Muslim Activist Runs for DNC In Seattle After Bomb Threat On School Bus

The Democrats decided four years ago to dump those troublesome Jews and go full tilt for troublesome Muslims.  This, in turn, is driving most Jews into the Republican party.  As always, using immigration to boost voting numbers, we see many black Muslims from Africa being trucked into the USA.  We see in Minneapolis how this population loves to loot and burn cities so this is very troubling to watch.  Also, the Bilderberg bigwigs had their G7 summit in England where they flew their massive army of jets and helicopters and drove around in gas guzzling armored cars while screeching about ‘global warming’ as we have a cold, wet summer with lots of floods and ice storms, etc. even in Saudi Arabia.



The leftists are infiltrating schools and teaching our children and grandchildren to hate America, hate society and to destroy all systems.  Books about sex and homosexuality, etc. are being bought and given to small children.  This is a form of child rape.  Ripping innocence out of the grasp of small children is dangerous.


Another even worse danger is lurking in the schools in Portland, OR:



ANTIFA gangsters in colleges and schools are causing great violence and dangers.  It is shocking, reading Andy Ngo’s postings about this gang.  Everyone in it have criminal records and still are allowed to infest schools and government offices.


All this is endorsed by the Bilderberg gang!  The G7 leaders are meeting right now into Cornwall, England to yap about how evil flying jets to Cornwall from all over the earth is deadly and is killing us due to CO2 problems which trees and grass love.  We are all going to die!  OH NO!!! Except for all plants, these thrive.



Even host Boris flew a private jet to the estate near London.  The several hour train ride was too much for this very busy man.  He, unlike us, has to fly hither and yon just like the beastly Royal Family who are attending this conference to yap about the evils of flying helicopters and jets.  The Brit royals have this huge stable of HORSES and have MULTIPLE carriages, too!


Why didn’t they use these?  Eh?  EH?  HAHAHA.

Robert Jenrick, a government minister, confirmed to the BBC’s Today Programme on Wednesday morning that the Prime Minister would be flying to Cornwall on Wednesday, a distance of nearly 400 kilometres from London to Newquay in south-west England.


One of the policy priorities of the summit, whose presidency is held by the UK, is “tackling climate change and preserving the planet’s biodiversity.”


The summit’s website adds: “We will protect the future of our planet by moving to net zero and providing financial support for developing countries to do the same.”


But according to figures released by the UK government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the 399 kilometre domestic trip by plane from Stansted airport to Newquay airport will produce 97.5kg of greenhouse gases per passenger. The equivalent journey by train, a 482 kilometre journey from Paddington station to Newquay station is 17.8kg of greenhouse gases per passenger.


Here is a funny story about these creeps who want to turn all of the G7 nations into Venezuela: lots of oil and gas and no one is allowed to use it and instead, are starving to death instead:



This news is funny as hell: insects attacked Washington, DC, delaying the press plane so it couldn’t guzzle gas flying a bunch of bloated blocks to England to report on what energy restrictions this gang is planning to impose on us peasants!


His arrival appears to have held up a flight of the White House press corps, which had already been delayed due to a cloud of cicadas in Washington.


The cicadas thought the press was a bunch of big, fat cicadas because they chirp aways, mindlessly just like cicadas!  Arrest all noisy bugs for disturbing the peace and arrest all reporters, too, ditto.  Most disturbing!



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10 responses to “Muslim Activist Runs for DNC In Seattle After Bomb Threat On School Bus

  1. lou

    No, I do not think ‘most Jews are now republicans’.
    The damage the Jews have done world wide is incalculable.
    Ask those who study Soros and Zionism.

  2. snoosebomb

    Keep Hope Alive , boris


    umm nope, maybe not, delayed another 4 weeks ,,

    them variants U Know ,,

    sounds like geert vanden bossche was right

    ever hear of him ? nah, just another ” anti vaxxer ”

  3. Timothy Carroll


    Clearly you’re imagining things. Jews are a kind hearted, loving people. And just because they only are less than 3% of the entire U.S. population but control all aspects of entertainment, government, academia, and “news”, you have the nerve to insinuate that they are purposefully degrading our culture, politics, art, entertainment, education and media in order to wipe gentiles off the map is downright anti-semitic! It certainly won’t be tolerated here, mister! Viva Israel!

  4. Moe

    @4 TC

    You forgot to type ‘sarc’.

  5. lou

    The groups Elaine helped or liked when she was young are now ready to destroy the USA.

    black panthers, then, BLM now.



  6. Jim R


    The groups have changed, too. They have gone insane.

    Back then, they were anti-war. Now, not-so-much. They are being silly, claiming Russia stole the election in ’16, but there is nothing to see now, in the election of ’20.

  7. Berkeley ceased being ‘pro-free speech’ in 1970 when the radicals said they would kill me because of a pro-dead cop editorial I wrote. Sheesh.

    And I was very much antiwar and remain mostly antiwar today. I was one of the very few people online to be antiwar after 9/11 when we illegally attacked Iraq. I was very much against that, just for example.

  8. Zeke

    “Where a government lies to a people”

    There is a terrible toll to be paid for decades later – when a gov’t lies to its people.
    The after life, after glow of lies such as WMDs, Gulf of Tonkin incident, FdrlResvBnk theft from working class to bloat stock market and housing market, ZIRP and TINA, zero tax on billionaires, etc. cast a long shadow which leads to general mistrust by people of gov’t.
    Finds expression in all sorts of ‘deniers’: pandemic, vaccine, election results, school shootings, WTC Bldg. # 7, etc.

  9. And you lie, too! Imagine that.

    Hell’s bells, ALL humans lie about things, ask any ancient storyteller going back thousands of years. Even the gods lie.

    Figuring out things in a hopefully sane way is the trick here and humans struggle with this. Understandably. We have huge brains and thus, more opportunity to lie to ourselves.

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