Putin Puppet Biden Meets His Boss Today To Discuss German/Russian Alliance Against US


The day Biden snuck into the White House, he had been begging to see his boss, Putin.  Putin graciously agreed to meet the puppet.  This stupid puppet is being drenched with praise from the Bilderberg gang media giants as if this were some sort of power play by a puppet.  It is not.  Every time Trump tried to do basic diplomacy with Putin, the same reporters screamed bloody murder based on false information they created, themselves.  Now, they conceal Biden’s weakness with Putin (collecting bribes in Moscow in the past) in order to prop him up and I believe they can only fool their own foolish leftist idiots who have very poor reasoning abilities.


Funniest news of the week:


The ruble has been gaining strength since the Russian Finance Ministry announced that Moscow sold $5 billion of US currency from Russia’s National Wealth Fund in May alone. Earlier, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said the share of dollars in the fund would be reduced to zero within the next month.The move came as part of the nation’s broader campaign to reduce exposure to the greenback in its currency reserves and make the country less vulnerable to Western sanctions.


Last week, the ministry announced plans to shift the country’s foreign currency liquidity from the US dollar to the euro. Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that Russia may soon be tempted to move away from dollar-denominated crude contracts if the US administration continues to pile up targeted economic sanctions.


No wonder our ‘allies’ in Europe were ecstatic with the puppet!  He fell for their schemes hook, line and sinker.  Too brain damaged to figure out, he and our nation was scammed by these fake allies, he makes things stupider in helping them build business with Russia while Biden shuts down all US fossil fuel systems while Russia pumps natural gas into Germany’s economy which is on the ropes due to the rope-a-dope scheme to eliminate gas in Germany.


Here is a hilarious take on this utter lunacy by Biden, from our buddies at MSNBC, the stupidest news service on earth:


KEY POINTS of this Putin/Puppet meeting:

The Biden administration is facing backlash for a decision to waive sanctions on a Russian company overseeing the construction of the controversial Russia-to-Germany gas pipeline, known as Nord Stream 2.


“I believe they’re essentially deferring to Chancellor [Angela] Merkel to figure out some kind of a strategy that she thinks may work, and maybe get Russia to behave better over Ukraine and other places… But if that’s the strategy, I’d like to hear it explained and defended, not just sort of swept under the rug,” said Michael O’Hanlon.


This puppet is waiting to see what his boss, Putin and his Deutsche Hausfrau, Merkel cook up so both get richer and stronger while the US is strangling to death all our economic systems due to fake ‘global warming.’  Europe just had a very cold winter and spring and isn’t in the mood to pretend, we are all going to roast to death due to driving cars.



‘Deferring to Merkel’ is what we are supposed to do here?  While screaming about ‘global warming’, MSNBC thinks it is a great idea for Russia to supply our trade RIVAL, Germany, with gas which Putin and turn off and on at whim, this is a good thing????  HAHAHA.   Just yesterday, Merkel and her fellow leeches in Europe told Biden, we have to stop ‘global warming’ or else!  Arrest Merkel.  Arrest Biden.  Put them in the same cell in an insane asylum and tell Biden, Merkel is Nursie and give her a hammer to use on him.


The decision to spare the German company comes as President Joe Biden looks to mend relations with a key ally that were unsettled during the Trump administration. But the decision angered U.S, lawmakers and other critics of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline who hoped to stop the project by targeting the company and its top executive.


Our relations with Germany were ‘unsettled’ by Trump because Germany wanted to strangle our economy while boosting their own economy at our expense!  He was PROTECTING US!


The U.S. has long opposed the project, which would bring natural gas from Russia to Germany. It argues the pipeline threatens European energy security and poses risks to Ukraine and Poland, which are both bypassed by the project.


Poland is very, very pissed at the US now and views Biden as a proto-Hitler character now.


“I’ve made it clear to the Biden administration from day one that every effort should be made to prevent completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline,” Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a New Hampshire Democrat and a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Shaheen said she was disappointed with the administration’s decision to spare the German company.


“Completion of this pipeline poses a threat to U.S. security interests and the stability of our partners in the region,” Shaheen said in a statement.


