Super Rich Who Put Biden In Power Now Wail, He Is Causing Economic Chaos! HAHAHA


The stupidest news today is all the Wall Street super rich worried about the Biden economy which they created, themselves, via giving lots of money to Biden and assisting him in stealing the election.  Now they have buyer’s remorse as they got what they wished and now regret this stupidity.  Alas, all of us get to pay the piper hired by these clowns!  I keep saying, the Gods laugh at mere humans and torment us by granting us our wishes!  As the country spirals into chaos, Biden went overseas to make a fool of himself and revert all alliances into the old system of the US paying for everything, all the time.  This delighted foreign leeches like Germany and England.


The US school systems continue the collapse into communism as far leftist radicals turn everything into Maoist hell hole schools that destroy minds, not build minds:



This former North Korean lady who bravely fled a hell hole country is now shocked that the exact same leftist ideologies are being imposed on US students here in the USA.  This is no surprise to me, I watched first hand, Berkeley descending into leftist hell way back in the 1960’s as the school went from Free Speech into waving Mao’s Little Red Book while yelling for me to be beaten up for daring to warn everyone about Maoism.


The DNC relies on Mao troops on campuses to continue in power despite increasing information about vote cheating by the Democrats during the previous election.  These traitors have opened our borders to invaders.  Simultaneously, they change history by claiming, utterly falsely, that Trump let in these invaders, not the Democrats.


This is very disgusting and proof the DNC is luring invaders into our country are obvious to anyone capable of observing obvious events.  Right now, the Republicans in Congress are declaring a border crisis and are demanding the border Czar, Harris, go visit the border she is supposed to be protecting.  After 80 days, she shockingly refuses point blank to visit our own borders while gadding about the entire earth, instead:

Of course, the DNC voted against this resolution because they want open borders to import illegal voters so they can maintain power this stupid way.  I am furious that these so-called ‘smart adults’ can’t read the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.  In a nutshell: the citizens of Rome stopped having children for various reasons, the climate suddenly became increasingly colder and crops began to fail and northern barbarians (my own family) moved southwards seeking warmth and the Empire was bankrupt, the currency totally debased and…then it fell, badly.


Rome went from a million people to a few thousand and all the massive marble buildings except for four (yes, four) were destroyed and for 700 years, the place lay in ruins!  The fall of the Minoan Empire and then the collapse of all the empires except for parts of the Egyptian empires all collapsed in unison after the massive volcanic eruption and tsunamis in the 11th century BC was even more destructive to all civilizations and it was colder than during the Minoan Warm Cycle for 600 long years!


The moral/educational collapse is rapidly heading to total collapse as schools are infiltrated by SJW/ANTIFA teachers who are now openly attacking mainly white male boys and abusing them in public and snarling, snapping and harassing white male students all in the name of ‘racial justice’:



This deranged leftist communist teacher was removed once this make national news.  All such teachers should be investigated.  The school she got her degree from should be investigated.  How dare they give a teaching certificate to this utter lunatic!



Here is a very funny cartoon about modern SJW communist teachers who are mostly white and who in this cartoon, are abusing a black kid for daring to point out the obvious communist puppet (yes, SJW teachers particularly hate black kids who are sane and not crazy leftists!):



And Mark Dice, a comedian who also writes serious books about the Bilderberg gang and their secret meetings, etc. talks about the take over of our schools and the propaganda they are now imposing on our children via Critical Race Theory junk:



Now on to the weather: SJW leftists now control our national weather reporting systems and are systematically resetting all systems to show ‘global warming’ that doesn’t exist.  Instead of calm evaluation of the weather, they are issuing hysterical reports based on poor understanding of how weather systems operate.  The CO2 fraud continues and I chose Saudi Arabia to illustrate this lunacy.


Why?  Well, Saudi Arabia has been have lots and lots of rain, huge amounts of rain, actual floods as well as ice storms and even snow storms this year so far!  So SA responds by claiming, they are going to cut down on CO2 to stop the ‘hot weather’ that hasn’t been happening:



Just when Saudi Arabia wins a ‘No Floods’ award…they have been having one flood after another.  This is very ironic.  The gods much have a strong sentiment for irony when dealing with mere humans.  Note how fellow Muslims in Algeria are having FLOODS!  Good grief, this is all so insane.


