Hunter/Daddy Dine With Rich Oligarchs For Bribes…NO NEWS! Ice Cream Cone: BIG NEWS!


Mainstream media is hysterically trying to hide real news so they covered a goofy story about Biden going into the public to buy an ice cream cone…for himself!  And only himself.  They cooed and petted him for this great deed.  But just two years earlier, when Trump bought an ice cream cone with two scoops, he bought these same reporters one each, too.  Only they got ONE scoop!  So they savaged him like deranged rabid dogs.  They howled with unbridled rage.  What a world they live in!


These people are literally insane.  I want them all locked in a hospital where they can do no harm.  They are a danger to our country.


Liberals live in a classic communist society: their news is totally fake, the past is constantly revised like with temperature data reported by our communist government shows it getting constantly warmer and warmer and thus, we have to stop driving cars and heating/cooling our homes lest we roast to death.


This is a fine example because it is so insane.  They change all the graphs all the time to keep fake warming as the result of all this tracking data.  Guess what?

It is SNOWING just north of me in NY and Maine!  Snow, less than 40 miles away!!!  It is cold and won’t warm up today, either.  It has been snowing all spring all over the western states including snow in Arizona just yesterday.  This is all so insane.  Not one peep from the President and his corrupt staff about this amazing cold.

A storm offshore eastern Canada is drawing very cold air from the still-85% frozen Hudson Bay bringing very unusual cold weather all the way down to nearly all of NY.


Not one peep from global warmists from Biden on down.  Nothing.  It is not normal to have snow in NY at the end of May.


Nevada’s illegitimate rules who got into office via ballot box stuffing this last election are scared they will now lose power so they want perpetual ballot box stuffing to continue forever:


The Nevada state legislature is looking to permanently codify emergency voting procedures implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as ballot harvesting, while also eyeing the addition of straight-ticket voting to state law.


This has been a very cold winter/spring in Vegas so they want to have us ruled by lunatics who claim, we are roasting to death. Vegas is doomed if the DNC pushes global warming rules because no one will be able to afford to go to that stupid place to lose money!


There will be no extra money!  Or rather, money will  have no more value.


On Wednesday, the Democrat-controlled Nevada General Assembly passed Assembly Bill 321, a measure that legally codifies ballot harvesting and expanded mail-in voting measures initially implemented as the COVID-19 pandemic coincided with the 2020 election cycle.


This is called ‘doubling down’.  We have proof that the ballot box stuffing last fall created at least 20% more votes for the DNC so they could take over all systems.


Additionally, the state Senate is considering Senate Bill 292, which would implement straight-ticket voting in the state. This means voters could check a single box at the top of the ticket to vote for all the candidates of a particular party.


It was too tiresome to fill out the forms illegally so they just want to check one box and voila!  It is done in a split second!  So much easier.


Louder With Crowder was eliminated by Google who owns You Tube after he exposed voter frauds in Nevada.  He simply took a pile of addresses of ‘voters’ and traced where their residents lived and found that around 20% of the ‘voters’ put down non-existent addresses!  These videos are a must-see:



Not one TV reporter called Crowder to carry this amazing story.  It was detective work by Crowder’s people and even the GOP didn’t bother with this story back then, we were all told, the election is over and no one has to examine it because…because!


This was utterly insane, totally illegal and Crowder exposed obvious cheating by the DNC which refuses to flush out all the fake voters all of whom vote DNC.



Now the tech lords are desperately trying to erase Crowder and are sending a very loud message to everyone: expose DNC crimes and we will destroy you.


Now on to a stupid story about a smart toddler which irritates me greatly:


Kashe, who is nearing the age of 3, has made several academic strides that many toddlers her age have yet to reach.


According to Fox 11, Kashe can count to 100, identify all 50 U.S. states by shape and select elements on the periodic table.


This story is very annoying.  First off: ALL my siblings and I were very advanced at a very young age.  I could do amazing things and remember amazing stuff since earliest childhood.  Worse, I could outwit adults at a young age.  Worse still, I became a target which was attacked repeatedly at a very young age.


Even the Gods began to attack me!  Thank goodness for the Pegasus mosaic at Yerkes Observatory showed me some mercy in that nightmare world I lived in as a pre-schooler!


