Salton Sea Quakes Warning San Andreas Event Is Near, DNC Howls With Rage At Trump’s Resurrection


The entire West Coast all the way up to Canada is having earthquakes except for the frozen part of the San Andreas Fault which remains dangerously locked.  The San Andreas is overdue for a major quake and California waits for the inevitable and since all systems are now run by Democrats, expect chaos.  Also, there is an army of fearful, enraged Democrats screaming ‘Do not look at these elections!  Elections are now perfect!’  hysterically screaming there is nothing to see here and why examine perfect elections!  But Trump gave a speech last night all about election cheating.  How dare he do this, scream the DNC globalists.


The Salton Sea area which is near the southern border is shaking like jello yet again in the last 24 hours:


The Salton Sea (I used to swim there as a child half a century ago) is very low like all of the Central Valley of California.  It is a warning sign that each earthquake here is causing the land to drop down inch by inch.  The Salton Sea didn’t exist when my grandparents were young.  It happened by ‘accident’.  It was due to overflows of dams set up to capture water for agriculture.  It is also a sign that the beginning of the collapse of this part of California as the tectonic plate movements cause the Gulf of California to split off this entire length of California from the mainland and eventually the place will look like Mexico.



There is a volcano here!  It is very low profile which isn’t surprising since this area is slowly becoming the Gulf of California:


Temporary irrigation lakes form all along this widening rift.  When I was a child, I would run around in La Jolla which is in Mexico and it is extremely flat there.  I didn’t know there was a volcano there!  Right now, it is a campsite for people who live in their camper trailers.  Once the rift in California finally drops so far down it joins the Gulf of California, this will be inevitable, it is only a matter of when not if.



Meanwhile: mainstream media is constantly hysterical about Trump who, last night, gave his first rally speech on behalf of the GOP candidate for Governor.


Trump spoke in North Carolina last night, go to the 7:50 mark to see Trump’s speech:


Here is the propaganda arm of the DNC snarling about this: Keeping Up Election Lie, Trump Returns To Political Arena— NPR reports.


National Public Radio used to be useful but now is run by SJW lunatics who are very, very biased and instead of coldly reporting real news even if it is annoying news, they now rage  hysterically all the time which is why I turn off my radio when NPR news comes on.  The behavior of these radical communists is extremely irritating.


Here is one NPR communist railing against our President, Trump, for giving a speech.  One can see the naked fury of the communist left at this defiance of their naked attempts at eliminating him…WHILE ENDLESSLY TALKING ABOUT HIM!!!  HAHAHA. They can’t figure out how stupid they are.


A day after being suspended from Facebook for a total of two years, former President Donald Trump returned to the political arena Saturday night, furthering election lies and returning to a cynical and dark view of America.


This is naked propaganda.  So, disputing an election which had obvious cheating going on and which was flooded with fake votes that, when examined, shows obvious cheating, an election where most GOP voters voted in person while over 75% of the DNC ballots were ‘mailed’ in!  This was the WORST election system, ever and this is very infuriating.


Why?  Because the DNC gang won and knows the only way they can win is via cheating!  They are pushing very hard to allow anyone to vote without registering or showing any ID.


“The 2020 presidential election, that election, the 2020 presidential election, was by far the most corrupt election in the history of our country,” Trump baselessly claimed in a speech before the North Carolina Republican Party, continuing his false grievance about an election he lost.


NPR thinks, if only we all stick our heads into the holes, we will all be OK and there is no need to examine this very unusual election to see if rampant cheating happened.  They are desperate to have no serious investigations of this obvious cheating mess they created.  They love this cheating in this election and hope to do this forever.


He said Democrats “used COVID” and “used mail-in ballots to steal an election.” He called it a “third-world election, like we’ve never seen before.” He derided it as the “crime of the century” and claimed that the “country is being destroyed, perhaps by people who have no right to destroy it.”


And Trump is 100% right.


And then, as he continued to try and undermine the democratic process with lies about an election that his former top cybersecurity official called the “most secure” in history, he did what he often does with a vulnerability — he tried to flip and embrace it.


This is beyond ridiculous.  If this was the most secure election, ever, then probing into it should show everyone that nothing went wrong, there was no cheating, etc.  Why are so many people including the spook who called this election ‘secure’ which is insane, it was anything but ‘secure’…why are they yelling at us to not look into this election?


They should be happy it is being carefully examined!  Good lord, this is so very childish of these crazy, infantile leftists.


Biden is terrified because he knows they cheated in Virginia.  Meanwhile, the Black Lives Don’t Matter gang continues to implode due mainly criminal activities with the latest creep being a child molester:



This is ridiculous but then, the entire DNC is consumed with pushing child sex, sex changes, racism of every possible manifestation, women’s rights except when this interferes with the other ‘rights’ groups, etc.  Asians march against Asians being attacked but then vote for the DNC which allows…blacks to attack Asians, nonstop!


Eventually, even Asians who are pretty smart, will figure out the obvious and realize their ‘allies’ hate them and want to kill and loot them!  This is suicidal.  Maybe they might figure this out.


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29 responses to “Salton Sea Quakes Warning San Andreas Event Is Near, DNC Howls With Rage At Trump’s Resurrection

  1. Petruchio

    I love the way the Media will headline their stories about or related to Trump by saying things like, “Trump still pushing the Lie about a rigged Election”. The title tells you the “facts” as the Media Owners see it. No attempt at all to even look objective. Our Media Masters are going to decide for us peon readers or Viewers what is true or not true. Seeing titles that biased raises red flags for me even if I didn’t already distrust the American MSM.