If Biden’s surrender to Germany and Russia bothers Shaheen, why isn’t she IMPEACHING HIM NOW???  Eh?  Obviously, this grave danger isn’t big enough to motivate this traitor to go after an obvious traitor, eh?  She really isn’t much a patriot, is she?


Speaking about cops and arresting frauds: the Arizona voting mess in what the gangsters said repeatedly, was the fairest, best election, ever, continues to roll onwards:



Arizona and Texas are now going to run our southern border despite Putin Puppet Biden’s best efforts to destroy the USA via assisting invaders:


On June 10, 2021 Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed that the Texas state government will start implementing a “comprehensive border security plan” that involves the state entering an agreement with Arizona to continue the construction of the border wall.


California continues to allow invaders.  This is because that state is dying rapidly now.  Got to replace all fleeing citizens with illegal aliens!


“President Biden’s open-border policies have led to a humanitarian crisis at our southern border as record levels of illegal immigrants, drugs, and contraband pour into Texas,” Abbott declared, saying it was the “most robust and comprehensive border security plan the nation has ever seen.”


The governor continued, “While securing the border is the federal government’s responsibility, Texas will not sit idly by as this crisis grows. The state is working collaboratively with communities impacted by the crisis to arrest and detain individuals coming into Texas illegally.”


This is the first step towards State’s Rights resuming and an end to Federalism.


To make this agreement an interstate affair, the Texas state government will use the Emergency Management Assistance Compact with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.


They are already talking about writing their own treaties with Mexico, too.  Wow.  Biden is just amazing for a brain dead lunatic.  He is really changing history, fast.


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33 responses to “Putin Puppet Biden Meets His Boss Today To Discuss German/Russian Alliance Against US

  1. Zeke

    EMS – you have drunk deeply of the Trumpian Kool-Aid.

    Trump was Putin’s sock puppet. Just look at after photos of their Summit. Trump even looks defeated, hunched over, and has nothing but praise for his master, Putin.
    No witnesses or reporters were allowed in the room. Even the interpreters were forced to burn their notes!

    Last week you said he was “Beijing Biden”, now you claim Putin owns him. You clearly have DDS (DNC Derangement Syndrome). You don’t need an intervention; you need an exorcism.

    Thanks for the belly laugh when reading what you wrote – “He was PROTECTING US!”
    I’m still laughing; precious and hilarious.

    You have a future in stand-up comedy. Bravo.


    ELAINE: You are the joke here. Trump protected us from overseas invasions, overseas one way trade that wrecks our economic systems and you whine like a little child. Grow up.

  2. lou

    Zeke, go away. you do not bring any value here.

  3. lou

    I read the comments at EMS [avoiding Zekes] but no one agrees with Elaines ‘lets all get this shot’ attitude.

    The WHO deliberately changed the definition of “Pandemic” in [2019] to accommodate the Covid 19 virus, and the WHO also deliberately changed the definition of “Herd Immunity” to accommodate the “vaccines”.

    The definition of “Vaccine” was changed to accommodate the mRNA DNA-altering gene therapies.

    Under the former definition of “Pandemic”, there had to be widespread death, like during the Spanish Flu.

    Covid 19 does NOT qualify as a “Pandemic” under the prior definition.

    There is a lab-released virus, but there is no “Pandemic”.


  4. Jim R


    All true —

    Do you think it’s possible that Elaine is actually shilling for the globalists, sort of like Q/Anon, just to keep everyone entertained and passive?

  5. snoosebomb

    Maybe cause she is female , isn’t this how women argue ?

  6. lou

    5–agreed..Dr. Peter McCullough, professor of Medicine and Vice Chief of Internal Medicine at Baylor University, says that as many as 50,000 Americans have already been killed by the vaccines.

    He without hesitation refers to the covid pandemic and the ensuing vaccines as bioterrorism. The first initial wave of covid itself was designed to take out the elderly and the sick in large numbers and provide all of the cover for everything done after in terms of public health policy and control. The second wave, the vaccines, are designed to kill off the young and healthy and sterilize the population.


    We have been told that life insurance premium rates remain unchanged in the USA.

    If that is True, COVID was not a statistically significant event in the country with the most claimed COVID deaths (past 600,000 this week).

    Slugger‘s UK Deaths Chart is perfect. If we could get the same for other countries (especially USA), we’d be much more informed than we are now.

