Crazy Portland Com. Hardesty, Crazy Black Radical Wants No Cops…Except When She Argues With Lyft Driver!


Portland, Oregon is filled with lunatics now.  It is a rapidly dying city which is terrorized by drug addicts, murderers, rapists and violent far left political gang protected by the government and all are allowed to run riot, literally, nonstop.  One of the politicians in the city council, Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty is in charge of security and this woman is totally insane and quite violent and extremely racist and hates white males nonstop.  This week, she got in a fight with an elderly white male Lyft driver and she attacked a business who put ‘thin blue line’ icons on their vehicles.  She hates police but calls them for trivial reasons to do her dirty work!


She was outraged at support for the police!  BLM supporters like this fascist female demand we plaster their banner all over kingdom come and then blow up in rage when anyone posts an ‘All Lives Matter’ anywhere else.  This lunacy clearly shows the black leadership is disintegrating.


Support for black power politicians is collapsing with white voters.  Sympathy for blacks fighting cops is turning into a desire to have cops kill blacks resisting arrest.  This is INEVITABLE.  A society can’t exist with 13% of the population running riot all the time and no one dares arrest them!  It just cannot happen.  Period.


Tracking inevitable events is how we ‘see into the future’ and in this case, the future is obvious: blacks will become extremely unpopular and people will begin cheering when blacks are put in prison, etc.  Relentlessly, people are realizing that they are targets of black criminals who roam freely in DNC run hell hole communities.


City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty — who also oversees Portland’s emergency dispatch system — has repeatedly campaigned to cut police budgets and shift money elsewhere, arguing that the force is inundated with unnecessary calls that don’t involve crimes, according to The Oregonian.


This black female is one of the most obnoxious examples of black entitlement.  All rules and laws are for everyone else, not herself.  Black or white, all DNC leaders, politicians, etc. believe they are above their own rules and laws they impose on the rest of us.


She again called for an $18 million cut last Thursday — four days after she dialed 911 over a ride-share driver who was following Lyft’s coronavirus safety guidelines to keep a window open, the paper said.


So, this bitch did this demand about misusing 911 AFTER she abused the 911 system to demand cops arrest a taxi driver she abused after he told her, rules are, he MUST keep a window open due to the coronavirus rules!


“I’m not getting out of the car, in the dark, at a filling station, not happening — all because I asked him to put the window up. I’m not leaving,” she told the dispatcher, the calls show.


“He says I’ve got to get out of his car, or he would call the police, so I decided to call for him,” she continued.


He told her, he had to call the police to evict her because…she was breaking the law and refusing to get out of his car or follow the covid rules!  The stupid part of this story is, she wasn’t arrested.  I would have demanded she be arrested.  Heck, I will say it here and now: ARREST  COMMISSIONER HARDESTY!


The chancellor and provost of Rutgers University apologized Thursday for issuing a statement that denounced the recent surge in anti-Semitic attacks because he said it “failed to communicate support for our Palestinian community members.”


We are now at a tipping point: the Muslim ‘minority’ now outnumbers the Jewish ‘minority’ and are rapidly sucking away Jewish powers.  The majority of Jews like Asians, voted happily for Democrats until very, very recently.  Will this continue mindlessly?


The initial statement from Chancellor Christopher Molloy and Provost Francine Conway Wednesday said they were “saddened by and greatly concerned about the sharp rise in hostile sentiments and anti-Semitic violence in the United States.”


The older generation saw nothing wrong with virtue signaling only this is now backfiring on them.  To fix this mistake, the Rutgers University officials in NJ issued a standard apology of all SJW lunatics, everywhere:


The Thursday statement, titled “An Apology,”included the message that “our diversity must be supported by equity, inclusion, antiracism, and the condemnation of all forms of bigotry and hatred, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.


They carefully covered all the key words mindlessly spit out by all good SJW lunatics, everywhere.  This is what ANTIFA and BLM spits out every day, everywhere.  Bigotry and hatred are being spread by these very same SJW lunatics.  But they think it is OK to be racist and violent and hate people…if they are white males!  Not to mention, each other’s ethnic groups.


