G7 Boss Hypocrisy: They Can Gather In Gangs Not Brits Who Are Still Locked Down


Travel between India and England has brought a novel form of coronavirus 19 to England.  So the shut down of events continues except for the elites of the Bilderberg gang who had a G7 meeting and which, as always, ignored the ‘do not stand close together’ rule.  This ‘do as we say and not as we do’ mentality is how all people who are powerful act.  They always do as they please.  These clowns used this occasion to also demand we stop burning fossil fuels which means no more jet planes flying all over the earth, spreading germs!


An update on my relationship with an old god named Thor: I went to the refrigerator which is next to a skylight.  Just as I stood under the skylight, a lightning bolt struck it.  I ducked, reflexively.  Ear splitting crack of thunder, as always.  This was a friendly reminder by Thor that even being indoors, he still can harass me.


All my lightning events where I was hit were all indoors.  Often, through walls or an open door or open window which is why I avoid doors and windows during thunder storms.  I forgot about sky lights!


No lightning bolts hit these goofy world leaders who promised each other, they intend to make all of us poorer and weaker to ‘stop global warming’.  Oops…Thor is back and I have to stop typing now.


We had a banking problem and a search for a phone and ID problem with my brain damaged husband and found all of this, after some phone calls to service providers, under his pillow!  What a relief but brain damage is very hard to live with!  He is OK now and has his wallet and phone again.  And the lightning  has stopped.  I hate it when I have to do stuff when there is lightning nearby.  I was ALWAYS struck by lightning while indoors.


Now on to the Bilderberg gang who do black magic and are doing it TODAY in Europe which is probably why a lightning bolt tried to hit me through the skylight two hours ago:


A G7 beach barbecue has led to accusations of hypocrisy after it emerged that lifting restrictions on weddings will probably be delayed. Images of world leaders gathered together on the sands of Carbis Bay in Cornwall (top right and bottom) drew anger from the wedding industry who have been left in limbo about whether large gatherings will be allowed to take place again. No 10 denied the feast on Saturday breached current Covid rules – which allow 30 people to gather together outside. Weddings are also limited to just 30 guests, although there had been plans to lift those restrictions on numbers next week. But concerns over the Indian variant of the virus have prompted ministers to reassess the roadmap, with Boris Johnson suggesting he will delay the initial plan. Rebecca Lee and fiancé Joe Henderson (top left) have already moved their wedding date twice.


So, you can’t have weddings but you can have BILDERBERG GANG GATHERINGS?  HAHAHA.  Arrest the entire gang, put them all in prison.  Sheesh.  They decreed they will now end all coal mining and use and only let the communist Chinese use coal or India use coal.  This way, the coal CO2 problems will continue and supposedly we will roast to death according to these monsters!!!


So…why are they letting the Chinese do this?  I call this ‘treason’ since they, themselves, said this will roast us to death!  They said, this is the greatest danger to all living things…so why let China do this nonstop???



And now there new coronavirus germs which evolved from the China Wuhan crop of germs which, in turn, mutated in Italy last year to become even worse than the Chinese version of this disease:



So, Boris and Biden think this was mainly from the animal market in Wuhan.  That storyline has been ditched long ago and Trump has been pushing hard for the real truth to come out: it came from a lab experiment.  Also, at the G7 meeting, Europe resumes looting the US public purse while we carry the entire load of defending Europe from Putin who is building a gas line to Germany where the alternative energy systems is collapsing due to intrinsic weaknesses.



The White House said that Biden was wrong when he talked about ‘exchanges’ with Putin!  HAHAHA.  So, whenever Trump tried diplomacy with Russia, the DNC and the mainstream fake news would run about in hysteria and tried to IMPEACH him for doing business with Putin that never happened.


And now…Biden is going to do business with Putin and no one in DC or mainstream media is screaming to impeach him!  Well, I want him impeached so get working at this, you dopes.



in Canada, they are hunting down priests who hold outdoor services or indoor ones due to the extraordinary cold weather this early summer and late spring!  It is cold most of the time and very wet, too!    So, we have zero global warming and the coronavirus is vanishing thanks to the vaccinations, except for mutant strains which we have to do the same virus vaccination all over again.


Now on to the campus messes as leftists are the most racist people on earth and they want to have permission to persecute, call names, cuss out, demean…WHITE MALES…while white males are not allowed to do this to them:



This is the fault of our fake schools: they teach these obvious brats that black people can’t possibly be ‘racist’ even when they are very, very racist because their victims they are abusing are really nasty people who are inherently racist so they deserve to be treated in a racist way and this isn’t ‘racism’ when blacks do this!


Incredible!  All these lunatics learning these goofy lessons should be arrested for being racist!  HAHAHA.  After all, racism is EVIL!  And ILLEGAL.  So arrest black racists, too!  Fun times for everyone.


By the way, it is nearly noon and the thunderstorms have passed by and are gone for the next three hours before the next wave come in.  Whew.





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16 responses to “G7 Boss Hypocrisy: They Can Gather In Gangs Not Brits Who Are Still Locked Down

  1. snoosebomb

    How can you insult The G7 ? . They helped give you that wonderful totally effective Vaccination and are increasing the overall health of the world and strengthening democracy by making sure people are locked down their rights are suspended . BRAVO we must fight the deadly flu!
    And in the future you will feel even more of Scwab/Gates love injected into you !

