VP Harris: 68 Days, No Border Visits! Wuhan Lab Techs Collecting Bats In Cave Did This BARE HANDED, Spreading Germs


We have this lunatic female in charge of border security and this VP female is utterly incompetent and has refused to have a press conference about her border security mess and she has now gone over 69 days with no response to voters about her stupid plans, either.  When asked about this, each time she cackles with the wickedest laughter, she is like the Joker in the movies.  All systems are now collapsing because the DNC gang is running absolutely everything except at state level governments whereas states run by Republicans are continuing to function still while DNC states are collapsing into further chaos, crimes, murders, bankruptcy, etc.  This is all so insane!  It is also infuriating in that most major media supports this collapse and hates the GOP for functioning rationally and safely!


Here is Harris over a month ago, claiming she plans to visit Central American countries to talk to leaders there about…get this…GLOBAL WARMING.  It has been 48 degrees on my mountain day and night for three days and nights now!  Good gods, it is cold.  It is also cold all over the place with Saudi Arabia having winter type storms flooding the country, China is having ice and rain flooding even Wuhan, home base of the coronavirus labs.  Harris is insane.


She won’t go to Texas but she will go to Honduras.  I wish she would just go away but better still be arrested.



Arresting ANTIFA is useless because the DA, a Democrat who is a communist cadre, will release them with no bail and drop the charges.  This is true in absolutely every DNC run hell hole city.  If anyone else fights back or defends themselves when attacked by ANTIFA thugs, THEY are charged with crimes and punished!  This is insane and more: it is TREASON.  Arrest all ANTIFA loving DAs and put them all in prison, too.


ANTIFA is moving outwards from their DNC hell hole bases to attack the surrounding suburbs now.  This is happening more and more and it shows everyone, we cannot escape the destruction of these obviously treasonous people, we have to fight them and since they want a real battle, this means killing them while fighting them.  I know from experience that these leftists will kill and they kill cops, too.  They killed a cop who was at my front gate many years ago and said they would kill me, too.


Now on to the communists in China who refuse to cooperate with investigating their secret Wuhan bio labs that most likely produced this particular epidemic:


The alternative China news service is reporting that yes, the staff at that lab went to the caves where the bats live and BARE HANDED, plucked them out and took them back to the lab.  This is important to see, it is ON FILM and this is where the disease came from: lab technicians handling diseased bats bare handed!




Scientists at the Chinese lab eyed as a possible source of the coronavirus pandemic were previously filmed getting bitten and spattered with blood while handling bats without protection, according to reports.


The state-run TV footage showed researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) disregarding gloves, masks and other PPE while handling bats and collecting feces in the field, Taiwan News first noted.


Here is a screenshot from the Taiwan news showing the bats being mishandled:


The communist Chinese decided that censoring everyone and disappearing all witnesses and staff involved in this story would fix things:



Alex Jones warned about all this years ago and his reward was to be banned by all Bilderberg run media giants and online asses who hate America and want to conceal real news. But he is back!  On YouDon’tTube, too!  Amazing.



AND…the tech giants are now suing Florida where the governor passed a bill forbidding Big Tech Bilderberg Bastards from censoring patriotic citizens!  They are arguing, they are private entities and can censor anyone who is to the right of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Army:



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28 responses to “VP Harris: 68 Days, No Border Visits! Wuhan Lab Techs Collecting Bats In Cave Did This BARE HANDED, Spreading Germs

  1. lou

    lab technicians handling diseased bats bare handed! Is anyone surprised by this?

  2. Richard

    Gypsies in the Palace. It is not China Joe, but Gypsy Joe, and
    his merry band of Babylonians in all the key government
    Biden appointed positions. Bolsheviks by a different name.
    The goyim are fair game.

  3. Zeke

    Didn’t Alex Jones claim, or maybe he still claims that jet engine vapor trails from air travel are spreading – something bad – nefariously – among the population?

    Also – horribly maligned parents of school children killed in school shooting massacres. Claiming they were “crisis actors” and events were staged.

    He’s a mixed bag and mostly a nutbag which detracts from his credibility. His few good scoops are eclipsed by so much of his BS.

  4. Jim R

    Except it wasn’t the bare-handed collectors, it was from the petri dishes and test tubes. Perhaps a careless slip-up.

  5. lou



    Do you think the shots are safe?

  6. Zeke

    One (1) lab worker whose PPE was not secured correctly or failed could have left work not knowing that he/she was infected and not yet ill but still contagious – could have spread the disease to multiples of people in stores, on the street, on public transit, in social circle. That multiple could manifold multiply over the roughly two week ‘incubation’ period exponentially. Without any outward manifestation of what the disease vector of their individual lungs were carrying.
    Seems plausible.

    My question, if it can be answered, is what was the purpose of the lab work?
    Was it pubic health, medicinal or was it research in violation of existing treaties prohibiting germ warfare?

  7. lou

    7–purpose..to create supergerms to depopulate USA.
    Zeke, care to share any personal data? age, place you live, education?

    meanwhile, systemic-racism/


  8. Petruchio

    Anybody here ever ask why these ANTIFA morons are allowed to commit crimes with no consequences? U to now it has been pretty much a description of WHAT ANTIFA is doing not the WHY they are doing it. Just destruction? If these ANTIFA types REALLY wanted to see this Country change, they would be targeting places like Raytheon and Haliburton, not Police forces in Big Cities. They would be protesting against Congress. They would be bringing a REAL Occupy Wall Street back to life. None of this is happening. And to add insult to injury, the foot Soldiers in movements like ANTIFA and BLM are being played like a fiddle. “Played, Slayed and Fileted” is the expression that fits.

