UFO Scares Reappear As US Government Collapses Into Chaos…Again!


Now we get the usual UFO scares!  HAHAHA.  I spent my life laughing about this.  Aside from space debris that falls into our gravitational pool, we have to really worry about this because my grandad was one of the discoverers of Meteor Crater over 100 years ago, space isn’t empty at all and anyone looking at the moon can see this clearly.  Lots of craters.


WARNING: nearly no one will read about all this news story about UFOs and NASA today due to Google deliberately hiding all alternative news systems from view, ALL of them, ALL the time now.  What a hideous organization is running search engines that can’t find anything, anymore.





All this mass of space junk is much greater nearly a decade later.  Tiny debris doesn’t show up, it is way too small to track from space or home bases.  Here is the high orbit junk from 2009:


The talk in the above video about how ‘UFOs are clustered where we have heavy military presence…’ is classic: all the monitors are on like crazy in these places so glitches and other events are ‘discovered’ in big numbers.  The more we ‘see’ the more we are confused.  Systems creating images on monitors are suddenly ‘discovered’.  My family made their living looking at the universe at observatories all over the world.


Not once did any of us see ‘UFOs’.  What is ignored is, satellites constantly degrade in orbit and eventually fall to earth.  LOTS OF SPACE JUNK created by humans floats above us and these fall into lower orbits over time.  When I was a child, nearly nothing remained in orbit AT ALL.  I vividly remember when the Soviet Union launched their first Sputnik.


My dad had us look at it as it passed over Arizona.  ‘We are going to get lots of money now for the space programs,’ he said as he prepared to go to DC to meet with his old buddy, President Eisenhower.




Playing it conservatively, International Space Station flight controllers conducted a pre-determined avoidance maneuver (PDAM) today to steer the station well clear of a fragment of a spent Minotaur rocket body launched in 2013. Having tracked the object throughout the weekend and today, U.S. and Russian flight controllers executed a 5 minute, 22 second firing of the ISS Progress 58 thrusters at 2:58 p.m. CDT to slightly raise the station’s orbit and distance it from the fragment that was projected to pass within three statute miles of the complex later in the day.


We now have many nations shoving all sorts of junk into orbit today!  Now we have private people doing this, too.  The level of space junk is rising rapidly!  I used to give UFO lectures many years ago.  I would tell the audience, ‘Want to see a space alien?’  They would clap.  I would then hold up a MIRROR.  HAHAHA.  ‘We are the space aliens,’ I would say with a huge smile.


All this began with Operation Paperclip and the German rocket scientists.  When my dad went into the cave in Eastern Germany, he told the rocket experts there ‘You have two choices: come with me to America or go to Russia with Uncle Stalin!’  More than half of them chose to go with my father.  The US gave them new names and ID and imported their families to mainly Texas, California and even Arizona, I grew up playing with some of their children in my neighborhood.


We now have a gazillion ‘Sputniks’ in orbit now.  Being shocked and marveling at these ‘UFO’ events is hilarious.  They are not from ‘aliens’ they are HUMAN things.  And of course, Russia and China continue to launch creative spy devices, too!  All of these are SMALL so they won’t show up easily…DUH.


And guess who else is doing this?  The USA!  But I bet Biden is pissed it is Trump supporters in the military industrial complex doing this and he is getting rid of them.  I expect UFOs to end up tracking down and destroying Democrats in the not distant future.


Speaking of aliens and traitors:





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17 responses to “UFO Scares Reappear As US Government Collapses Into Chaos…Again!

  1. Petruchio

    Tucker Carlson says “America remains the most Powerful Nation in the World.” HaHa! That is debatable. We are The World’s Biggest Debtor Nation. The USA is not #1 in terms of Living Standards. We have a shrinking Middle Class–and an exploding number of Billionaires. We ARE #1 in terms of creating Billionaires. Child mortality? We are #28. Education levels? The US is way down the list there. The USA IS #1 in terms of Trade Deficits. Is the US a Manufacturing Power? LOL!! Fox is the Controlled Opposition. Fox’s job is to give a voice to a viewpoint and opinions that run counter to what the rest of the MSM reports.

  2. Zeke

    Billionaires have been made multiBillionaires. Millionaires made multimillionaires. Stock market prices and real estate prices have gone stratospheric. Irrespective of values of underlying assets.
    Meanwhile, the so called FedRsvBnk worsens wealth gap, worsens income gap, worsens homelessness and worsens shelterlessness crises. Massive number of evictions held in abeyance temporarily.
    Central Banking Cartel and its principal, the FrdRsvBank is the source of the rot.
    Straddling both FdrRsvBnk and USTreasury, Empress of Fraud and Debt and Destroyer of Civilization, the Succubus Yellen proclaimed “no more economic downturn in our lifetimes”
    BECAUSE the FdrRsvBank will just rush in with more counterfeit money to cover up and bail out the TooBigToFail no prosecution/no indictment criminal institutions.
    (Unless she knows something we don’t about our lifespans.).