  2. lou

    they are disgusting. I doubt they will see justice [hanging] in this life.

  3. lou

    Snoose, I found these
    Luc Montagnier, a Nobel Prize winner in medicine from a few years back, that nothing good will come from taking the vaccination. Dr. Montagnier has stated in a video that there’s no hope for the vaccinated. I hope he’s wrong, as my siblings and all of their grown children have been good little citizens and taken their shots, but a large group of lawyers and physicians are charging the makers and distributors of these vaccines with crimes against humanity. We have been able to discern the increasing desperation of the federal government over the last several months to get vaccines into arms at any cost. To resort to offering prizes is a dead giveaway that there is a lot more “hesitancy” then they are willing to admit, and they are trying to scoop up the last of the suckers. If Dr. Montagnier is correct, within the next few years the price of homes and used cars may drop precipitously and whatever is left of the government is going to be in hiding, and I doubt that Blackrock will survive the upheaval.

    Funny…..the government didn’t go to such lengths to eradicate SMALLPOX from the globe half a century ago.
    Are we all supposed to believe that COVID-19 is a threat greater than smallpox was?
    Seriously, really?
    S – C – A – M
    That is all it can be.
    So the question is this: What is the end game of the elites? Are they simply bumbling boobs who are blindly creating a massive public health disaster simply as an after-effect of their TDS last year? Or, alternately, should we all be donning our tinfoil hats and wondering WTF this pandemic is REALLY about? Did the Leftist elites worldwide engineer this virus so that they could dose 90% of the world with a lethal vaccine that will slowly depopulate the planet and effect THE GREAT RESET?
    One does wonder about such things, and I’m fairly allergic to most forms of conspiracy-minded thinking. But this really stinks to high heaven.

  4. snoosebomb

    Armstrong thinks its control via wolves from sheep , Stalin style , or sterility is shaping up , watch the birth rates 2022 sept etc

    But Thank God [ Gates ] Elaine will be safe as she will fall in the sheep category.

  5. Jim R

    Tim Pool wades in —
    aitchteeteepeeess colon slashslash dubyadubyadubya dot bee eye tee chute.com/video/IDQeJxLIK98/

    The usual measures were taken to foil WP censorship.

  6. lou

    Clapton speaks the truth on Corona shot:


  7. Pertry

    Inside source that can confirm over 25,800 deaths from the vaccine. I’ll be making a video soon showing how you too can extract this information from government databases. This will be a huge embarrassment for the Biden admin, CDC, FDA, and NIH. Info has been in plain sight.

  8. lou

    7–thanks. its depopulation.

    meanwhile, in the ‘are you glad she is not your daughter’ category,


  9. Small pox was eradicated. The last place where it happened was in Africa. And we had this wonderful ‘population boom’ thanks 100% to VACCINATIONS of all sorts.

    In the good old days, roughly 15% of the populations died of diseases of all sorts. My family still remembers people who dies of tuberculosis. And the Spanish Flu, too, killed by grandad’s first fiance, she died of that nasty flu. Flues can and are highly dangerous.

  10. The CDC ‘vaccination kill numbers’ are really a list of people who MIGHT have died due to the vaccination but so far, NONE have been proven. It takes time to figure out what happened and why.

    And…these numbers are in stark contrast to the number vaccinated so far: half a BILLION plus! This is a gigantic number.

  11. lou

    In USA, millions did NOT die of C19 last year. that is fact.

    Elaine, here is a copy paste of yr screed–

    My family still remembers people who dies of tuberculosis. And the Spanish Flu, too, killed by grandad’s first fiance, she died of that nasty


    ELAINE: MILLIONS IN THE WORLD DIED. In the US, it was far fewer thanks to shutting down things for a while.

  12. snoosebomb

    Elaine , now that you are vaccinated Please remember to wear your mask in public , wash your hands and to social distance.
    We want you to be safe from the rising variants and not have to repeat your terrible HK flu experience.

  13. Snoose, are you OK? You sound rather sad. I would suggest you get help. As for the vaccinations: NOTHING IN THE UNIVERSE IS PERFECT. Period. We can game things so we do better.

    A lot of people think, doing really stupid things is better than taking a chance with something that works 99.999% of the time. The odds are against you doing something stupid and prospering.

  14. lou

    12–I saw that last nite at a meeting. An old gent, vaxed, with mask [at least sometimes] and putting the poison on his hands.

    In the US, it was far fewer thanks to shutting down things for a while.
    Not all of USA shut down and as we know, the very rich never distanced. New-sance at the French Laundry, etc etc.

    You imply we are stupid yet post–people who dies of tuberculosis.
    And the Spanish Flu, too, killed by grandad’s first fiance,

  15. Why the hatred of modern medicine? This baffles me. This is probably due to the wonders of vaccination silently eliminating extremely dangerous diseases to the point, some of these have vanished entirely.

    Drop vaccinations and we return to the Medieval epidemic model of population controls.

  16. Kenogami

    Take vaccinations out of the hands of the globalist/satanic mafia, who want to sterilize/genocide most humans, and we will have safe vaccinations rates/models.

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