Arizona Audit Nearly Done…Women’s Tennis Gets More Violent…And Both Bidens Love To Say ‘N’ Word!

Several different states sent in teams to watch and discuss how Arizona patriots are verifying votes and uncovering massive frauds!


No mainstream media reports the news flowing out of Arizona as angry citizens VERIFY votes there and as the hour of doom approaches and we have hard proof, the election was stolen, media giants think that sticking their heads in the sand will prevent this shattering news from shattering their cynical coup.  The last three pallets of vote data will be finished probably today.  Other states that were cheated by computer voting systems run by foreign entities and Bilderberg gangsters are lining up to copy Arizona’s brave vote verifiers and wish to do the same, knowing it is probably certain, there was cheating there…AND EVERYWHERE.


Jordan Conradson: I understand Georgia is in the house right now?


Ken Bennett: There’s a couple of legislators from Georgia and one from Alaska that are in the building right now. I’ve heard Virginia, I’ve heard Wisconsin, you’ve now told me, Colorado, Nevada was in a few days ago, Pennsylvania last week. It’s becoming a popular place.


Bennett: I’m told that every day this week there is some elected official coming in from some state. Today is Tuesday and if that pattern continues well have somebody in Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


The DNC gang is scared to death and their deadly partners in mainstream media are in hysterics and the internet Bilderberg bosses are hysterical…all attempts at preventing any examination of discussion of the election is breaking down rapidly as real news slowly enters and takes over, one hopes.  I knew on day one when Google put up statements at websites and YouDon’tTube telling people, the election was the ‘fairest’ ever and there was an amazing zero cheating in the election.


Anyone publishing true information clearly showing cheating and how the cheating happened was tagged with the ‘this is fake news’ by the globalists black magic masters of the internet.  Then, desperation set in and they began literally pulling down all real information about cheating.  But this migrated to other parts of the web which are now growing rapidly in reach and is slowly strangling the Bilderberg side of the web!


HAHAHA.  Backfire!  Too arrogant to figure out why Facebook which is now Farcebook or Google which is now Garbagle, they think stupid people will keep using their useless services as things deliberately deteriorate as out of control censorship and pushing fake news accelerates.


The Georgia election lawsuit is winning in courts and vote verification processes will hopefully begin next week. Democrats are in hysterics in Georgia. They know they cheated.


Conradson: The latest reports are that it will not be until June 21st for the next hearing on the Fulton County ballots. Can you tell us more about where this case is at?


Favorito: The Fulton County officials filed some last-ditch motions to try to avoid being the defendants in the case, which is not gonna work out. The Board of Elections is kind of finger-pointing at the county. The county’s kind of finger-pointing at the process and then the board, so we’ll have to go back to court and resolve all those little technical difficulties which they’re all related to something that Georgia calls Sovereign Immunity and they’re all claiming that they’re immune from being defendants in lawsuits. So, that’s really not the case, it’s just a matter of the judge deciding who is the real defendant. We just served them all and said “we’ll let the judge pick who’s going to be the defendant”.


They cannot have a careful actual examination to see if there was cheating.  This is because, there was obviously lots of cheating going on.  The vast, vast bulk of ‘votes’ that were ‘mailed in’ (sic) were for Biden.  It appears that in the slums, everyone voted and the excuse, they had to do this via mail in (sic) ballots falls flat in its face because in ALL the DNC slums with no exceptions, mobs and gangs and groups of blacks ran riot all year long!


They left their homes, nearly nonstop during this time period!  So using the germs as an excuse for 78% of votes for Biden being mailed in, is fake.



We all know this audit will be stopped by the Bilderberg gang, most likely their favorite tool: WAR.  They rig an event like 9/11 and then, after letting in due to crappy border controls, armies of violent aliens who want to destroy our country, they will pretend these were sent in by foreign powers and NOT THEMSELVES.  Remember: the 9/11 terrorists were brought IN by our government and were ‘training to fly jets’ here!!!


Now on to sports news: whenever black athletes take up a sport, they end up dominating this.  It is easy to explain: the harsh pre-iron age lives of 80% of Africa whereby populations entered the iron age via slavery or recent easy transportation and when they do ‘sports’ they have superb bodies and abilities thanks to Natural Selection and the top athletes are amazing because of this.



There are still rather few (not for long) black tennis players.  Watching the new arrivals is very interesting to me because the black women are acting an awful lot like the men.  Here is a video about the latest teenager female who is black and who has won a number of matches now.  The video talks about how Gauff would win if she ‘keeps her composure’ which didn’t happen: Click here to see her temper tantrum as she destroys her racket very violently.


The real racist thing that happened when the violent black teen lost was that SHE was cheered while the Eastern European young lady had nearly no response when she won!