  3. AT

    Wish we could have Ike back.

  4. lou

    Ike, who killed so many Germans, after the war was over.

  5. Zeke

    I think of the affable, avuncular “I like Ike” as the West’s version of ‘the Sleeping Buddha’.
    The real power was exercised behind the scenes by the Dulles Bros., John Foster at State and Allen at CIA.
    And business was nasty and dirty, real dirty. Too much to detail or even broach here.

  6. snoosebomb

    why be afraid of ufo s ? interested , yes.

    RE the examples given , there was a IF camera shot of the back of a jet , a weather balloon , a splash down , some other stuff ? . But mostly they promote that jet engine shot which makes the whole suspect.

  7. Peter

    According to the book I read a while back, you can not see UFOs in the high space , because they do not come from outer space, but from inside the earth. There have been many sightings where the UFOs disappear in oceans. The UFOs are silent have no engines, work on gravitational power, etc,.

  8. nclaughlin

    But whose side is ET on? The U.S. or Russia?

  9. snoosebomb

    why have a closed mind on the subject ? if they exist then we have some idea what they look like and how they behave . if they don’t exist, we no nothing, which is just the baseline.

  10. I grew up literally in and around observatories. When still a child, I insisted on sleeping in observatories to avoid my many siblings. I hung out with astronomers and at one point, Carl Sagan babysat me for my dad at Yerkes Observatory when he was a student there way back in the 1950’s.

    We all NEVER saw any UFOs. We did see all sorts of new celestial things. Most ‘UFOs’ are actually the result of light striking windows of jets and then reflecting back onto dust/etc. in the stratosphere, for example.

    This is where all those ‘UFOs’ flying alongside jets, for example.

  11. Jim R

    That’s a good point, Elaine. You can look down from a plane sometimes and see a rainbow in the clouds below. And it appears to jump from cloud to cloud, suddenly appearing in a new place — when in fact, nothing is happening. Your shifting point of view is what makes the rainbow ‘move’.

    A lot of the video I have seen was taken in the infrared by a military plane. And I’m pretty sure there is an explanation not involving ‘little green men’. Infrared cameras are complicated gadgets, and there are a lot of opportunities for them to create unusual optical effects.

    Just don’t believe everything you see in your FLIR display, …

  12. snoosebomb

    yes that now popular infrared image that was debunked as the rear of another jet has a voice over now. all has the look of a disinfo agenda

  13. The UFO movement is so pathetic. I have joked about it all my life. Sometimes, I feel I must be an alien…ARRRG…I slipped my mask again! Silly humans, pay no attention to this…ARRRG….

  14. Jim R

    Several years ago, can’t remember exactly when, one of these UFO hunters posted a long detailed ‘analysis’ on his web page. Apparently he got hold of some weather satellite data, and started poring over the Earth in excruciating detail. And he found these huge triangular black objects, moving at extremely high speeds across the Pacific Ocean. Here’s this one picture, and he points out the triangles, and then here’s another frame taken a half hour later, and the triangles have moved thousands of miles!

    What he was looking at were the little bits of ocean that the satellites missed — their sensors record a narrow swath as they go around in their orbits, and there are multiple satellites going in various directions. And the areas they miss tend to be triangular. Finally, the program that composes these images simply fills in the ‘no data’ areas with black pixels. They could have had the program fill in the triangles with similar-color pixels from the surrounding areas, but chose not to do that.

    And this dufus had a web page, tracking these triangles as they ‘moved’. Of course, everything is moving in this system, the satellites, the earth rotating, and so on, so the triangles ‘fly over’ different places in every snapshot.

    It’s always amusing when people put their ignorance on display like that. The moon-hoaxers have constructed the most elaborate alternate universe, with its own peculiar rules of cameras, optics, sensor technology, orbital mechanics, geometry, etc etc etc.

  15. Most ‘UFOs’ are data points on various radar/satellite etc. systems. You are correct that these can fool people.

    I remember my grandpa, Edison Pettit. He worked with Dr. Hubble, his neighbor. Both had private as well as access to public telescopes. I once lived in grandpa’s observatory when I was a child!

    Anyways, years earlier, both men struggled to track the ever-changing ‘canals’ and ‘rivers’ on Mars! It turned out to be simply bad optics once the better observatories on Kitt Peak (my other childhood playground) got a better view of things.

  16. lou

    We all NEVER saw any UFOs.
    And we never saw any of your watchers [aka spooks].

  17. You should thank the gods, you don’t get visits from the Watchers.

    I tried to tell them to go away and it didn’t work. They lurked nearby like vultures gliding overhead. It was rather annoying, so I told them to roost in the trees nearby again.

    Sheesh. HAHAHA.

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