Violent ANTIFA Rioters Free To Go Home After Attacking Federal Buildings/DC January Rioters Rot In Prison With No Trials

The Democrats are barely tapping the back of the hands of violent rioters in Oregon and Washington State when they tried to burn down Federal buildings, etc.  Not even spending one hour in prison, this violent rioter in the photo above was put on ‘home arrest’ which is lefty talk for ‘allowed to run riot again like previously.’  This is disgusting since the same Democrats are keeping ‘Washington, DC rioters’ in prison before trial with no bail and intend to put them in prison for a very long time!  This is disgusting.  The fellow in the photo above also was making BOMBS when arrested.  There are man examples of Democrats throwing the book at conservatives while allowing total chaos and crime with their buddies in dying hell hole cities that vote 100% for liberal leftists.


The most recent mass murder event was, as usual, black guys running riot with guns.  Luckily for all of us, they are often poor shots.  In the case below, this gentleman was trying to kill white males at a nightclub.  He is a racist murderer and should be charged as one but he won’t be charged, we all know what the liberals will do to him: NOTHING.



The Pulse Club shooting which was when a suicidal lunatic, looking thither and yon for some target to mass murder, he ended up shooting up a gay nightclub instead of DISNEYLAND.  So gays are pretending, he was an anti-gay killer when he was ‘merely’ a lunatic mass murderer and didn’t give a hoot, who he killed:



The killer claims, he daddy was involved with the FBI:



The killer was Muslim.  He did the usual Angry Muslim Male thing and tried to kill as many ‘evil outsiders’ he could kill, this being a fine thing if you are a Muslim  male.


Meanwhile, San Francisco and all other DNC hell hole cities continues to die and to self destruct and now are teaching black youths that a life of crime is far better than being honest citizens:



No one is allowed to arrest criminals anymore.  This pisses me off.  I actually, when still a teenager, made a number of citizen’s arrests in the Bay Area even though I was a hippie chick!  Not nearly as many as I did later in Tucson and then hugely in dying NY City that had near zero police powers back in the 1970’s!


Now I am gone and my buddy, Giuliani is totally gone and the city is dying again and crime is rampant because…sigh…it is now a DNC hell hole city again!  Imagine that!  Wow.





So, foreign leeches who depend on us to defend them while they lock us out of their markets and do business with Russia and China, are very happy that a lunatic fool is leading us into destruction.  Great allies we have there!  Also, these asses pretended to wear face masks when doing photos at the G7 Rip Off US Taxpayers Meeting but the minute the cameras were supposed to be put away, they took off the stupid masks.  Arrest them all.  Charge: theft, treason and insanity.



Thank you, dear neighbor Elise, she is working hard to annoy the DNC gang in NY.  I love it.



And…inflation is back thank you, Democrats, again.  To hell with you all.


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24 responses to “Violent ANTIFA Rioters Free To Go Home After Attacking Federal Buildings/DC January Rioters Rot In Prison With No Trials

  1. lou

    off topic, well well well

    The Spence School in New York City exhibited video depicting white women being ‘tarred and feathered’: ex-trustee
    An ex-top trustee at Manhattan’s prestigious Spence School claims she yanked her daughter out due to her growing dissatisfaction with the school’s racial indoctrination, which culminated in a class video that “tarred and feathered” white women.

    According to Gabriela Baron, the video “humiliates” white women.
    According to Gabriela Baron, the video “humiliates” white women.
    Gabriela Baron, a Hispanic technology executive, wrote a scathing letter to the prestigious Upper East Side institution last week, claiming that the video — shown to her eighth-grade…etc

  2. Jim R

    Houston TV News reporter goes public..

    aitchteeteepeeess colon slashslash dubyadubyadubya dot bee eye tee

    aitchteeteepeeess colon slashslash dubyadubyadubya dot bee eye tee

  3. shawntoh


    I note in a column that JHK wrote on Monday, June 14, 2021 something really disturbing…

    He claims that… “…. the three [COVID-19] vaccines being used have produced more deaths and ‘adverse events’ in aggregate than all the other vaccines medicine has developed over the past thirty years….”

    I was shocked and dismayed. I re-read and re-read this until I clarified what I had read.

    JHK is a very smart man and I have talked with him on the phone personally to confirm this and he’s been very kind and helpful to me–just like you, Elaine. So this is hard for me to deal with and…

    Oh well, we’ll just deal with it!

    We as a bunch of Homo sapiens will probably become extinct in less than a hundred years from what I know and…

    Don’t worry about the mess we left behind, maybe, as it will take only five million years for Great Mother Nature to clean it up.

