All The Wheels Falling Off Of All Systems As Infinity Looms

VP Harris has gone silent for 61 days since Beijing Biden put her in charge of our borders!


We are ruled by utterly insane, evil people who are determined to destroy this nation.  Letting invaders come and do as they please and giving them homes and food and money is destroying our country.  At the same time, we have record homeless people in DNC run hell hole cities which get worse by the hour as crazy authorities cut police protection of citizens and our properties.  Inflation now rages as Biden and his irresponsible buddies demand more debt leading to more inflation.  This is obvious.  The bitcoin scam which consumes vast amounts of energy to run ridiculous computers that are running rapidly to infinity, continues even as various systems supporting civilization collapse.  This is going to end in a terrible crash, of course.


During the coronavirus event, idle young people boosted the dying bitcoin scam and as governments created inflation, the bitcoin lunatics consumed more and more energy producing fake money that is merely a math riddle that is designed to become more and more complex the more you apply energy to computers mindlessly running this monstrous scam.  I keep warning fools that playing with the Goddess of INFINITY is highly dangerous.


This Infinity Goddess has another name: DEATH.  To review ancient stories about all this: King Midas was granted a wish.  Warning: ALL wishes backfire on mere humans!  He wanted infinite gold.  So he was given the ability to touch anything and it turns to gold.


For a day, he had fun, turning everything he touched to gold when his daughter ran up to him and he touched her, killing her and she, too, was ‘gold’.  Various governments (now China, for example) are forbidding the use of huge computer banks to solve the infinity riddle called ‘bitcoins’.  Eventually, all governments will be forced to kill all bitcoin ‘miners’ and thus, stop this insane fad for good.


We all know the fix for inflation: stop lending money to infinity!  All infinity systems fail the same way.  It takes more and more of whatever while it produces less and less.  This is simple.  And this is very hard for mere humans to do when they think that churning out more money or having more computers create more fake bitcoins, can go to infinity.  It dies when it shoots upwards to infinity.


When I was hit by lightning in 1955, I got to see Infinity.  It is what exists around the visible universe.  The universe is expanding into infinity only it isn’t anymore, it is falling towards black holes which are aptly named.  There, I got everyone thinking I am insane talking this way but alas, I am not insane at all.


On to insane stories: in all countries and cities run by insane liberals, there is zero civil rights as the police and the State are used to shut everything down with everyone locked up at home while ANTIFA gangs and Muslims against Israel are allowed to literally run riot in quite a few SJW run hell hole cities like NYC that saw Muslims attacking Jews openly in the middle of the day and the police stood down.  Here is Canada’s liberal dictator letting Muslims riot while punishing Christians who simply stood far apart from each other, in public:



Leftists can riot, burn flags, scream and yell and attack people and no cops.  Peaceful protest against China Virus rules leads to expensive tickets and prison time.  Zero arrests of rioters, no bother with staying apart just like in the US, near zero convictions of rioters from the entire year of endless riots.


Basically, when under ‘liberal’ (sic) rule, being outside and far apart is grounds for arrest but if one is a ‘minority’ they can riot, loot and even kill and nothing happens, the police stand down on orders of liberal (sic) leaders who ‘love humanity’ and want to save us except if we are in the way of leftist/communist rioters.  Then, we are punished for self-defence.


Several thousand rioters showed up and began destroying properties and looting, etc.  Now on to Afghanistan again, Biden is pulling out but as per usual, is doing it in a clumsy way:


Yes, an American flag was unceremoniously dumped into the trash.  Meanwhile, in the old USA, citizens are battling the leftist surge in destroying all systems like the Maoists they really are:



‘Critical race theory’ is insane and extremely racist.  Blacks are being encouraged to SEGREGATE themselves and are told, if they do this, they will gain power over white people.  The old DNC was segregationist when I was a child and I am just amazed to see them return to their old roots while proclaiming, they are not like the segregationists of the past…note that the mayor of Chicago, when she said she would no longer talk to white people, has been savaged by sane people but not insane liberals.