  7. AT

    @5 Jim,

    “Do you think it’s possible that Elaine is actually shilling for the globalists, sort of like Q/Anon, just to keep everyone entertained and passive?”

    Interesting question, and you’ve raised it before. I suspect it’s more complicated. It’s not a question of globalist vs anti-globalist. She has aligned herself with a faction. You can see her shift in focus when she jumped onto the Trump bandwagon. There was more going on with Trump than merely being controlled opposition and marching his base around in circles while shaking his fist, albeit much less than EMS would claim. And, I believe much of that discrepancy can be explained by how factions posture themselves, the memes that they create for their members, and how those memes relate to the actual degree of cooperation or real or feigned disagreement between the factions.

  8. Floridasandy

    Shame on the condescending liberal men posting, but not surprised at all. Zeke worked hard for his comment 🤔 The Snopes liberal guy left his wife for a hooker, most leftist government “leaders” went to Epstein island , and the Bidens are protected pedophiles

    Denninger at Market Ticker has been right on the alleged pandemic, because there’s science involved. Kary Mullins was right Check out the animal tests to see why it wasn’t trotted out before. Over half the new cases of coronavirus 19 have had the shots. Viruses mutate, and just like the annual flu shot most don’t work. The guinea pig gene therapy results will be interesting after the next wave of seasonal viruses start

    It’s over for now Masks are gone and it’s great. We choose life 😛

  9. Floridasandy

    Comment from today’s Denninger
    Thank you for nailing it so very clearly. The thing that has freaked me out so much about the whole Covid thing is the totally GLOBAL nature of it. So many Americans thought the suppression of hydroxychloroquine, for example, was about making Trump lose the election. But anyone not narrowly and stupidly focused on the U.S. could see that it was going on EVERYWHERE, instantly and simultaneously, with all the same tactics and catchphrases all over the globe. Anyone with eyes to see should have been as freaked out as I was by the global scope of it.

    I think it was when I saw a photo sometime last year of barefoot women in saris in some remote Indian village walking down the road in the hot sun carrying jars of water on their heads WEARING THOSE ****ING FACE MASKS that I realized this was NOT about a virus, that something much more massive and sinister and terrifying was going on.

    I think people are slow to realize it because most people are too busy and and too decent to imagine that there really are such MONSTROUSLY EVIL people in the world who would so casually — gleefully, I think, when they’re behind closed doors — destroy billions of lives. And I do mean billions. Millions have been actually killed, (edit here, adding “given delayed or no treatment during replication process”) but billions have been effectively robbed of normal human life. And the worst has not even arrived yet.

    Oh, yeah

  10. lou

    Elaine, I spoke to masters degreed climatologist. He says Los Angeles has had 6 inches of rain this year. Normal is 14 inches in 5.5 months and a lot of rain is 30 inches by now. He says Northern California is mostly like LA.

  11. Zeke

    If ANY of you short sighted, limited experience imbeciles had EVER worked in an industrial environment, be it in a bakery with flower dust or a wood finishing plant with suspended particles in air – – you would KNOW that protective clothing such as respirator MASK and goggles and gloves are standard parts of PPE.
    And No One was fretting and pearl clutching about totalitarianism or authoritarianism.
    But ya damn goofballs spend yer time incestously reading other shut-ins wallowing fantasies about how yer being screwed. Get a grip.

  12. Hell Soonish

    New NIH study says the coronavirus was present in five states in December 2019

    Can bet good money Elaine won’t dare to discuss what this means.

  13. snoosebomb

    Notice now how the Vanden Bossche ideas seem to be kicking in with the reported rise of variants among the unvaccinated and they are getting some blame. [ in the UK , here in bC and some nursing homes as a few example ]

    He did predict this , you would expect that the large number of vaccinations would lead to an overall reduction in cases but Bossche has said not in this case given the nature of RNA vaccines and the way they were rolled out.

    Next the variants will affect the vaccinated.

    All the above in the context of the relatively small problem it has been all along , but the fall may be very interesting as it all comes apart.

  14. snoosebomb

    @14 Dr Campbell on youtoob [ a moderate voice in this] , has reported that sewage samples from spring 2019 had C-19. Lots of anecdotal reports of C-19 like symptoms from back then and remember the ‘ vapes ‘ flap ?

