Citibank Coughs Up Crazy Ad: Chinese Elderly Fear ‘Hate’ But Citibank Won’t Say Who Is Attacking Asians!


The top honchos of Citibank decided this week to virtue signal to Asians in NYC and San Francisco, who are living in dying cities being ripped to shreds by BLM gangsters and ANTIFA rioters.  In this insipid video, the narrator warns us about dangers in buses, streets, subways and even on the front porch while picking up a package.  In this video, the old Chinese lady complains about attackers and then hides behind her solid door which she locks.  The narration is all about ‘Asians fear covid 19 and Asian hate’.  Whatever that is!



THERE IS NO MENTION ABOUT WHO IS ATTACKING ASIANS!  Here is a fine example, the shooting of a bunch of black people in a mob gathering at night, the perp is a black male with strange hairdo:



The reason for this is simple: BLM gangs and ANTIFA gangs are attacking Asians!  Ask half Asian reporter Andy Ngo!  The scared Asians in the commercial don’t openly say, ‘White males’ are attacking nor who the attackers support, politically (hint: the leftists).  Blacks attack Asians mainly because they have money and don’t put it all in the bank (to evade taxes) so there is loot to be gotten if one beats up some elderly Asian person and then steal their wallets.



A win/win for blacks and Hispanics in DNC hell hole cities!  And in turn, suicidal Asians vote DNC, too so I don’t feel very sorry for them at this point.  I will also note that comments are turned off by Citibank for this stupid ad because an army of online commentators will point out the painfully obvious, who is attacking that Chinese woman and why she should fear for her life.



Also…also…this stupid ad came out just two weeks ago and has zero mention of the vaccination when the Asian lady yaps about how she is terrified of germs as well as mysterious attacks from unknown sources menacing her.  Ahem.  HAHAHA.  Boy, this is a deaf and dumb commercial.  No wonder they don’t allow any comments so I will mock them here.  Here is the genius who created this commercial:



Recently, Jane Fraser, President of Citi and CEO of Global Consumer Banking took over and is big on a Brave New World banking.



This big event got a total of….771 views for the last half a year!  HAHAHA.  Boy, Citibank’s yapper is popular with nearly no one.


Citibank and others are grilled by DNC gorillas in Congress who are demanding they spread money more to the masses via debasing the currency:



The bankers promised the DNC gang, they would redistribute the wealth so I expect them all to turn in their private jets, move homeless drug addicts into their mansions and put their children to work, cleaning toilets in public buildings.  There!  Fixed everything!  HAHAHA…these people are insane.




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5 responses to “Citibank Coughs Up Crazy Ad: Chinese Elderly Fear ‘Hate’ But Citibank Won’t Say Who Is Attacking Asians!

  1. lou

    Asian Invasion. Check a book called ‘The Snake Head’.
    China is taking over as much of the world as it can.

    So many yellows in san fran. They vote democrat, usually, if they vote.
    Now they get blowback.

  2. lou

    Here, my dear,
    the people the dems protect, the peeps the yellows protect,

    BLM activist Stephon Jamar Duncan Threatened to ‘Take Down …
    Search domain blazingpress.com
    The passenger mentioned they initially believed that the person, later identified as 34-year-old Stephon Jamar Duncan, was trying to hijack the aircraft. Native information outlet ABC7 reported that authorities in Oklahoma Metropolis mentioned that Duncan was “an off-duty Delta worker” who threatened to “take down the aircraft.”
    An off-duty Delta flight attendant by the name of Stephon Jamar Duncan allegedly makes terroristic threats, assaults flight attendants:

    The suspect raved that he was going to “take down the plane,” en route from Los Angeles to Atlanta.

    “We’re holding him down and he was screaming and crying,” Genet told ABC News. “And then one of the gentlemen on the flight was a Marine, and he came over and they got the restraints, and we kind of all held him down until we got the restraints on. By then he was sort of apologizing.”

    My question is, did he get the jab? These “vaccines” affect every cell in the body, including brain tissue. He may not have had much of that to begin with.

  3. Zeke

    CitiBank is a “Too Big To Fail” criminal institution unconcerned with the rules of the marketplace or Capitalism.
    When they overreach thru corruption or malfeasance – they will be bailed out by the so called FdrRsvBnk via direct money pipeline using counterfeit fiat script.

    This is the way politicians set it up; both RePukes and DumboCrats.

    Soaring untaxed wealth for the connected blasting off into space. Crushing poverty and evictions and foreclosures and starvation wages and ZIRP theft of savings for everybody else.

    Welkom to Feudal Amerika.

  4. Zeke

    Why ALWAYS Shilling for the ex-con?

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