Gauff vs. Krejickova began in the late morning with the temperature in the low 70s Fahrenheit (low 20s Celsius), a blue sky and no wind.


After the number of fans in the 15,000-seat main stadium was capped at 1,000 for each of the first 10 days of the tournament because of COVID-19 restrictions, that limit was raised to 5,000 on Wednesday. And those in attendance were loudly pulling for Gauff, who burst onto the scene at Wimbledon two years ago by reaching the fourth round.


Cries of “Allez, Coco!” (“Let’s go, Coco!”) greeted her winners. Loud clapping of encouragement preceded her service games.


The contrast was striking when Krejcikova broke back on her way to pulling even at 3-all, when only a smattering of polite applause was heard.


After the display of displeasure, she was not removed and blacklisted.  She shows very dangerous emotions in the game that have to be addressed.  Encouraging players to wreck rackets is rampant again due to ladies doing this now.



According to the ATP rulebook, a racquet abuse violation can cost the player up to $500 per occurrence. Here is the official statement on the ATP rulebook:​ “Players shall not violently, dangerously or with anger hit, kick or throw a racquet or other equipment within the precincts of the tournament site.


Breaking the abused tennis racquet rule

I’m all for players being courteous and models of professionalism, however; there is something so primal when I see Andy Roddick, Novak Djokovic, or even Marat Safin lose their cool and smash their tennis racquets on the court. It’s as if it’s something that should go hand in hand with tennis, because it can be extremely frustrating when things aren’t going your way.


If a player actually commits this ‘crime,’ the official usually warns them about racquet abuse, the next violation will result in a point, and the next will result in the game – Andy Roddick recently committed this crime. Typically players are fined a couple of thousand dollars after the match for the violation, which I see as rather excessive for breaking a $200 tennis racquet.


Breaking a tennis racquet out of frustration is nothing more than just breaking a tennis racquet; it’s not like you are hurting anybody and most of the time the player throws the broken racquet into the crowd or gives it to a ballkid as a cool souvenir. It’s not like any player is going to purposely throw their tennis racquet at their opponent, line person, or tournament official. They are just, after all, taking it out on something that doesn’t have feelings.


The only reason no one is killed or hospitalized is due to the violence often missing people by inches.  Throwing temper tantrums while playing sports is bad sportsmanship.  Even in chess, authorities struggle to force losing players to courteously surrender and shake hands with the winners.



And children are committing suicide (mainly in middle class families but some in big cities like NYC) due to covid restrictions.  Getting the government to loosen its death grip on wearing masks and going outside is a battle royale.  Locking up isn’t working anymore and hasn’t worked  in a very long time now.


And now for our daily ‘Biden and his family can break laws at whim and nothing happens, not even in the mainstream news’:


Revealing text messages derived from Hunter Biden’s laptop show the president’s son repeatedly using racial slurs in messages to his white attorney, but members of the radical left — members of the establishment media, particularly — have remained relatively silent despite their history of calling for the cancellation of individuals who have done the same.


obtained by the Daily Mail show Hunter Biden repeatedly using the n-word in communication with his attorney, George Mesires. Figures on the right immediately observed the seeming hypocrisy from left-wing personalities and media outlets, given their penchant for attempting to cancel others for similar improprieties.


The two Bidens, President and son, score 15 ‘n…er’ words to Trump’s zero naughty race words!


Well, well, well… Not only has His Fraudulency Joe Biden used the N-word at least 13 times (that we know of), but that chip off the old block named Hunter Biden has used it at least three times(that we know of).


Bombshell report claims Antrim county election vote computers were remotely logged ion the computers! This will negate all votes and it must be revoted, eh?


In crazy California, landlords are fearful and frustrated because the $2 billion in aid due to the coronavirus ‘no rent must be paid’ rules is BANKRUPTING EVERYONE:


Across the Bay Area, frustration over a patchwork of local and state emergency rental assistance programs is mounting among debt-burdened landlords and tenants. The widespread complaints about the federally-funded, $2.6 billion relief effort include cumbersome applications, an unreliable website, slow case management, conflicting guidelines and relatively little money spent to stave off eviction. By the middle of May, the state had received requests totaling $473 million and distributed about $20 million.


California loves to boast about how they are the richest state.  Richer than most countries.  Yet the place is run like Venezuela which also was once ‘rich’ and now is desperately poor.


The state says initial bottlenecks have been straightened out since the program’s March 15 launch, including better coordination between state and local efforts to ensure applicants receive payments from only one source. Relief efforts in San Jose and San Francisco, for example, launched only recently. The state this week streamlined its application process. The Bay Area has received nearly $500 million from the federal relief program.


