No Exit: US Overrun By Illegal Aliens/Cop Shortage In DNC Cities/Covid Revolt Continues

NO illegal aliens are being DEPORTED and at the same time, people are pouring over the border with the ‘government’ in DNC run states refusing to stop the flow.  I knew Geraldo when I was very young.  In Tucson, we were near the border and the crimes.  Geraldo says, ‘They are absorbed…’ and this happens in our CITIES which are seeing high crime rates right now and which are mostly run by Democrats who let armies invade and then take over our cities and joining other invaders who are black to cause crimes which are now soaring higher and higher, rapidly as the USA is run by thieves in DC who steal elections and even snarl, they intend to steal all elections, forever, via ‘open polls’ alongside ‘open borders.’



Mayorkas is our Homeland Security Secretary and he is as delusional as they come, he reminds me today of this chap:


This invasion is deliberate.  The Bilderberg gang is worried at the low birthrate of women who are liberated so they need more cheap labor to keep down labor costs and thus, the need to import very cheap labor.  Importing crimes is byproduct for the Democrats: criminals destroying cities ups the voter base for Democrats!  Everyone else flees.  This way, Detroit was stripped of most industries and businesses while the criminals proliferated and the city collapsed but has voted DNC nonstop throughout the destruction process.


NYC proves this: periodically, NYC votes into office the Republicans who fix everything.  Then they vote for Democrats who then destroy the city further and have longer reigns because the destruction of the fixes takes some time and effort but they manage to do this, every time.



Like NYC years ago, we were told during the 1977 riots that saw huge swaths of the city looted and burned, we were told we were on our own now and so, while standing on the smoldering ruins, I swore I would start running the policing of NYC which led to me making at least 100 arrests over time.  I did this all over the place, on subways, in stores, on streets, on rooftops, everywhere because criminals were all over the place and crime rates soared.  Today, crime is again out of control but only in DNC run cities.


Unlike 50 years ago, the Democrats, freaking out over my activities, passed many laws that prevent citizens from doing what I did: run down and tackle people, force them to surrender, use various weapons and tools to force people to surrender, doing literal battles…all are now illegal and cops can’t even use much force anymore, either.


Thus the crime explosion.  Along with this comes the filth: the higher the crime rates, the more filth and the entire place smells like a sewer.  So, the state that is still prosecuting the kid Kyle who shot four rioters who attacked him and tried to kill him, wants the rest of us to patrol their stupid city and state?  This ‘patrol’ should first arrest…THE POLITICIANS!  HAHAHA.  I engineered that in NYC and they all left me alone so I could go after other criminals!


While I was going after regular criminals, the Democrat leaders were so miffed, they wanted me to be scared off by a detective who threatened my life.  HAHAHA.  Just pissed me off more, not scared at all.  Well, here we are, repeating history, who will stand up to these monsters aside from Kyle or the smiling school boy in DC, and tell the thugs to stop or they are under arrest?


Well, I would love to arrest them, the politicians, that is.  Starting with NYC Schumer who is snarling today that he wants the entire nation to have voting registration with ZERO ID and open to all illegal aliens and double voters, etc.  He want no security systems for voting so he can cheat, easier.


The revolt against the coronavirus rules continues: With the governor out of the state, Idaho’s lieutenant governor issued an executive order Thursday banning mask mandates in schools and public buildings, saying the face-covering directives threatened people’s freedom.


So, the governor, Brad Little, left for a GOP Governor’s meeting to plan for the next election when the female Lt. Governor took over and did what he refused to do: open the schools with no masks!  Lt. Gov. McGeachin is ‘far right’ according to the AP leftist news agency writer.  HAHAHA.  Absolutely nothing is stopping people from wearing face masks.  There is a lot of anger about being forced to wear these when vaccinated, for example!


600,000 have had their shots and another 200,000 had the disease so it is nearly 50% of the population is now free of the virus.  Time to reopen while continuing the vaccinations.  So, the latest news from six minutes ago:

So the imposition of this crazy stuff continues.  Right now, we are at the point that people have access to vaccinations and many don’t want it for various reasons, mostly irrational.  In the case of children, they do NOT need it AT ALL so they should be exempt.  Just have the adults get the shots.  Or they can roll the dice with the disease.  This is  OK with me!  But forcing people at this point is stupid, one way or the other extreme.  Let us choose, ourselves.


