Biden Gangsters Hide Important Forest Fire Data, Wiped It Off Government Platforms


The monkeys running our government now are so determined to lie about ‘global warming’ they have deliberately eliminated vital information about forest fires via wiping out all data from all systems that is before 1983.  Why choose that bizarre time frame?  Well, fires have increased slightly since 1983.  The height of forest fires was during the 1850-1960, much much higher acreage burn rates unlike today.  THIS IS CLASSIC COMMUNISM AT WORK.  Wiping out the past while lying about the present is how they operate.  This way, they can engineer things so millions of people starve/freeze to death.



Stossel fights back and points out how the communists are blatantly lying about the weather but he cannot see how he, too, is unable to understand the climate and how our Ice Age cycles work and how INEVITABLE the next Ice Age will be when it comes:



The censoring of real climate information and news is ongoing as the Bilderberg gang doubles down on the ‘global warming’ hoax as Mother Nature insists on doing the opposite.  Yes, we had a very short heatwave this week after a long, very cold spring.  The next week will be far below normal again.  This makes zero news in mainstream media.


Stossel posted this story today about this blatant, illicit communist style censorship:


But strangely, a simple reading of Climate Feedback’s so-called fact check reveals not a single factual error in our video.  Instead, as one of their reviewers told us, “Broader claims are being disputed.”


Is Climate Feedback even right about their broad claims? No. At best, the group raises issues which are debatable. That calls for debate, not censorship.


The left never debates anything.  All debates are one sided.  I know this personally.  Way back in 1969 in San Francisco, I went on stage to deliver a talk, I irritated the Maoists who waved mass murderer Mao’s Little Red Book at me while screaming for me to go away!  This is how leftists ‘debate’ anything.


And here is where Stossel and the Maoist lunatics agree and which I disagree with, most vehemently:


Climate Feedback’s Claim:

“The causes of the global warming event that explains sea level rise at the end of the last ice age 20,000 years ago are different from those that explain sea level rise now.”


Our video doesn’t say or imply anything to the contrary.


On the contrary, unlike Stossel who goes silent about this important issue, the fact is, the SUN is causing much, much more melting than mere humans.  The sun is also waning in sunspot activity so when this happens, helpless humans suddenly find out it is much colder in winter and not very warm in summer in the mid-zones above the equatorial zone.  Furthermore, during all Ice Ages, it is much warmer in Siberia than it is during warm cycles!


Large herds of animals, even elephants, happily graze even in upper Siberia during all Ice Ages.  To them, Ice Ages are Warm Cycles!  But the same latitude, Canada is solid ice especially around Hudson Bay!  Mile thick ice locks down everything.  In Brazil, life goes on with little change from Ice Age to Interglacials.


Obviously, if sea level rose 200 feet, that would be astronomically costly. But the UN IPCC does not consider that likely at all.  Brown subsequently told us that his 200-feet increase scenario is plausible over a period of a thousand years.

This is far outside the range of what the UN IPCC projects, with good reason. Imagine how different technology will be in a thousand years. 1,000 years from now, humans will probably have machines that suck carbon out of the air.


I keep saying, these lunatics want another Ice Age!  So, Stossel thinks eventually some horrible dictator will succeed in cutting down plant food to the point, billions of people will starve and freeze to death!  I hate to point out the obvious but even Queen Elizabeth’s dead old biddie, Prince Philip once famously boasted, ‘When I DIE (he is now dead!) I hope to come back as a deadly disease…’ so he could kill most of us, the jerk.


He would pop off during a global epidemic!  The entire Royal family pops out babies left and right while telling us, there are too many peasants and we have to pop off, not reproduce.  I want everyone to note this female appeared in this clip, wearing no wig:



Here she is, wearing a huge white wig so she would look ‘white’:



This is the same lunatic who, when her hair was black, claimed that Bloomberg could give every American a million dollars and still have money left over because she can’t do basic math:



This very stupid female was not fired after that gigantic blooper.  Instead, the NYT doubled down on protecting her.  She is why that rag is wretched now.  It never, ever reports ‘news’ it publishes propaganda cooked up by crooked leftists.  This former newspaper is utterly, shamelessly wrong about many things and nothing bad happens, they merrily sail along, lying nonstop.