The Palestinians want to kill all the Jews, for example.  Many black radicals on campuses want to kill all whites, too.  Far from eliminating ‘racism’ these radicals want a bloody civil war which they hope to win by eliminating all other people!  Not exactly a benign goal, is it?


Dr. Fauci forced to admit there are a number of human/mouse genetic experiments in China this last several years.  All sorts of scary things are happening in that secret laboratory.  The Chinese government refuses to let any outsiders inside to examine what is really going on in the secret labs. This is ridiculous.  Biden has been forced to reopen the investigation of the Chinese lab where the coronavirus was cooked up.  Will we learn the truth?


Fauci says the Chinese don’t lie to HIM!  HAHAHA.  What a fool. Fire Fauci.


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25 responses to “Crazy Portland Com. Hardesty, Crazy Black Radical Wants No Cops…Except When She Argues With Lyft Driver!

  1. lou

    stoopid leftists. stoopid blacks.

  2. snoosebomb

    I Faught Fauci was your Friend , them great vaccines an all that ?

  3. AT

    Yet no police department has actually been “de-funded” in any substantial way, not even in DNC controlled cities. It’s all political theater, a clown show marching their respective base around in circle. Both parties.

  4. You should read the real news. Here in NY de Blasio pulled 100 million dollars from the cops and closed down many systems, defunding these just two years ago causing crime to shoot upwards, literally.

  5. Jim R

    Austin cut its police staffing levels by about 1/3. This means that some areas will no longer be patrolled, and the remaining officers are going to be getting a LOT of overtime pay.

    At one point, the Governor was talking about activating the Texas Rangers, but I don’t think anything came of that…

    And recently, the voters of Austin passed ‘Prop B’, which says people are no longer permitted to camp under bridges and overpasses. There was a largish tent city of homeless folks living that way — and of course, the police will be tasked with evicting the tent-dwellers when the time comes (they are giving them 2 or 3 months to move voluntarily).

  6. AT

    Staffing cuts are not budget cuts. The majority of departments have been deliberately understaffing themselves for the last two decades, mostly to mass overtime pools. They essentially traded their partners for overtime, partially to game the retirement system using massed overtime for the last two years with a “high two” for retiring officers pension computation (such that many officers retire with a pension that is actually higher than their regular 40hr salary, and sometimes double), but mostly because overtime has been paying police mortgages for over two decades now. I’m not saying they don’t deserve a decent paycheck, but you’re drinking their kool-aid if you’re talking about staffing.

  7. Jim R

    Probably true here as well. We won’t find out until the end of the year — they get tons of overtime when there’s a festival in town like SXSW or ACL. This weekend Austin is opening their new ‘Futbol’ stadium, and I saw a blurb on the news about a curling team. Yeah, Texas needs more ice sports. Maybe getting ready for Elaine’s ice age…

    Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if they spend more on police this year.

  8. Jim R

    About that new soccer stadium — the Texas rules are no rules at all. No masks required, and an ‘honor’ system about who’s been vaccinated. So go ahead and sneeze on each other. I’m not sure how many the stadium holds, and too lazy to look it up. 30, 50, 100 thousand fans?

    We shall see how that works out, in about a month…

  9. This is why everyone MUST get vaccinated! I am happy to see people here who ‘read’ my news are figuring out what I have been yelling about for the last year.

  10. snoosebomb

    ” everyone MUST get vaccinated! ”

    this is pure ignorance

  11. Zeke

    Mass shootings, killings, woundings, violence,
    chaos, and carnage in RNC controlled state.

  12. 50% are now vaccinated in the USA. The germ pool is shrinking finally. Thank god.

    And thank you, all the people who developed this vaccination!

  13. lou

    I read [at Chris Martinson, PhDs you tube page, at that site he was banned for awhile] a comment,
    ‘My sister took the vaccine and is now dying from an aneurism.’

