Democrats Fight Rising Crime Rates By Legalizing Crimes



DNC run cities are increasingly insane.  Now that these obvious gangsters gained power in DC, they have doubled down on trying to make all of the USA as messed up as their dying cities.  The DNC is openly importing populations to park in all these dying cities to keep a lock on these places and the entire DNC is all for high crime rates caused by ‘minorities’ who are the MAJORITY in these cities.  The entire DNC machine wants no policing while ‘fixing’ this with money spent on social things that no one can fix without first stopping the raging crime rates!


One stupid ‘fix’ is to not prosecute people who commit ‘petty’ crimes like smashing windows and then stealing stuff, shoplifting, beating people up, etc.  These crimes are not ‘petty’ to the victims!  As chaos spreads, the DNC gang doubles down on the dumb:


The top five Democratic candidates for mayor tackled some of the biggest problems plaguing New Yorkers during a debate on Thursday night — zeroing in on surging crime and other quality of life issues.


We are lied to by candidates in NY.  They pander to criminals who are key to DNC power.  When these gangsters talk about the ‘crime rate’ they refuse to talk about how it is shooting (literally shooting, too) upwards, this is due to Democrats running the city again!


Asked how they would curb the recent uptick in violence, such as shootings and hate crimes, both Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and city Comptroller Scott Stringer said they would focus on reaching the Big Apple’s youth.


The ‘hate crimes’ are BLACKS and OTHER MINORITIES attacking each other and all are attacking WHITE people!  Note how these criminal politicians don’t clarify who is attacking whom.  The entire DNC gang across the entire country never say who is the racist attackers (mainly blacks).


“We must have an intervention and prevention,” Adams said on the WCBS-TV stage.


‘Intervention’ with criminals has an obvious name: ARREST.  And the other item is, ‘PRISON’.


“Prevention is the long-term things we must do. Something as simple as dyslexia screening. Thirty percent of our prison population … they’re dyslexic. So we want to stop crime, we have to have early childhood intervention.”


Grasping at straws again and again.  There are many people who are dyslexic.  I had a form of that disorder.  I remember vividly, learning how to speak and read.  I have the ‘left hand/right hand’ thing where I can use either hand, equally well which was very useful for building houses!


Just a mere four years ago, NYC didn’t have a super high crime rate.  Imitating the mayors who fixed the city will fix the city today.  But alas, all of the candidates are crazy leftists who hate law and order so NYC will continue dying like all DNC run hell hole cities.

And in England, the left wants women who are white to be raped and no one arrested!  This is insane, evil and criminal!!!  Note how they have their website as typical leftist sex power junk!  But women arresting rapists is evil???  Oxfam should be shut down.  Here is their website in Muslim countries:


No gay/trans sex stuff there!  All the international operations are hiding this when doing business in Asia, Africa and South America.



A joke: I hear the new police headquarters will be moved to Sisters, Oregon which is far to the south down Highway 5.  It isn’t just NYC that is going down the tubes.  Back to NYC: the NY Times is run entirely by deranged leftists now.  Trump’s son enjoys mocking them:


Mara Gay was in a recent story here where I tore into her because she openly talked about KILLING WHITE PEOPLE and said the most racist things possible about us white people which should have led to her being fired.  Alas, she remains on the editorial board at that paper which is losing money.


A very young black boy in NYC minding his own business, was gunned down by black criminals running riot…not one BLM clown even mention this child’s horrible death, not AOC, the DC loudmouth, made a peep! And this happened in HER DISTRICT, too. Arrest AOC and charge her with not representing her own people!


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Black Lives Matter have been silent following the shooting death of a young boy in Queens


On Saturday, Queens came to a standstill after Justin Wallace, 10, was tragically killed by a gunman who opened fire at his aunt’s home in Far Rockaway around 9:30 p.m., police and the New York Post reported.


One of the gunman’s shots struck Wallace in the chest, mortally wounding the child who passed away from his injuries at an area hospital. Police are reportedly looking into a neighbor dispute over a driveway as a potential motive.


Yes, every day innocent children are ruthlessly murdered by black thugs.  Not one Democrat makes even a small peep about this.  Now back to England for more crazy news:



Yes, they want us to be masked forever.  I notice that Kamala Harris wears masks all the time even though she and her entire staff all are vaccinated.  This is so stupid.


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10 responses to “Democrats Fight Rising Crime Rates By Legalizing Crimes

  1. snoosebomb

    ”Yes, they want us to be masked forever. I notice that Kamala Harris wears masks all the time even though she and her entire staff all are vaccinated. This is so stupid.”

    and you got yourself jabbed with the agenda,,

  2. Petruchio

    Here’s another way they will hide the Crime Rate, especially in places like Chicago and Atlanta. They will just out and out LIE about crimes within their areas of authority. Does anybody trust the official murder rate in Cities like Atlanta or Chicago? I wouldn’t believe this stuff if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.

  3. Zeke

    Don’t confuse ‘homeless’ with ‘shelterless’.

    Those people in the tents are ‘shelterless’.

    People who are ‘homeless’ are less visible but magnitudes larger than the ‘shelterless’ population

    Anyone who doesn’t own (or in process of owning) her/his own home is ‘homeless’. They don’t have a home. They are destined to live and die in the property of another. And a life of poverty.

    Don’t be confused. Don’t be misled.

    The criminal Central Banks are crushing the working class while bloating the parasitic class.

  4. lou

    2–Government has ‘latinos-hispanics’ as White when committing a crime and minority when victim of a crime.

  5. lou

    3–thats his attempt at insight. No wonder I usually skip his posts.

  6. AT

    It’s Pavlovian: the handouts, bailouts and bribes got bigger when the masks went on, so people want to keep the masks on.

    The parasite class creates economic realities.

  7. Zeke

    5 – don’t strain yourself if you’re too low iq to comprehend.
    7 – never view videos w/o a description or label.

  8. Pertry

    Here is a complaint filed be real licensed health care professionals. Is this 113 page highly detailed complaint “just plain silly”? Are the allegations to be even taken moderately seriously? Because the FACTS on the record indicate that the people pushing these purported “vaccines” (HINT: they aren’t) don’t have a lot of credibility. And of course it goes without saying these fine professionals have been uniformly de-platformed by big-tech.

    Click to access Doc-10-Original-AFLDs-Complaint-1.pdf

  9. No vaccine is perfect. When creating and using several BILLION vaccinations there can be sudden deaths here and there if this is done over a very tiny time window of say, two months as we see here.

    This is because normally there are ‘sudden unexplained deaths’ in populations of several BILLION.

    Tracking the exact cause of these very, very extremely few deaths takes time. Meanwhile, THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people get sick or die of this virus EVERY DAY!!!

    Thank you very much. Go to
    to see how many are dying each day. Nearly 85 thousand got sick in India alone and 4000 died yesterday! USA had 16 thousand get sick yesterday and 421 died.

    Only around 50% of US and UK people are vaccinated right now and India is only 4% vaccinated. There is a long, long ways to go before everyone is vaccinated. We need at least 60% vaccinated in all countries to cause this disease to drop off entirely.

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