Hosting some of the world’s most severe protracted displacement contexts, the region has also witnessed new waves of displacement due to hostilities affecting the Tigray region of Ethiopia since the beginning of November. Multiple countries were also hit by repeated drought, a cyclone, and regular flash and riverine floods. The pandemic has also accentuated the existing socio-economic vulnerabilities of these displaced populations and further hampered the achievement of sustainable and durable solutions. These aspects are further investigated in the Forced Displacement section with a focus on four countries which have reported the most volatile conditions in 2020.


They even had snow this year.  So, this is all about rain, sleet, snow and hot dry weather which reminds me of a song:

This ironic very old song sums up the Bilderberg gang’s ‘climate CHANGE.’  HAHAHA.  The propaganda about how Saudi Arabia and the African Sahara are super hot and super dry is collapsing.  When we saw snow storms in the Sahara desert in recent years, they claimed this nearly never happens.


Then more snow storms and then rain and even floods hit the Sahara and the response has been insane: there is too much warmth and we are all going to roast to death.



So, Saudi Arabia has had, like I have explained endlessly here, very unusual cold cycle type weather. No droughts.  Tony Heller did a video today about how climate change was a lot worse 100 or so years ago:



Heller is being sarcastic here.  And it is a great reminder of how unsettled the weather was during the last hot cycle.  The present one is a lot less hot than the earlier cycle of the last 100.




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8 responses to “Super Rich Who Put Biden In Power Now Wail, He Is Causing Economic Chaos! HAHAHA

  1. Richard

    Its been predicted that 8 out of 9 lefties took the jab,
    gene therapy killshot.
    The elites will kill off their brainwashed support
    base within two years. In the meanwhile, the spike protein
    is doing all kinds of strange things to their brain which
    can lead to forgetfulness, strange thoughts, aggressive outbursts,
    and just blanking out. The cupcake teacher was probably vaxxed.
    We are seeing strange car accidents and machinery accidents from
    vaxxed people, too. Clif High coined the name: “vaxxidents”

  2. snoosebomb

    ”the Gods laugh at mere humans and torment us by granting us our wishes! ”

    That’s why we need human gods like Joe and Bill and Boris to keep us safe !

    Like you are now !

  3. Petruchio

    “This is no surprise to me, I watched first hand, Berkeley descending into leftist hell way back in the 1960’s as the school went from Free Speech into waving Mao’s Little Red Book while yelling for me to be beaten up for daring to warn everyone about Maoism.” HaHaHaHaHaHahahaHaHaHa!!!!! THIS is what happens when you have a bunch of spoiled rotten rich kids and then cater to their every whim. You have a bunch of overindulged, overly insulated Rich Kids who are propped up and protected. They have their career paths guaranteed through their soiled rotten rich kid network. They preach all this Hatred towards White America but have NO problem enjoying the benefits of living in the USA. As for the waving of Mao’s Little Red Book. Elaine, have you ever heard of a Prop before? It’s an Acting term. These guys is Bolsheviks, the Modern Day Version of it. They are a blend of Jewish Radicals and Idiot Blacks (BLM) and then there is ANTIFA. The group filled with College gurlz with enormous student Loan debt and no job prospects. These lovely ladies have been brainwashed into thinking that they can get career jobs. This is when reality sets in for them. These College Grad gurlz find out there aint no Career Path available. Then they get lied to. These “ladies” are told this joblessness of theirs is because of the White Man. White Male privilege. Same story with the SJW Mob.

  4. AT

    Neither Biden nor Trump is driving the train. Biden hasn’t even removed the “Trump” sanctions. They’re just taking orders.

  5. Hello, I was there and you were not there.

    The Bolshis HATED the Maoists. They were the ‘Ruskies’ not the ‘Chinese’. China and Russia were at war…WITH EACH OTHER BACK THEN.

    In the left in the USA, they fought each other in places like Berkeley, literal street battles. Think, the Nazis versus the commies in Berlin, 1934.

  6. And Biden and Trump have nearly nothing in common and people who pretend they do are pretending.

    I highly recommend people read my stuff and look at the videos I provide. It is very educational.

  7. lou

    She was there because she was young and foolish. Now she has graduated from the school of hardest knocks.

    Biden and Trump–polar opposites.

  8. Unlike so many other people, I actually stood up to the communist rival gangs in Berkeley which is why BOTH said they were going to KILL ME and then shot dead a young cop at my front gate!!!

    This was no joy ride, this was life and death and I armed myself and then did something even better, got the 78th Precinct police in NYC to guard my life and limb and then had a ton of fun, arresting criminals all over the place with them.

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