behauptet hatte. Gabbard wies diese Behauptung zurück.[71] Bereits im Februar hatte NBC behauptet, dass Kreml-nahe Kanäle auffallend häufig und positiv über Gabbard berichten würden.[72] Matt Taibbi sieht darin Versuche in der Demokratischen Partei, missliebige Positionen als Verrat zugunsten äußerer Feinde zu denunzieren.[73]….”*

    “….Im Oktober 2020 präsentierte sie zusammen mit dem Republikaner Thomas Massie eine Resolution für den Kongress, wonach Snowden und Assange nicht weiter wegen Geheimnisverrat verfolgt, sondern als Whistleblower behandelt werden sollten[78][79]….”*



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