Beijing Biden DOJ Will Scrutinize All States That Dare Verify Votes For TRUMP


Things are heating up rapidly in June in the hot Arizona sun as the corrupt Democrats in DC who took over via a fake election, threaten anyone who dares to VERIFY votes in the previous election.  The Biden gang knows perfectly well, they cheated in the previous election and now are desperate to import even more illegal aliens and then park them where they can vote illegally.  For DNC states have decided no one has to show any ID to vote now!  This is an open attack on our Republic.  How dare they do this!  Worse, they are attacking states that require proof of citizenship to vote!  Wow!  This has a name: TREASON.


I keep hammering on the treason word because my family has been here in the New World for hundreds of  years and left England and France due to State Attacks like the massacre of the Huguenots and the English Civil War.  I want Biden arrested now because he is deliberately letting invaders invade now and his plan is to use them to gain more power!  This is treason, big time.



We know the vote counters in Arizona cheated by the results which were ridiculous.  We also know there is an army of illegal aliens crossing into Arizona and that the DNC wanted them to vote, too.  Arizona is a border state, after all.  It is obvious, massive cheating happened after the polls closed in many states.  All of this was illegal.  In every way, citizens are under assault by leftist radicals and their invading buddies:



The sex revolution is collapsing.  As the radicals running many schools openly do the crazy sex stuff, more and more alarmed parents are striking back and in two years from now, all this will collapse.  It has to because it is now very destructive.  Already, women’s sports and competitions and other things classified by sex is being systematically taken over by fake trans players and competitors pretending to be taking women’s hormone pills while being 100% male.


This, in turn, will and MUST turn women back from their goal of pretending to be exactly like men because women are weaker and STUPIDER than men.  DUH!  We cannot compete on a level playing field because of this terrible truth: we are no where near as good as the best men at ANYTHING including ‘being feminine’.  Period.  And I hope feminists finally bow their heads in shame and beg men to forgive them for being so ridiculous about their true abilities which are much diminished.


Well, here we are now: the wheels are turning again.  No longer will fake ideology rule us because it is going to kill us.  We can’t pretend reality isn’t real, this leads to social and physical collapse.  It is most interesting to see former communist countries turn more liberal than the US:



Thanks to liberals, we no longer have free speech here.  Online, at Google, one couldn’t say the previous election was rigged or fake or riddled with cheating…this was declared grounds for censorship!  We are now in a communist state of rule with no free speech.  I am still published online only because I pay good money to be free so it isn’t ‘free’ it costs me $100 a year to be ‘free’.  Well worth it, seeing how nasty censorship is wrecking everything online in our country these days.


NY Post reports that a NYPD cop had to listen to a ‘racist slur’ tirade and not arrest anyone!  And we wonder why.  HAHAHA.  Answer is ridiculously easy:


The Asian cop who endured a racist tirade in Washington Square Park over the weekend says the hateful encounter was “degrading” and “upsetting.”  The hate-spewing man, who is black, responded by claiming, “Black people can’t be racist.”


OK: the reason was, the racist spewing racism was BLACK.  That is, black lives allow them and only them to be openly racist to EVERYONE ELSE.  See?  This is called ‘privileges’ and blacks have this in spades, to be crude about it.


Huynh said, “Ignorance can come from any background, it’s up to him to be educated about it.


Either he be arrested for this or no one ever be arrested for doing this.  Period.


“He has to be held accountable for what he said,” the cop added.  An NYPD rep told The Post on Friday the incident was “disturbing” but could not say whether the race-spewing man would face charges.


Except the racist black wasn’t held accountable.  No DNC person, no black person in a DNC city or state is ever held responsible for even rioting and murdering and burning cities, too.  Meanwhile in Florida:



GOP governors are fighting back these days and winning popularity contests when they fight back!  This is true in Florida and in Texas:



Texas is taking control of the border and will deport alien invaders.  ABOUT TIME.


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10 responses to “Beijing Biden DOJ Will Scrutinize All States That Dare Verify Votes For TRUMP

  1. snoosebomb

    fudge factor ;

  2. Zeke

    “It’s the latest astonishing snafu in a circus recount of 2.1 million Maricopa County votes by a company that has no experience with ballots or elections and that is run by a right-wing conspiracy theorist who was convinced months ago that any audit would turn up hundreds of thousands of votes for Donald Trump. The Ninjas are subjecting ballots to ultraviolet light in a crackpot hunt for bamboo fibers, which they are convinced would be evidence of tampering by China.
    Hobbs said a strict “chain of custody” procedure to safeguard the integrity of votes was broken when the county was forced last month to turn over voting machines to Senate Republicans and the Cyber Ninjas, who then had total control without supervision.

    Cyber Ninjas ! (Can’t make this $hit up !)

  3. snoosebomb

    @3 Douglas G Frank find your brain

  4. snoosebomb

    @ 4 , = mass sterilization sounds like the target . ” Save The Planet ” !

  5. Zeke, you obviously don’t read any of my news over the last YEAR. The cheating was obvious, in our faces and even dumb people are figuring this out which puts you in a very unpleasant place on the ‘dumb…dumber’ relative gage of intelligence.

  6. lou

    7–at you tube one can view Joe Bidens rally in Las Vegas. Pitiful. Some Mexican mariachi entertainers and very few people.
    The report is 7000 people watch JB on TV, a few days ago.
    One report is JB got 3 people to attend a rally in Arizona.

    DT got 1000-100,000 at rallies.

  7. Zeke

    Oh …… so that’s why they need to call in the biased, conspiracy theory promoting “Cyber Ninjas” with their mind made up months ago, rather than, say, Price Waterhouse Cooper, a legitimate accounting firm, to do the counting.”

    “The cheating was obvious” – to a Trump cultist worshipper.

    But …… to anyone with a sound mind – the Kraken Lady, the bamboo fibers, the rice stains, the ‘Italian Job’, lies about vote drops and rigged voting machines are all failed but desperate attempts to deny reality. And worship the former Grievance president, Don the wannabe dictator. Despite his threatening election officials to “find” a sum certain number of votes for him to win.

    BTW, I read most, if not all your stuff (minus videos) – but reading does not equal believing.

    BTW2, do you ever read anything I post? If so, you would have learned that Trump accused Cruz of stealing the Iowa Primary, was teeing up for his “the only way WE can lose is if the vote is rigged” playbook months before the first vote was cast when he saw things were looking bad and hectored his mindless minions to invade OUR Capitol Bldg. to overturn OUR Democracy and install himself as Dictator. About two thousand zombies being brought to heel currently for their treasonous crimes.

    BTW3, Trump’s buddy, Netanyahu is plying a similar shtick in Israel – claiming the vote was rigged against him. He wants to stay out of jail. Plus, once a Dictator gets a taste of power, they never wannna give it up. It’s addictive.
    They’re both goin’ down and maybe both to prison.
    As more and more dirt is being revealed on what this heinous criminal has wrought over the last four years – it seems more and more likely.

    BTW4, you remind Zeke of Lt. Col. Nicholson (Alex Guinness) in “The Bridge on the River Kwai”, technically competent (at bridge building or website management) – – but on larger issues – a dummkopf.

  8. Petruchio

    Well of course Biden and the DNC are going to try to punish people who question the 2020 Election. They know better than anyone else the 2020 Election was STOLEN. Threatening people who might expose the Election rigging is a logical response for them. I’m thinking that before long we might see Death Squads running around killing off Enemies of the State, like in El Salvador. The US of A already has them but soon they might be more open about it.

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