  2. Zeke

    Well, someone should tell the truth. Paul Joseph Goebbels was a German Nazi politician who was the chief propagandist for the Nazi Party, and then Reich Minister of Propaganda from 1933 to the collapse said to tell the Big Lie over and over again and people will believe it.

    There was no mythical “stolen election”. No matter how many times Trump or his minions repeat the Big Lie.
    No matter what the biased “Ninja Warriors Vote Counters” conjure up.

    Trump is a psychopath. He’s a malignant narcissist sore loser who can’t accept defeat. It’s what he does. When he loses he always blames the winner of rigging or fraud. When he lost the Iowa Primary he blamed winner Ted Cruz for stealing the Primary from him. It’s what he does; it’s who he is. His niece, Mary Trump, said he’d metaphorically ‘burn down the house’ before conceding.
    Trump is actually besmirching Democracy to elevate himself, demeaning the country to promote himself. He’s a promoter, a huckster, a grifter. I don’t blame him because he can’t help himself, it’s in his nature. He’s morally, ethically, and psychically sick.
    Zeke does blame his dopey fool follower fan club for believing his crap.

  3. snoosebomb

    zeke loves Joe

  4. Zeke

    Nope. Always said he’s an empty suit buffoon.

  5. snoosebomb

    well then U got a problem, ’cause that was the choice

  6. Zeke


    U got ProblemS. (Even in Canada)

    Dualoply is bereft.

  7. snoosebomb

    what is not bereft ?

  8. Zeke

    Bibi Netanyahu and Trump; two desperate despots in denial will do anything to stay in power.
    Each may face jail time when out of office.
    Those with autocratic tendencies and dictatorial trappings hate to give it up which means deflating their enormous egos. Their only real interest is themselves.

  9. snoosebomb

    What is not bereft ? ?

  10. Zeke is pulling everyone’s legs here.

    When choosing leaders we don’t have ‘magic’ choices, we choose one or the other. NONE are ever perfect. The perfect leader is, by the way, the most dangerous.

    By the way, my dad became friends with President Carter, the quiet man who everyone mocks today. Carter was a very nice man, trust me on this. He was unable to play power politics.

    I tangled with Trump many years ago when I goofed around and got $20 each weekend and a free ride and dinner and I never gambled, I just swam in the ocean and had fun! So he finally kicked me out but I made him give me a free ride home!

    So I view him as someone who one can bargain with and who puts his foot down when he detects, you are getting a free ride! A perfect President.

  11. Jim R

    Trump is probably the first non-psychopath we have had in the Whitehouse since Carter. He’s quite sane, if not all that modest.

    The looney left does not know how to recognize psychopathy.

    Obama will tell you a lie just for the fun of lying.

    Meanwhile Mr. Trump has made true statements that had the loonies shrieking, that the ‘news’ media proclaimed to be untrue, which later turn out to be true. For example the Chinese virus, the need for security at the southern border, the benefits of balanced trade and domestic industry, and so forth.

  12. Jim R

    Oh, and that’s interesting stuff about the Salton Sea, Elaine. Just watched that video.

    Of course, as the California coast continues to split off and head north, the Salton Sea will eventually join the head end of the Sea of Cortez.

  13. Correct, Jim. Trump is utterly sane and quite ruthless and changes direction when events call for a direction change. Plowing ahead mindlessly is easy! Biden is doing this! Many do this!

    Trump: I didn’t trust him at all at the beginning. But he won me over and he is a towering entity on the world stage which is why the Bilderberg gang is anxious to get rid of him.

    Remember when I said, BEFORE he got into office, they would kill him if they can’t impeach him? They tried twice and now have eliminated him mostly online but he still towers over them and they are freaking out and he still has armed guards and is no longer in crazy NYC but far away on an ISLAND which is heavily guarded.

  14. Zeke

    You seem to suffer from Real TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome wherein you worship him and are incapable of an objective evaluation.
    So much hype; so many lies. How’d that work out with Mexico paying for the wall? Or Trump ‘falling in love’ with Korean dictator? Or trade deficit which is worse now than when he started? Or the budget deficits and national debt which are worse now than before him?
    Or the response to the pandemic which he mismanaged? Or inciting violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6 ?
    So many lies and buffoonery with the rest of the world laughing at us. His grievance politics is like an old, tired, played out lounge act.

  15. snoosebomb

    and zekes candidate would have none of that !

  16. Jim R

    Zeke, who gets all the latest information from they Potatohead on CNN, or maybe from the girl who does her nails on Youtube, wants to tell you how it is. (‘they’ is not a typo, I didn’t want to use an incorrect pronoun here…)

  17. It. Everyone is ‘It’. It also was a character in the Adam’s Family which is very appropriate.

  18. Jim R

    I’m so old, I had one of the original potato head toys as a child — it was just eyes, nose, mouth, hat, etc, with a thumb tack on the back of each. You’d get a real potato from the kitchen and pin the features to it.

    And it was gender-neutral, as it was a potato. It was not a little plastic doll.

  19. When I was a kid, I thought it was very stupid. ‘Just use toothpicks and cherries or grapes, etc.’ and decorate a potato with those. Yum, yum.

  20. Jim R

    Well, that certainly beats throwing the ruined potato in the trash, after sticking all those rusty tacks in it.

  21. So, your mom let you play with RUSTY tacks? I hope she got you your shots to stop lockjaw.

  22. Jim R

    I’m not sure, but I think she threw away the rusty tacks as well. The toy quickly vanished from my toy box.

  23. Shots for lockjaw hurt. You are really sore afterwards! I know from direct experience.

  24. This has to be the wettest mega drought, ever.

  25. As some areas have droughts many others like TEXAS have tons of rain. NY, too. And the Pacific Northwest is cold and wet! This doesn’t make much news, of course.

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