Her communication abilities are also advanced with 50 sign language signs memorized so far in addition to learning English and Spanish and how to read.


I got my first college scholarship age 16 and was already studying Hebrew, German and Russian so I could spy on my mom and dad better.  Yes, that was my entire motivation: to spy on people and to dig into foreign political affairs!


By age 17, I won a scholarship to go to Germany where I applied my skills to go after Operation Paperclip and find out what happened between the Nazis and my dad during WWII.  I was nearly totally successful in this effort only to be thwarted at the last minute by the East Germans telling the West Germans to arrest me.


I knew many, many very bright even genius people growing up via my mom and dad.  Young and old…Carl Sagan was my babysitter, for example, many years ago!  All us kids had too much brain power and we got into immense levels of troubles due to this and it was an utter nightmare, too.


I escaped genius hell via getting sick with the Hong Kong Flu while giving a victim mouth to mouth resuscitation which is no longer practiced because of what happened to me at the clinic.  Here is an interesting comment to the above story about the ‘genius’ child which was a FAKE STORY cooked up by the parents and the defunct so-called ‘IQ tests’:


11 hours ago

Ok, so I did more digging than I probably should have for this article. Mensa only accepts certified scores from approved intelligence tests – Weschler, Stanford-Binet and Cattell OR their own in-house intelligence test.


I always thought there was only these sorts of ‘tests’ and even these are rather stupid tests that mainly test LEARNING ALREADY and not ‘brain power’ itself.


Since the article specifies an “IQ of 146”, that leaves out the Mensa test, as it doesn’t measure IQ. It also can’t be Weschler, as it’s impossible for a 2 year old to receive that score. Its impossible for a 2 year old to even be *given* that test. That leaves Cattell or Stanford-Binet. I doubt any psychologist administered the Culture Fair intelligence Test to a toddler, because it wouldn’t make sense – there’s no scale for anyone under 4. It is the most “woke” of the IQ tests, as there’s no language on it, to avoid “cultural bias”.


The genius who as a child, beat world chess champions was…Bobby Fischer and he broke all records, he beat everyone with little effort, he freaked out everyone, everywhere and ended up being put in prison, fleeing for his life to chess-loving Iceland and died!


If it is indeed Stanford-Binet: using S-B’s mental/chronological age equation, her being 2 years old, (the article says she’s “almost 3”, so let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and round up) and receiving a score of 146 would put her “mental age” at the equivalent to a 4 and a half year old child. That doesn’t sound very impressive anymore, does it? That’s no different than a 17 year old having the mental capacity of a 25 year old – but it results in the same score of 146.


In short, this is a publicity stunt cooked up by her mother who sells a homemade curriculum for a living and Mensa, who has been fooIing slightly above-average people into thinking they’re special (at $79 a month for membership) for 80 years.


So the ‘story’ was actually the mother peddling her cute little girl so she could make some money.  YUCK.  This infuriates me.  I used to give lectures on ‘how to not harm your very bright/talented child.’  Look at Michael Jackson!  Look at any child genius/actor/singer/Olympian and see a bleak landscape of destruction and self-annihilation.



What is worse is, the newspaper clowns did zero research.  They took the fake IQ story which was cooked up by the mother and the gang who runs this fake IQ business to make it look like this cute little girl is the biggest, earliest genius, ever.  This is stupid.  And destructive.


Poor Bobby Fischer!  He stepped into the public eye as a very young genius lad, poked the Soviet Union in the eye, then he POKED THE US ELITES in the snout!!!  I thought back then, it was very funny, very brave and then saw him fall to pieces as the demons in the media and government and the entire Bilderberg gang went out to destroy him and wipe him out.


He couldn’t deal with it.  No surprise!  He figured out what the Bilderberg gang really was and could see their black magic junk, etc.  He was horrified and ended up in prison due to desperation to make money while being thwarted at this by them.


He was rescued by the wonderful, ‘we take care of our own’ Icelandic peoples and I am so happy he found some peace and security with them all.  Good grief, this still pisses me off, how he was treated.


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13 responses to “Hunter/Daddy Dine With Rich Oligarchs For Bribes…NO NEWS! Ice Cream Cone: BIG NEWS!