And here is good news for all of us:


If YouDon’tTube blocks any political candidates or officials, they will be fined a quarter million dollars!  Wow!  Way to go!  Step by step, this war against 50% of the USA by Democrats will be backfiring especially since the middle voters who are not radical communists are slowly slipping away from the DNC now, we are seeing many changes coming along.   The dream of all good leftists of rigged elections, for example, is fading fast now.


The leftists imagine they will control all systems forever when they pushed Biden into the White House illegally.  Well, this is now all blowing up in their faces and it is no surprise to me.  The liberals thought their communist buddies wouldn’t do anything too radical…and then the communists did anything they wanted for a few weeks and now Biden is crawling away from them, too.



Democrats run Loudaun  County, Virginia and many DC entities live there and the communists are now purging all staff, teachers, etc. who won’t follow ideology of the left.



A teacher is punished in the same dumb Loudoun county with his mike cut off when he protested the new SJW laws being imposed on schools which are now Maoist training facilities.


Now on to another goofy story: students in a college who are supposed to be adults, are little cry babies.  They are being asked to produce a play by a French philosopher/leftist commie who I knew about many years ago and hated: Jean Paul Satre.   I remember him from way back in 1968 when I went to France and he was addressing us students about Revolutions whereby we could be Maoist lunatics.  To hell with him:

According to a letter from students to the school’s theater department, the play “No Exit” by Jean-Paul Satre “holds problematic themes.”


HAHAHA.  I will  now officially die laughing.  In my youth, silly students loved his stupid play.  Now, they hate it.  Why?  It is…triggering!  It shows gays as messed up people with problems!  It is racist, it is…FRENCH!!! Merci!


“When choosing a play for the upcoming season, there seemed to be a blind spot: gender and sexuality were not considered,” wrote the students. “We understand that this is a piece that is meant to challenge us as a department, but this play is not challenging if it doesn’t allow us to feel safe. We as students do not shy away from challenging pieces, but we will be critiquing the department if they create an unsafe space for us to create art.”


This statement is illogical.  ‘The play…not challenging…if…doesn’t allow…feel safe?  So, only things that makes students ‘feel safe’ are to be allowed?  Wow.  I hope they have baby buggies and diapers for these children in a so-called-college!


The students first alleged that the play “puts WWU in a bad light, especially after all the diversity training, we’ve been doing.” They note that “students, audiences, and faculty will feel betrayed by this production and the gender stereotypes that it perpetuates.”


So, after all the ideological training this year, they come up against a play written by a French communist lunatic who I thought was stupid way back in 1968, he is not radical enough for their new ideological smartness?  HAHAHA.


The students also condemn the play because it was “written from the perspective of a cis-male writer” and offers depictions of sexual harassment that “may reignite feelings of trauma within audience member and students that are watching.”


They are now traumatized by seeing someone who doesn’t pet them for being deviants?  HAHAHA.


Even more so, students believe that the play could be “traumatizing” to people who have experienced quarantine due to COVID-19.


These feeble children belong in a hospital.  Or an insane asylum.  Or work at McDonald’s for a month to learn more about suffering and reality.


“Producing a play where the characters are trapped in isolation will be something that is mentally taxing for the community to watch,” continued the letter. “Especially if we are still in quarantine at that time.”


The play is about a bunch of French Left Bank characters suddenly discovering they are in Hell now which is code for ‘Living on the Left Bank’.  Everyone there is always crazy.



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16 responses to “No Exit: US Overrun By Illegal Aliens/Cop Shortage In DNC Cities/Covid Revolt Continues

  1. lou

    The Bilderberg gang is worried at the low birthrate of women who are liberated..As much as we agree on many things, I disagree on that statement.