  14. snoosebomb

    ”The germ pool is shrinking finally”

    we are heading into the summer flu hiatus , Australia is heading into winter and the lockdowns are starting up again ,

  15. The vaccine is working, finally, we reached 50% vaccinated in the USA. The death rate is finally dropping rapidly.

  16. Jim R

    #13 lou,

    Yeah, I saw his video a year ago. Dr. Martenson knows enough molecular biology to explain it, this was a virus that was tinkered with in the lab. It was made of pieces and parts of things, and did not suddenly emerge from a bat. It’s not that bats don’t have plenty of organically-grown viruses in them, but this was not such a virus — the explanation will not fit on a bumper sticker, however.

    And it was not, repeat NOT a weapon of war. At best, it was a dud. It would be good to know exactly what the researchers were thinking, but they must have shredded/burned all notes about this particular bug. It was apparently part of a study they were doing on infection mechanisms. All the damage was done by politicians, and none by the virus. If you follow the work of virologists over the last ten or fifteen years, you’ll see that many scientific studies employed lab-modified viruses.

    Here is this week’s video:

    Thanks for pointing out that he is back on youtube.

  17. All true, the HONG KONG FLU killed mainly young people like my age back then. Killing the elderly and fat and weak makes countries stronger, not weaker.

  18. lou

    Unless the old are smart and leaders. USA has lots of young. mostly non white. USA grows weaker.

  19. Jim R

    …the HONG KONG FLU killed mainly young people like

  20. Jim R

    oops, didn’t mean to post that yet. Hit the send key by fat finger.
    …the HONG KONG FLU killed mainly young people like

    This statement reminded me that molecular biologists have godlike powers now. For all the conspiracy theorists out there, if they really wanted to wreak havoc, the Hong Kong Flu, along with the Spanish Flu, Ebola, HIV, many different strains of Herpes, Varicella, Vaccinia, and anything you can think of, are all in their genetic code databases. Many of these databases are publicly available.

    My point is that, if some evil virologist wanted to wreak havoc, they could do a LOT more damage than this dangerous little pet that escaped from their zoo in 2019. The technology now exists in maybe a half dozen labs all over the planet, to simply download the code for Smallpox, print out its DNA as a biomolecule, and then brew up a bunch of it in lab animals.

    In fact, this advanced technology is how they were able to roll out the vaccine so quickly. Labs in the USA, Europe, and in Russia quickly put together the code for Cov19 spikes along with a few other items, and made up these molecules that go in the vaccines.

    It’s not that I want to have this crappy little respiratory disease, but any sufficiently well-equipped villain can now do much, much worse.

  21. The release of this disease was ACCIDENTAL. The Chinese certainly didn’t want it at HOME. Not at all!

    Germ warfare always backfires in horrible ways. By the way, the bubonic plague, for example, made the elites in Europe much stronger, it hardly killed any of them.

    But the sex diseases brought back by Columbus and his crew: that savaged the EU elites and rendered many of them unable to have children.

  22. Jim R

    If some ‘Dr. Evil’ type wanted to cause chaos, the flu would be a much more obvious choice. It comes in a variety of flavors, all those H#N# designations are different strains. And it can evolve so very rapidly, much faster than the Corona family of viruses. It can swap H- and N- components with flu from chickens and ducks and pigs and other critters — Cov19 has some variants and mutations, but has evolved far more slowly than the flu.

  23. snoosebomb

    ”The release of this disease was ACCIDENTAL. The Chinese certainly didn’t want it at HOME. Not at all! ”

    another elephant , how did China only have 5000 deaths and it the country of origin ?

    and don’t say it was the measures [ fake videos ] they took , the same failed everywhere else

    DR/mill says 900k dead in china , was rampant in fall 2019 , Gates / WEF knew it was going on.

  24. The Chinese government LIES about nearly everything even more than Biden. So we take their info about how many die and add a few zeros to the number. It was over a million dead.

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