All of the NYT staff are SJW communists.  They hate America, they hate white people especially if THEY are white, too.  They want to destroy the country.  One of the founding members of the Bilderberg gang many years ago was the family that owns the NYT.  Their editor who ran the paper until last year was overrun by communists who worked under him and he was basically ordered to obey them and let them run rampant and since then, the paper has gone flying off of the cliff.


It is unreal watching this newspaper’s internal collapse!  It is FUNNY as all hell since they adamantly misreported my operations back when I was very politically active.  They lied all the time back in 1969 and they lie all the time today only the lies back then were lies of omission.  Today, they are open lies.


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12 responses to “Biden Gangsters Hide Important Forest Fire Data, Wiped It Off Government Platforms

  1. Mewswithaview

    Further what passes for science (“the science” TM) in the global warming projections are just computer simulations, these are then sensationalised in the media – using the claim “scientists say” we are going to roast/freeze/drown/die of thirst/hunger etc. In reality there are no actual real objective measurements taken or monitored (It’s all RCP 8.5), but the “scientists” collect their grant money. . . .

    That’s not to say there is not real science being done, there is but the conclusions do not fit the narrative and it is often buried until the scientist has safely retired or been forced out.

  2. AT

    Spontaneous human combustion poses a much greater threat to all mankind and deserves our utmost attention.

  3. Zeke


    I know you read widely other Internet sites, Zeke just doesn’t know how on Earth you could write that.

    Just a day or so ago: Treasure Trove of IRS Tax Info.:

    That ain’t “COMMUNISM”; it’s the anthesis of that – it’s fascism, gov’t taken over and run by Corporate and Private interest. Lobbying K Street bribes to politicians to write tax codes that excuse them from taxation. They reap ever more lucre and have ever more to lavish at $1,000 / plate rubber chicken luncheons, etc. as quid pro quo and the cycle continues.

    Speaking of cartoons – you remind Zeke of Elmer Fudd hunting down the wiley evasive wrabit – Commie.

    So, have at it; you go, girl.

  4. lou

    meanwhile, in the real world.

    Up to 28th May in the UK there have now been 1,227 deaths of those vaccinated. With 40m having been given at least one vaccine (up to that date) – that is one death in every 32,000 vaccinated individuals which means that for anyone under 50 the chances of dying from the vaccine are worse than dying from catching COVID itself.

    For the over a thousand vaccinated people who developed COVID after the vaccine the death rates (for the Pfizer 6.5% and for the Astra Zenecca 6.83%) were more than twice the level of deaths from COVID generally (2.8%)

  5. AT

    Why does Zeke talk to himself in the third person like Gollum?

  6. Because he wants the ring, Precious!

  7. Jim R

    California’s in a drought. Three years ago you’ll recall, the Oroville dam was very close to failure. Now the reservoir is less than half full:

    … along with the other lakes of the northern California water system.

    Another thing that changed in the ’80s and ’90s was forest management practices. In the early 20th century, they would clear the brush. At some point they decided that cutting down trees was bad, and stopped managing the forest altogether.

    So now when there’s a drought, there are lots of small trees and weeds which die and dry out. The forest becomes much more flammable…

  8. Jim R

    Nevada is in a drought, too. An article about Hoover Dam:
    Leaking Las Vegas: Lake Mead Plunges To Record Low Amid Drought-pocalypse

    by Tyler Durden
    Thursday, Jun 10, 2021 – 06:50 PM

  9. lou

    drought from chemtrails?

  10. This is normal weather. What is draining everything is human use of water. When I was a child, Tucson had only less than 60 thousand people. Today, the valley and communities there are around 6,00,000. California had 10% of the population it has today.

    Hoover dam was built before I was born.

  11. lou

    Phoenix was the city people with bad pollen allergies were sent to.
    As it grew, so did the amount of pollen in the air.

  12. Jim R

    There is drought in the west. I thought you knew, Elaine, the weather does that from time to time in the western states. Watch Juan Browne’s video above, for a survey of Sierra snowpack — less than 50% of average this year. It was drought that forced Native Americans to abandon places in the west, long ago.

    — Not that Las Vegas is doing anything to conserve. They never do, they’ll just keep going until the water runs out.

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