NYC Blacks Ignore Fauci/Jill Biden Visit, Others Protest Both DNC Lunatics

Wow…NYC supposedly (via not getting any ID for voting so cheating there was rampant) voted nearly 100% for old racist Joe Biden…but a mere few months in power, Jill the Fake Doctor and the Criminal Doctor Fauci were BOOED by angry NY people who are waking up to the reality, who is killing whom.  Fauci and the fake Dr were in NYC to tell people to get vaccinated.  The coup is derailed, the wheels are falling off far faster than I expected.




Biden did a big number about a race riot when whites in the Deep South rioted and killed many innocent black people in a fit of rage over high crime rates.  Since then, 100 years ago, we have had many race riots virtually 100% of these being  black racists attacking DNC cities and looting and burning these including up to just the other day in  Minneapolis.  Any excuse is good enough for a riot.



Note the ‘no arrests’ when there were riots in Minnesota.


Many foolish middle of the road voters voted against Trump in hopes that these endless riots would end under Biden.  Instead, as I fully expected, the riots have doubled down and now happen nearly nonstop over the slightest provocations.  Instead of stopping these riots, Biden’s gang doubles down on pushing riots and justifying these because this is their voter base!  Rioters.


Meanwhile, the Dr. Fauci who was a fake doctor and a liar, continues onwards as Biden and his buddies all deny anything bad happened when Fauci lied nonstop to the American people about the coronavirus origin and all things related to the Chinese who he worked with in the past and said nothing about in the present even as his fellow lab buddies in China came under strong suspicions.  Now, this is blowing up in Biden’s face.



So he and Fauci go turtle and say nothing while the lady who lies for him at the press center continues to openly lie and she wonders why the reporters stopped asking her and Biden about what his favorite ice cream cone is and when will he eat it.




Calls to arrest Fauci for fraud rise higher and higher and greatly wish he could be arrested, too.  These people conspired to destroy us and Biden was very friendly with the Chinese dictator.  Fauci was openly happy his co-conspirator, Biden ‘won’ the corrupt election.  Now both belong in prison.  And this racist, murderous lady belongs in prison, too:



She made the news the other day with her presentation at Yale University, home of the Skull and Bones creeps, about how whites should be murdered and destroyed like a good Nazi should.  She is a far leftist whose family immigrated to the free USA not very long ago and she thinks she and her ilk are the Super Race and everyone else should be eliminated.


Since she is NOT BLACK but is ARYAN, this is very interesting since Hitler claimed he was also an Aryan, too.  Ahem.  Hello!  Talk about real Nazis, she is one of them:



The comments to this evil screed by an obvious Nazi were nearly all negative:



It appears that anyone can post anything including raving like a real Nazi and not be removed if they are ‘liberals’ (sic).  Twitter eliminates anyone who is conservative and slightly violent instantly but if one is a ‘leftist’ Nazi, even the most racist diatribes go uncensored!



Aruna’s buddies are pissed off, her speech has been removed from the Yale records so no one can see how Yale invited one of the more evil women (aside from Madame Mao) at Yale.  Here is a comment from another deranged lunatic female leftist murderous Mad Madame Maoist clone:



I want this speech published by Yale and spread everywhere so we can understand the dangers of these females and understand how the Democratic Party is becoming the Nazi Party very rapidly as open toxic racism spreads and thickens like this chick’s thick lipstick.



‘Critical Race Theory’ is pure Naziism.  Anyone can be a Nazi!  These lunatics literally want to kill us.  Biden’s power base is mainly these lunatics and he courts them every day in every way.  This cynical use of deranged ‘minorities’ is highly dangerous.  They don’t like Biden at all and don’t cheer him all the time, even when he shows up in NYC, home base to an army of racist Nazi ‘minorities’, they don’t cheer him at all. They glare at him because…HE is also a despised, racist, horrible WHITE MALE.


Duh.  This is insanity.


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19 responses to “NYC Blacks Ignore Fauci/Jill Biden Visit, Others Protest Both DNC Lunatics

  1. Petruchio

    These DNC Lunatics as they are called here are victims of their own devices. It is the DNC which told groups like BLM and ANTIFA they could riot, vandalize and assault people and NOTHING would happen. And that’s exactly what these groups did!! But here comes the problem for these cynical, hatemongering DNC creeps. Now, the puppets are turning on their Masters. This was bound to happen. Once these groups discovered they could get their way by inciting and performing violence, it was only a matter of time before they used these same tactics on the DNC!! Just like in Frankenstein.

  2. snoosebomb

    CRT is just ” original sin ‘ , the more things change the more they ,,,,,

  3. shawntoh


    I wish to protest some of your terminology. I refuse to use the term “Nazi” and will instead use “Neo-Nazi”.

    Nazism was officially put out of business in 1945. Elaine, I’m proud to say my father and your father did their honorable part to do what needed to be done at great risk to themselves for the sake of future generations.