Landlords already are concerned the rental assistance programs, in some cases set up hastily by local governments and nonprofit agencies with a complex system of federal, state and city rules and a deep pool of money, will become as ripe for fraud as the state’s unemployment program. Without proper oversight, landlords say tenants could file multiple applications or direct payments to themselves and skip rent.


Anytime the government takes over properties and imposes rental rules on landlords, these places turn relentlessly into slums, inflation is never taken into account and landlords go bankrupt because they can evict anyone, I used to be a landlady in NYC and ran an organization that lobbied to stop ‘rent control’ which was rapidly destroying massive numbers of apartment buildings!  But the DNC wants slums!




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7 responses to “Arizona Audit Nearly Done…Women’s Tennis Gets More Violent…And Both Bidens Love To Say ‘N’ Word!

  1. Zeke

    “While Trump did not begin promoting his Jan. 6 plan centered around Pence and the Electoral College certification until Dec. 19, the roadmap for that day was actually plotted out months earlier as Trump began telling his followers that he could not possibly lose a fair election.
    “The only way we’re going to lose this election is if the election is rigged,” he told supporters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on Aug. 17.”

    “That groundless claim was repeated frequently at his rallies and in media interviews, and, combined with Trump’s refusal to promise that he would accept the November results if he lost, provided a clear clue about his strategy in the event that Biden won.”


    EMS writes: “Even in chess, authorities struggle to force losing players to courteously surrender and shake hands with the winners.”
    Yet, the poor soul is incapable of seeing how disgraced loser former president Trump violates her own norms.
    His partisan biased ‘Ninja Vote Counters’ (ya can’t make this $hit up.) sycophants may come up with a biased invalid bs count but so what?

    Trump is a malignant Narcissist who cannot admit defeat of anything ever. The leading quote shows how he was teeing up for his grievance scheme months in advance of even vote # 1 being cast!
    When he lost the Iowa primary he accused Ted Cruz of cheating. It’s what he does; it’s who he is.
    Zeke urges all you mindless lost soul nitwits to come to yer senses and stop being bamboozled by what you ‘believe’ is yer Cult Leader infallible ‘lord and savior’.

  2. Petruchio

    Coco Gauff looks like she has plenty of testosterone in her System as well:
    Looked up some pics of her/him. Looks pretty masculine for a female to me.
    She looks a little too muscular for a female to me and some pics, facially she looks very much like a “He”.

  3. Richard

    Why all the hysteria!!!! The Audit is to confirm Biden won.
    Most of the world doesn’t believe it.
    MSM is gaslighting the the wrong idea.

    Banners are appearing at ballgames now, “Trump Won”.
    Baseball is the American past time. Watch the movie,
    “Field of Dreams”, for a fantastic explanation near the end.

    The gymnastic Simeon Biles, if you really look at
    her is built like a guy. Even as she/he gets older, she
    still wins gold medals. Look at the neck, arms, hips,
    back, chest, and feet of this athlete, not feminine.
    Alt. news has put out news on this subject, “MAG
    Bitter Truth (Bitchute). I’ve noticed lately that
    her off the gym floor photos
    on MSM have been manipulated
    to make her look more feminine.
    We are watching female athletes with high
    testosterone levels: aggression and strength.

  4. AT

    The way to safeguard the next election is to vote out every Senator and House member who failed to call for public hearings and audits before certifying the electoral college.
    That would be ALL of them. They failed their constitutional obligations.

  5. Zeke

    Nope. The way to help ensure election integrity is to vote out all pro-Trump, Dictator Don lackey stooge hacks.
    At least one state – Trump said count ’em again’ and then ‘count ’em again’ because talley was not favorable to Trump. Total of 3 counts.
    Trump is on tape instructing Georgia elections official “I need you to find x thousand, y hundred and z+1 votes; 1 vote more than I need to win.” !
    He’s a total fraudster charlatan and at least at some level of his brain he knows he lost the election.
    He’s promoting his grievance presidency – in part because it’s a hit with his fan club + it’s a money maker! Keep those donation from the gullible pouring it. And rip ‘me off as they’re donating.
    Loser Don is casting aspersions on every voting entity in the country that didn’t go his way.

    He’ll want to continue this nonsense to the detriment of democracy as long as he can convince the feeble minded fan club to worship him. Sad.
    Remember the ‘Italian connection’? And the Kraken Lady? And now they’re looking for bamboo fibers from the mythical ‘China drop’ and for rice stains on paper ballots. The more far fetched, the more the goofballs wanna believe. Sad.

  6. snoosebomb

    @5 so what do you care ??

    you favor none of the alternatives and none of the outcomes .

    start making sense ! LOL [ never happen ]

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