Teachers of all ages of young people are proud to announce, they will not call on white male students anymore in class, they will seat them in the back, they will punish them more than black male students, etc.  This, in turn, is driving white males to fight back increasingly strongly.  Andy Ngo as always, is the cutting edge of exposing DNC plots to restore segregation:



So, a black female pretended to be a white racist male and spewed evil words…when caught, she wasn’t punished AT ALL.  She tried to start race hysteria, the school was shut down in fear only to learn…AS ALWAYS…blacks did whatever ‘racist’ action that agitated everyone else.  This happens over and over again because no black pulling criminal stunts like this, are punished.  They all get petted as if they are deranged little children instead of thinking adults or near adults.



The victim of this Muslim who wants to kill us, nearly died.  The criminal isn’t even in jail at all, he was released and he said he will basically do this again if he pleases!  Arrest the mayor of NYC, arrest the judge who released this monster.  Arrest the true conspirators unleashing these violent monsters so they can attack us again and again!  Good gods, do not vote for any Democrats, ever. And here, again, is why:




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10 responses to “All The Wheels Falling Off Of All Systems As Infinity Looms

  1. Petruchio

    As for Any Ngo’s posting about the graffiti about Blacks in White Bear Lake MN. It was discovered that a Black female wrote the offensive graffiti. HaHaHahaha!! You can see the jewish influence here. It has been found out over and over again that all these attacks on jewish Synagogues and cemeteries turn out to have been committed by….jewish people!!! What a sleazy, cynical move. Absolutely despicable. But more and more people are catching on to this tactic.

  2. Petruchio

    As for this hatred directed against white males. Of course there is going to be a backlash. Of course white males are going to fight back!! When you create a System that is so biased against a group, of course you are going to see that group fight back. Of course this HATE has its roots in the concepts of “Multiculturalism” and “Diversity”. The people promoting these concepts are/were Hatemongers. Creating as much rage internally as possible is the EXACT goal these hate filled concepts of Multiculturalism and Diversity promote. And its Promoters have been fully aware of this result the entire time. And finally, people venting all this HATE need to understand and know History. Whites have shown themselves to be as violent and as cruel as AN ethnic group. Ever. And once this backlash by White males reaches a Critical Mass point, it’s going to take a long time to cool off.

  3. lou

    Elaine, just for a laugh [or a groan]. How about no traffic tix for darkies?

    Recently, the Seattle Police Monitor conducted its tenth systemic assessment to evaluate SPD’s progress in the areas of stops, searches and seizures. Though the monitor found SPD in initial compliance with the creation of a bias-free policing policy, it also found that “an individual’s race alone helps to predict the likelihood of being stopped and frisked by an SPD Officer”.

    Additionally, a recent Seattle Times report also found that people of color are issued jaywalking tickets at a higher rate than their white counterparts. How do you intend to elicit trust from Seattle’s’ communities of color?

    The question I ask myself is how can I hear from community members about what is or is not working in some nontraditional ways, especially from disenfranchised communities. It is common to hold forums and meetings, but those methods are not the answer for folks who may feel truly disenfranchised.


    Click to access OIG-Diaz-Letter-Minor-Offenses-0518212831.pdf

  4. lou

    Racial fairness or unfairness [read, whites will pay for roads etc].

    In a recent letter to Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz, the city’s inspector general stated that Seattle police should “strongly consider” eliminating traffic stops for minor, civil, and non-dangerous violations.

    According to reports, Seattle Inspector General Lisa Judge stated that such stops should be “discontinued for the safety of both officers and the public and for racial fairness.”

  5. KHS71

    Lou, better yet, why not change the 1040 tax form that allows you to check an identity box. If you are white, you pay and extra tax but if you check black, hispanic, gay, trans, or others you pay no tax or get a big refund. Once the Rats get the Supreme Court with the “correct” judges, this will pass constitutionality. They can get a rebate on their road taxes and property taxes plus other “unfair” taxes.

  6. Ken

    Lou @ 4,

    Michigan has a form of exempting an ethnic group from traffic tickets. Michigan’s upper peninsula has a large Native American population. If the state police give one of them a traffic ticket all that the driver has to do is take it to a “tribal court” and get it thrown out.

    As a result, the traffic laws do not apply to native Americans. Which sounds like a great benefit for their community. But it has had the unintended side effect that they are killing themselves in large numbers.

  7. That is how NYC was run until Giuliani took over.

  8. lou

    Biden to get lawyers for wetbacks? 3-6 minutes in,

  9. You don’t need to look to bitcoin for infinite money-printing. The Fed is doing a fine job of that. It even has a new pseudo-academic name, “Modern Monetary Theory.”

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