    I can wait five million years. I’ll be just fine. After what I’ve been through, it feels like… I’ve already waited as long as five million years of excrement! So what’s another five mill’? Oh, you’re all right and it’s all good. Relax. Please.

    SOURCES cited…*


    *Video cited…

  4. HAHAHA…quoting fake statistics is fun. Look, so far, INVESTIGATORS checking to see what is really going on, have confirmed so far, no deaths caused by the vaccination.

    When you suddenly, in three months, vaccinate a BILLION people worldwide…you get coincidental deaths, too. This is the old ‘million to one’ probabilities.

    People who stupidly hate vaccinations in general latch onto this with zero medical proofs to peddle fear. They desperately want epidemics to rage.


  5. For example, getting regular flu vaccinations is done over a six month to a year process. It is spread out over population and time. This flu shot is an emergency and the numbers being vaccinated is extremely high and in a very small window of events. So we have this statistical probability factor going on right now.

    Vaccinations are now dropping off rapidly as antivac people push very hard to scare everyone. So 50% of the population can play musical chairs with germs for the next two years because it will come back again and again as people refuse vaccinations.

  6. Pertry

    INVESTIGATORS checking to see what is really going on, have confirmed so far, no deaths caused by the vaccination.

    In other news: fox claims no chickens have disappeared, insists hen house is “perfectly safe”.

  7. Pertry


    No kidding! But don’t worry, Bill Gates wears a pink sweater and he loves you.

  8. Zeke

    “THEY OPENLY TALK about …… ”

    Who are “they”? We want names!

    No more bs. Name NAMES !
    …… or shut up with the vague brain fart BS !

    And don’t hide behind vague collective terms like ‘The Bilderbergers’.
    I checked and some of the attendees at their last conference were 1) Jared Kushner, and 2) Mike Pompeo. Two emissaries from Trump’s cabinet!
    That tells us that Trump is either a closet Bilderberger or an aspiring, wannabe Bilderberger.

    Name NAMES or get off the pot! Out with it! Who? No more hiding within yur brain fart cloud. Name NAMES!

  9. snoosebomb

    5 is wrong on many levels

    ”the population can play musical chairs with germs for the next two years ”

    that’s called nature. and we have a wonderful system for dealing with it and its NOT called RNA vac

    BUt no point in talking to stupid ,,,,

  10. snoosebomb

    and if you want 100% safe vaccines come to Canada [ not allowed ] we have Zero ! neg reactions ,

    which tells you for SURE they are lying .

  11. Zeke

    Hard to get any dumber than you, SoB. You would have a clue if it weren’t for the Dunning-Kruger effect.

  12. Jim R

    #4, please read #6. The same globalist liars you are always complaining about are lying to you about this. And not merely about finance, the economy, geopolitics, and the election.

    And, you persist in repeating the lies. It’s a little odd…

  13. snoosebomb

    missing ‘ spidey’ sense that something is very wrong starting Mar 2020

  14. lou

    12–I think because of her honk kong horror, she thinks endless med or fake med is good. long ago she posted ‘you cannot over vaccinate’ which is a lie.

  15. I am rather heartless. I will laugh as antivaccination people die.

    Seek and ye will find your germs!

  16. Jim R

    The usual additional typing applies —

    aitchteeteepeeess colon slashslash dubyadubyadubya dot bee eye tee

    A Final Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon

  17. snoosebomb

    when the vaccinated ones die i’m going to be even Happier than you .

    There go the lefties ! and civilization ,, HAHA ,,!

  18. Zeke

    You are one sad, sick, twisted PoS.

  19. You both mirror each other and hate civilization.

    And all anti-vaccination people are lunatics who have no idea what it is like to live in the pre-vaccination world. Remember: the very first vaccination was for SMALL POX.

    Small pox killed many native American Indians centuries ago! It killed many, many European and Asian people, too. It is a very painful disease which no longer exists thanks to VACCINATIONS.

    This was invented by Pasteur who figured out what milk maids never got small pox, only COW pox which was less dangerous.

  20. Jim R

    The name of the fellow who discovered the benefits of cowpox was Jenner. About a century before Pasteur, I believe.

    And, what’s the point of a vaccine, if it the side effects of the vaccine are exactly the same as the symptoms of the disease it was for?

  21. snoosebomb

    20 ; we are not arguing about ” vaccinations ”

    RNA ya know, stop obfuscating

  22. Petruchio

    Does anyone besides myself who finds it odd that a new Covid vaccine has just been released? Why? You read stories about how millions of the vaccines are going unused.

  23. Jim R

    No, because the Novavax project started at the same time as the others — it has just now reached the point of EUA, perhaps because not as much money was thrown at the company making it. By the way, it is not an RNA vaccine, but a more-traditional concoction made with spike protein and a few other usual vaccine ingredients.

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