Cackling Witch Kamala Harris Laughs About Memorial Day While Solider Widows Weep

The corrupt psychopath VP Harris issues her cheerful ‘enjoy the weekend’ comment online and so outraged citizens posted answers to her goofy gab and the fine young mother in the above screen shot is one of many who are ‘celebrating’ this day to remember our millions of war dead.  Harris should be forced to see this picture on billboards, inside the White House, on her front lawn.  These cold blooded liberals hate cops, hate soldiers and hate patriots.  At the same time, they need heartless cops, soldiers and globalists to keep us in line so we can be exploited by them.  Arrest Harris.  Charge: treason in time of war.


This young soldier is standing next to a wall of dead comrades.  Having in office a pair of anti-patriots who mock the American flag and fly the BLM and LGBTetc. flags instead is leading to a civil war.  The disgust and rage of US patriotic soldiers is rising rapidly.  Instead of accepting the coup, they are increasingly aware the two coup leaders, Biden and Harris, are going to grind their heels in patriot faces while cackling all the time as we saw Harris do over and over again when addressing military people at events.


Here is the crazy VP joking about ‘wind energy’ when talking about a female Marine:



So, we will win wars via farting in the general direction, now?  The new military at work:



Now on to Facebook who loves to fart in everyone’s directions, Facebook is heavily censoring everyone all the time and has set up systems to POLITICALLY censor all debates all the time, rendering that odious platform to utter uselessness.  They also extend this to discussions about medicine or our border security, etc.  Everything the Bilderberg gang wants to not be discussed in public will now be censored automatically.



The very brave whistleblower was exposed and fired by Farcebook (the more appropriate name for this wretched website).  Farcebook is a mere webpage.  Its value lies in its users and they are exploited by Farcebook to make money, selling data to businesses and politicians.  Now, it is a prison camp with armed guards snarling at everyone if they dare post the wrong information or data or news.



The Farcebook policies concerning vaccination information is ‘open policy’ that is ‘published’ but it can’t be seen!  Interesting view about what ‘open’ is: this is classic COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY.  Censorship is free speech with these leftists.  These dictators want to control our election systems so they can stay in power while tormenting and even starving to death/killing millions of citizens.  ALL communist regimes do this!  All of them. All the time.  History is crystal clear about this.



Will Google/YouCan’tTube wipe off the above video where Alex Jones, the ‘No Man’ being censored by the Bilderberg gang, will this remain on the platform online?  Alex has alternative systems now so it can be seen at


Canada is run by fake liberals who torture people like Professor Jordan Peterson who has been physically attacked by ANTIFA lunatics:


Young leftists are insane.  They are also extremely dangerous.  They are convinced, they can be criminals and nothing will happen thanks to Bilderberg gang governments allowing them to riot, abuse, loot, even kill citizens who oppose the Bilderberg gang goals and methods.  Right now, this is all collapsing as internal contradictions pile up.


For example, just a tiny bit, liberal ‘females’ are figuring out they will be ruthlessly eliminated from all sporting awards, chess awards, intelligence test awards, all sorts of things because men are superior to women in both strength and intelligence competitions.  Already, scared liberal females are squealing like stuck pigs.  This will not save them at all.


This has been set in cement by Biden and Harris: men pretending to be women can now invade all ‘women only’ systems and take over and I am OK with this.  Women have grown very arrogant lately, imaging they are stronger and smarter than men.  This is lunacy.  And as they see all doors slam shut in their silly faces, they will be forced to admit, men are better even, of being ‘women’ than women, too.



Now on to Canada where democracy has died.  They never had real democracy there. They were ‘safe’ mainly due to very long, cold winters and few immigrants from warm places moving in and turning cities into uninhabitable wastelands.  But the lack of a Bill of Rights is showing up now that there is a full scale dictatorship.


Speaking of dictators on the left: Oregon is collapsing internally.  A huge number of counties just voted to leave the state and join Idaho.  This is another crisis and I hope they have the guts to cut all ties with the raging communist mobs running Portland.



Meanwhile, Chicago continues to impose racist rules and ignores Civil Rights Act rules and regulations as blacks push for racist all-black power rules that discriminates against everyone else:


Arrest Lightfoot.  Kick her to the curb.


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10 responses to “Cackling Witch Kamala Harris Laughs About Memorial Day While Solider Widows Weep

  1. lou

    This is for Elaine, who never was for Bitcoin.
    Now Bitcoin -vaporware- is better than government bonds. Yikes.

    Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio has tipped Bitcoin to be a better asset than government bonds.

  2. lou

    Covid. Did death rates spike in 2020? Not in USA.

  3. lou

    off topic, no surprise t anyone who knows rotts,

    Similar happened in LA, a few years ago. 2 rotts killed the owners grandchild.
    The dog, who presumably had no experience around babies, heard the baby crying and jumped and attacked it while it was in grandparents arms,

  4. Jim R

    Some breeds are more trustworthy than others. A spaniel or a border collie would be likely to recognize the baby as a family member. But any breed can learn bad habits if its owners have bad habits — the owners of those rotts clearly were not paying much attention to the grandchild. Dare I ask their race?

    As for the Harris administration’s policies regarding the military:
    When the real shooting war starts, the Russians will win immediately with a mean tweet and a few incorrect pronouns.

    That’s just how it is…

  5. Jim R

    #1 lou,

    Dalio likes it because of the crazy volatility. He’s a trader. Higher highs, lower lows. He’ll probably do OK with it.

    I’m tired of looking at it by now. It will probably go up again, some time, but it can do literally anything — you certainly can’t predict by looking at a chart.

    I’m also tired of talking about it. Anyone who doesn’t know what it is by now should just stay clear. And anyone who does know, knows it is gambling.

  6. Timothy Carroll

    Heels up Harris is like so many blacks; particularly black women: angry, sullen, stupid, and psychotic. She and her black brethren loathe white, European men and women because they realize that their race is an utter and complete failure intellectually, spiritually, and morally. Africans never evolved from the hunter-gatherer stage and are locked into self-made prisons where they can’t or won’t admit their failures and are locked into a perpetual plantation where they continue to demand the scraps the dems throw at them. Think about it. The mere fact that we must continue the mantra of “black lives matter”, constantly repeated or else it will cease to exist. How many times have you heard people repeat: “Sunlight is warm!” or, “Gold is a shiny metal which has value.” or, “Weeds need to be pulled from a garden.” ? If black lives really mattered, we wouldn’t have to have it painted on roads, buildings, everywhere as a reminder. In our upside down world, we have to tolerate, even pamper these creatures so that they don’t BLM (burn, loot, murder). The Chinese, when they take over this country, and they WILL, will have little patience for these pathetic, stupid crybabies who have outlived their usefulness as substandard farm equipment.

  7. lou

    4–race, in my area, probably White. It was Alta Dena, if I recall.

  8. lou

    Some breeds are more trustworthy than other..Actually each breed is inbred, for a purpose and all go back to wolves.
    herd dogs are not protection dogs. Elaine knows much about dogs and pit bulls.

  9. lou


  10. If any fools are ‘buying’ ELECTRONIC MONEY they will have a very unhappy time if the electrical systems collapse.


    And I have lived in electronic collapse back in 1977 in NYC. This also happens with major storms, not to mention earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and of course, social/political collapse, riots and…WARS.

    Electronic money is the least secure on earth, period. Sheesh. Anyone can figure this out.

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