  9. snoosebomb

    ”’Now the flood gates have opened and countless scientists feel free to speak at last. They have been suppressed by the Fauci Propaganda living in fear that they would lose their licenses if they dare tell the truth. Now scientists are openly saying that COVID-19 ‘has NO credible natural ancestor‘ and WAS created by Chinese scientists who then tried to cover their tracks with ‘retro-engineering‘ to make it seem like it naturally arose from bats. But both Fauci and the World Health Organization have been coconspirators. Will the Democrats honestly investigate Fauci? My bet is they will NEVER admit his involvement in anything unless they can tie it to Trump.”

  10. Jim R

    what was the purpose of the lab work?

    @Zeke, that is a question worthy of some inquiry. It always elicits a chorus of “bioweapon!” from the peanut gallery, and when it is pointed out that this “weapon” kills only a tiny fraction of a percent, or causes serious disease in a small minority, they extend the argument to “psychological weapon” or the like. That line of argument does not make sense to me.

    If you actually read the published science papers of the last ten years or so, quite a lot of them are (in hindsight) terrifying tales of laboratory additions/deletions/rearrangements of the genetic code of one virus or another. And, yes, even a deletion can amount to “gain of function” if it enables a virus to replicate faster. Occasionally these viral chimeras escape the lab, but when they encounter either humans or animals with functioning immune systems, they quickly disappear (usually).

    Viruses in the wild are subject to the most brutal Darwinian selection of any life form, the viral world is entirely ‘replicate or die’. And they evolve rapidly, a cohort of one viral species can make noticeable changes in a single patient in 48 or 72 hours. A prime example is the Sabin vaccine evolving back into wild polio. Another example would be HIV developing resistance to an antiviral drug such as AZT. Such evolution is quite reliable and predictable, despite the random nature of the process. If a ‘positive’ mutation has a one-in-a-trillion chance, a virus can make a trillion offspring, it’s like buying all the lottery tickets. (in parallel, we have evolved immune systems with similar awesome capabilities — our evolution is slow but our immune systems are remarkably agile and ‘smart’).

    The answer to your question, I believe, is scientific inquiry. It is asking “what does this thing do?” when looking at the viral genome. Before 2020, there was a group at Wuhan whose stated objective was to study infection mechanisms in these viruses. One important inquiry was to find out why bats can be infected with several different kinds of virus, but without getting sick.

    An astonishing amount of our knowledge of cell biology is the result of studies involving bacteria and viruses. — You’ve heard of the ‘PCR’ test, of course — in the case of Corona viruses, it’s RT-PCR. It is a useful tool around the molecular biology lab, in addition to being (mis)used to diagnose Cov19. In fact, the ‘RT’ part of that procedure is reverse transcriptase, which is an enzyme from a class of viruses. The PCR is from extremophile bacteria which were found living in geothermal hot springs.

    And of course, there is penicillin, which comes from blue bread mold. Followed by a host of -mycins and -sporins, and so forth and so on. Modern medicine is based on the study of cell biology and microbes.

    And there is justification in studying infection mechanisms in bats, in other mammals, and in primates.

  11. lou

    11..you know about AZT? so you know the real Fauci. Obama and company paid for the wuhan woowoo.

  12. Jim R

    Maybe Obama should demand his money back, it was a sh¡tty defective product.

  13. lou

    14–HIS? money. our money. green jobs. shovel ready jobs.

  14. Jim R

    yeah yeah, OK. Shovel ready jobs for Chinese citizens in China. That last bit is most galling.

  15. Mewswithaview

    Harris more likely visited the Tomb of the Unknown Voter, representing her primary constituents.

  16. lou

    17–O M G…

    16–Did Big Mikes college friend get 100 million to make a website –that didnt work?

  17. Zeke

    ΩΩΩ ELAINE’S EDIT:ΩΩΩL It’s amazing that even on a solemn day of remembrance – Zeke’s shitty character won’t allow any of us to have respectful adult discussions – ΩΩΩ END OF EDITΩΩΩ

  18. Zeke, you are not to attack people here PERSONALLY in a foul, obscene way. You are a foul, obscene person but this doesn’t give you permission to put this on full display.

  19. shawntoh


    How so? Na und? There is no “there” there in your “….So there….”. Please get your own blog and deal with the trolls as Elaine has to….

    I appreciate and want to thank Elaine here when I went over boundaries and she protected herself, readers, etc…. and me, when she’s had to go through and edit and sometimes delete out material that I unwisely posted.

    Zeke, dude, where’s your content? Elaine wants higher standards and rightly so for readers/posters who can somewhat discern “Robert’s Rules of Order”* and act accordingly with decorum. She’s being reasonable here, IMHO.


    *SOURCE: http://www.rulesonline.com/rror-07.htm

  20. Zeke, I once dated the Master before he joined the Dr. Who crew.

  21. Looking at this, he has aged as much as me! Oh my. Sigh. He was cute back in 1966.

  22. Moe

    Aging: from ravishing to ravaged.

    Dr. Who was so camp and so bad.

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