  1. Moe

    One of Crowder’s classics, Kung-Fu Fighting.

    This appeared insensitive at the time, wonder if Crowder suspected a sham or inter-governmental psy-op??

  2. Moe

    @2 snoosebomb

    The narrator misused the term for the drug injection, calling it a vaccine. They are not vaccines but experimental, largely untested drugs. Her error is understandable and can be overlooked but it can’t when utilized by the informed.

    The other night on the radio I heard two ‘experts’ citing various facts (i.e., lies) about Covid-19 and in the space of two minutes they used the term vaccine ten times. This is purposefully misleading and as Elaine is wont to state they should be arrested.

  3. KHS71

    Remember Ted Kaczynski has a reported IQ of 167 and where is he now? In prison for life for killing three people. For all his supposed brilliance he did very little good. Street smarts and IQ are not functions of each other. I’ll trust street smarts over IQ almost every day.

  4. Don’t forget that too smart leads to inability to socialize.

  5. The virus vaccine is not a ‘medicine’ it is a vaccine. This is why you get very mildly ill when getting the vaccinations.

  6. Jim R

    There is much silliness about … “there is no virus”, “this is not a pipe”, and similar nonsense.

    But, a couple things:
    1. All of these vaccines are being administered under an EUA. They are not tested, and there are very good reasons why it takes two years or more to test a vaccine.
    2. Thank you for participating in the phase 3 trial, Elaine. The fact that you survived will be duly noted in the database. As I recall, we discussed the possibility of you participating in an early trial last spring.

    All the current crop of vaccines do the same thing (there are some lesser-known candidates, also unapproved, which are minor exceptions), and the thing that they do is encode the ‘spike’ protein. And that protein is apparently the viral toxin that causes all the symptoms. (It is worth noting that all of the disease-causing viruses make toxic proteins, mostly to temporarily disrupt their hosts’ immune systems. Viruses that don’t do this are quickly eliminated and do not cause disease.)

    So, draw your own conclusions, and calculate your own risk factors. Some of us old farts may benefit from this thing, but it should not be forced on children. We do not vaccinate children against Dengue, in countries where Dengue is not prevalent. In fact, not even in countries that have Dengue unless there is a large outbreak.

    As far as I’m concerned, the ever-escalating tyranny of the powers-that-be in trying to FORCE it on everyone is a huge red flag.

  7. Jim R

    This video will be deleted in 5, 4, 3, …

  8. Moe

    My single biggest surprise regarding the spam-demic was the corruption of the medical community. It wasn’t limited to WHO, Fauci et al but evident at many levels including as far down as the hospital level.

    Second to corrupt medical practitioners were those that were misinformed. For example, our personal physician recommended the jab believing it was in our best interest. If he had been reading Elaine’s site he may have been inspired to seek further information (ignoring Elaine herself of course). 🙂

  9. I love how many people are quite content with millions of people dying of a terrible disease just so they can fancy themselves as being very clever. Offering people a continuing epidemic that kills people as a ‘SOLUTION’ is INSANE.

    NOTHING ON EARTH IS PERFECT. But condemning millions to death due to something malfunctioning on a few dozen is INSANE.

  10. Moe

    @11 EMS

    I think I’m informed, not clever and you’re delusional.

    Your reference to “many people” follows immediately after my comment so it can readily be interpreted to be directed at me. If so why would you project that I am “…content with millions of people dying of a terrible disease…”? Real;y? Stop being so pious and give your head a shake.

  11. We can have vaccinations or we can enjoy millions more dying of a disease. I find this an obvious thing to think about. Do you want death or life?

    Of course, anti-vaccination people will say, they want more isolation and other crummy things which are now killing people via collapse of all systems!

    Vaccinations, on the other hand, seldom hurt and save billions of people.

  12. We can’t isolate forever! This concept, that we can stop a disease by not doing anything anymore, is DEADLY. It has a huge, gigantic downside namely the collapse of civilization and the starvation of a billion people. This is why we have the vaccinations, to keep us healthy and restart systems before total failure destroys everything.

    I find it utterly puzzling that people can’t figure out the obvious.

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