    I’m very grateful to your parents for the great things they did for humanity and what you are doing for humanity for the sake of future generations.

    Calling someone a “Nazi” is name-calling at best and argumentum ad hominem at worst. It is the content of the argument(s) that must be attacked, IMHO.


  4. Pete

    You can’t make this stuff up!

    Guatemalan crowd protests
    Kamala visit!

    Kamala go home
    Trump won signs lol

  5. Pete

    More swamp creatures ….
    Remember Neil Bush?
    The hidden Bush brother?

    The one involved in savings
    and loan scandal. The one
    in charge of security at WTC
    on 9/11.

    Heeee’s back.

    I wondered what he is up to these days.
    And voila…

    He’s been taking money from the CCP!

  6. Pete

    More swamp creatures….

    Let’s not forget Mitch’s wife
    Elaine Chao. She has been bundling for
    Mitch since 1980’s. Mitch is the
    original Swalwell. Bwahahahaha

  7. shawntoh

    Now, on to another of one of Elaine’s favorite controversial topics… Art!

    Check this out… recently an artist sold some art for the equivalent of $18,000 and literally speaking, there’s NOTHING there! Nothing. However…

    They tell us this “artist” sold a “sculpture” that’s made out of air. That’s correct, people. Seriously. This “sculpture” is made out of air. I thought at first this must be a parody, a joke, but no…

    Read for yourself… right here…

    We are told by this “artist” that his work, entitled, “Io sono” (I am), that…

    This piece of “artwork” gets its value from the bold concept of Garau [the name of the “artist”] rather than its materiality[sic]. Huh? Whaaat?!

    If that wasn’t enough for you, then there’s this…

    Some school CHILDREN went to an “art exhibit” in Pärnu City Gallery in Estonia (…from what I can discern, this incident happened in 2019). Some so-called feminist/self identified lesbian “artist” EXPOSED herself to these children and calls it “art”. Check it out…

    Elaine, considering your concern for children with what happened to you, I am tempted to agree this type of “art” is child abuse. But what do really know?

    That enough “cultural enrichment” for today, methinks… back to you, Elaine…


  8. Pete

    Back at the home front…

    In Chiraq, more casualties.
    Black Lives Matter?
    55 shot in one weekend!!!

  9. snoosebomb

    Shawntoh , now that’s one i want to see !

  10. Jim R

    So, “art” is the contestant for world’s ugliest nude?

    The children look amused…

  11. snoosebomb

    art is nothing and everything is art

  12. lou

    8-I did see that story and didnt think much of it…-reminds me of the story on NYC artists in the 1950s One did a drawing and asked the others to erase parts.

    Search domain quizlet.com

    Robert Rauschenberg was fascinated by Willem de Kooning, and in 1953 asked the artist if he could erase one of his drawings as an act of art. The work that was created then has become a legend. The genesis of the project is well-documented: Rauschenberg went over to the master’s studio and said he’d like to erase one of his drawings as blablabla

  13. snoosebomb

    As ART has always been something at the top of the hierarchy given its connection to the church and aristocracy Now that place can be occupied by nothingness highlights one of our problems.
    Much as we dislike the cultural and economic layering of society it does create some sort of order and it creates achieve some goal.
    Victor David Hanson said in one of his talks about the rich said , ” they have a different taste in art ” . Indeed , the lower classes think its about skill, time and labor expended or prettiness. At a higher level it is progressive. It is about the creation of imaginative space, a place where new ideas can be expressed or old ideas can be made new. In doing so it offers hope for the future.
    I suspect the present creative vacuum may be one of our problems.

    [and look at cinema , [ or don’t ]

  14. Jim R

    This interview with WHO whistleblower Astrid Stuckelberger pprovides insight into the inner workings of the organization. She worked on the International Health Regulations in multiple countries which form part of the legalese of how the pandemic was declared world wide. Listen to her perspective on how the actions of the WHO violate their own regulations.

  15. ‘Art’ died in 1920. Classical music, painting, sculptures, etc. all died that year. Then was reborn via CINEMA once they found out how to record music. So we have beautiful orchestral music…FOR MOVIES ONLY…and wonderful visuals…THAT ENTERTAIN IN MOVIES…why?

    TO MAKE MONEY. The billions flowing into movie making, etc. made ‘art’ money look like lost change in the pocketbook. Trillions of dollars has been made, avoiding modern art. Now, they are busy killing movies and other entertainments that keep real music and visuals alive and this is now rapidly dying, too.

    A shame, isn’t it? Stupid, too. I rail about this frequently.

  16. Both Wagner and Mahler and Debussy, etc. all were dead when their music suddenly appeared in theaters where millions of people listened in rapture to these dead composers and living ones today make lots of money making movie scores which then are turned into recordings, etc. Star Wars launched this, big time, back in 1977.

  17. Moe

    @17 EMS

    Recall also soundtracks of classical music that graced cartoons of yore.

  18. Here is a 1943 WWII period cartoon about opera singers which I absolutely love:

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