    The theme is depopulation.
    Workers? AI, computers and futurism are here.

    the bible was right,

    breitbart > Alejandro Mayorkas: U.S. Taking ‘a Very Close Look’ at Vaccine Passports for International Travel,

    Pushes ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ in Distributing Vax

    Mayorkas: Vaccine passports for international travel under …
    Search domain foxnews.com
    Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Friday the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is “taking a very close look” at vaccine passports for international travel.

  2. AT

    This is all akin to fiddling while Rome burns.

  3. Jim R

    There was never a fire they didn’t want to pour gasoline on:

    US Embassies Worldwide Are Flying BLM Flags This Week
    by Tyler Durden
    Friday, May 28, 2021 – 08:40 PM
    Just ahead of the May 25 one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death, a State Department memo was sent to all diplomatic staff worldwide saying that it “supports the use of the term ‘Black Lives Matter’ in messaging content”. It further encouraged speeches and commemorative events related to diplomatic engagements on the anniversary “and beyond”. Subsequently on Tuesday BLM flags were photographed flying at various US diplomatic compounds across the globe, stretching from east Asia to Greece to Spain and Latin America.

  4. Jim R

    Kamala hops a jet:

    We don’t yet know what jet, or anything, but they’ll have this video handy. Never know when they might want to publish another lie.

  5. Pete

    Another Disney Blockbuster coming…not
    Evil coming on strong

    This trailer says it all…
    Being Evil is more Fun!

    Politics is downwind from Culture?

  6. snoosebomb

    @4 that stuff is just weird , & there was that biden cgi thing.

    google biden oval office pics , then compare with trump

  7. Zeke

    Mitch McWaffles re. Jan. 6 insurrection riot when Capitol bldg. was overrun by illegal invaders hunting for him and Pence and others.
    Mitch hiked up his hoop skirt and scurried away to a safe room where he cowered awaiting rescue while Trump laughed, watching on TV from the White House. enjoying the spectacle.

    What a way to run a country.

  8. Jim R


    Watch for a video clip with the reflection of a scissor lift on wet pavement, as president Kamala boards… something.

  9. Zeke

    Beyond gullibility – it’s more like you’re eager to be bamboozled.

    That weird photo and video is explained at multiple sites on Internet. Example:
    It’s from a 2017 green screen backdrop scene for movie “Designated Survivor”.
    Person is not Kamala Harris.

    Of course to the conspiracy enthusiast – your conjured up falsehoods feel so much better.

    And we’re supposed to believe you on hydroxychloroquine, virology, ordinary tourist day on Jan. 6, “stolen election”, etc.

    SMH – where would you be without Zeke to set you straight. SMH.
    You sooo WANT to BELIEVE some sinister conspiracy that you’ve uncovered.

    “And you want to be my latex salesman?” Jerry Seinfeld to George Costanza.

  10. Jim R

    Here’s zeke, stepping out for some Starbuck’s …

    Not sure if he’s the one on the right, or the one on the gurney…

  11. Both. Very tricky to do be he did it.

  12. Zeke

    Very nasty, very slimy.

    As Elaine says ‘what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.’

    Ergo ….. may be someone near and dear to JimR or EMS.

  13. Jim R

    Now that you’ve mentioned it, I see that tweet from 2017. I canceled Netflix long ago, and have not seen that show.

    But I still like my version better, though.

    Computer graphics have gotten so good just in the last 5 years, they don’t even need green screens any more. How do you know the news media are lying? If they’re still on the air, that is what they are doing. Pretty simple, really.

  14. The problem with fooling people is…reality bites back. And right now, liberals who were fooled by communists, are now seeing clearly that they will end up starving to death if they continue to cooperate with outright communists who hate humans and openly lust to kill most of us ‘to stop global warming.’

  15. Zeke

    Even Trump cultists are starting to awaken, shake off the cobwebs, are embarrassed, and realize they’ve been bamboozled by tricky Trumpster.
    Those taken before magistrates for their role in the Capitol invasion are mortified, crying, and begging for forgiveness, saying what fools they were.

  16. The communists are punishing demonstrators who don’t love the communists. So of course, they are crying!


    Too bad you are too stupid, Zeke, to figure out this obvious thing here.

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