  15. Zeke

    Remember this?
    It’s not in the news anymore.
    So, has the problem been solved? Resolved? Forgotten or suppressed? The Captain was taken out of line for violating chain of command. His (young) crew was too sick to function. He was punished but thanked by crew.

  16. By December, the disease was reaching the West Coast due to CHINA TRAVELERS which move very often back and forth, doing business inside both China and the US. This is how the Hong Kong flu came, too, via San Francisco and then into the Free Clinic and then into ME, nearly killing me in three days.

    Ahem…do any of the crazy people posting junk about me here read anything? I am serious, you guys seem clueless.

    About Trump: I didn’t support him all that much at all when he started but he fought the BILDERBERG GANG and I don’t care who you are, if you fight THEM you are on my side!

    I am smart enough to figure this out. Hell’s bells, it is easy to figure out.

  17. By the way, in the real world, my husband nearly died that previous summer and had his last operation to save his life on January first. I was freaking out by then, fearful of this new flu out of China! Trump was so concerned, even though the Democrats had put him on trial that month and were trying to get rid of him, he began to shut down the China/California flights so the disease would not enter our country.

    And I supported this, back then. I don’t have a lot of brain damage and can still remember the recent past. It seems liberals and people who hate Trump have no memory banks at all.

  18. By January, the disease came to Turin, Italy. From there, it flew to JFK airport in NYC. Trump demanded it be shut down and Cuomo refused. There was a big fight about this which the liberals have tried desperately to erase. They now say, this didn’t happen!

    Which is insane but then people who hate Trump are insane.

  19. Hell Soonish

    Elaine I guess you haven’t read the article. I will analyze the numbers for you.

    Evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infections in five USA states in DECEMBER. 9 out of 24000, 0.03%, meaning more than 1 MILLION people in USA has been infected at that time. And you have 1 cluster in Wuhan in December.


    Let me give you the timeline if you don’t remember.
    -July 2019, Fort Detrick shuts down. Reason unreported.
    -September 2019, dozens of mysterious deaths linked to E-cigars. Lung scan of victims shows “glass opacities”. No follow up on such cases, all further cases classified as flu deaths.
    -October 2019, Wuhan Military World Games. USA team stayed in hotel 300 meters from Wuhan wet markets.
    -December 2019, Cluster of cases linked to Wuhan wet markets.

    See the light idiot.

  20. Hell Soonish

    Brazil has a Trump-like idiot in charge and has allowed Covid to spread without intervention. Do you know how long it takes for them to hit 1 mil cases? From Feb to July, 5 months.

    Fort Detrick shuts down in July, 1 mil cases in December… 5 months.

  21. lou

    we have ‘long covid’ we have ‘covid feet’ [not mine]

    now not croc rock [sorry sir elton] but covid croc

    what a croc


  22. Petruchio

    Note also how the MSM are all working together to hide the complete disability of Ol’ Joe Biden. Joe Biden is clearly not physically fit tp dress himself let alone be President of the US–with the Nuclear Football. Biden likely has Alzheimers and/or Demenyia. If you watch Ol Joe Biden when he thinks no one is watching him, Biden looks like a frail, decrepit Ols Man who belongs in a Nursing Home.

  23. I have some hanger ons here who are determined to do silly things. Look, the particular Wuhan flu germ came from Wuhan. It spread all over Italy and mainly California, first, very early on. Then it went from Italy to NYC a month later. Why was this all ignored by our media and politicians?

    THEY WERE BUSY TRYING TO IMPEACH TRUMP on trumped up charges!

  24. https://health.ucsd.edu/news/releases/Pages/2021-03-18-novel-coronavirus-circulated-undetected-months-before-first-covid-19-cases-in-wuhan-china.aspx

    Using molecular dating tools and epidemiological simulations, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, with colleagues at the University of Arizona and Illumina, Inc., estimate that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was likely circulating undetected for at most two months before the first human cases of COVID-19 were described in Wuhan, China in late-December 2019.

    Writing in the March 18, 2021 online issue of Science , they also note that their simulations suggest that the mutating virus dies out naturally more than three-quarters of the time without causing an epidemic.

    “Our study was designed to answer the question of how long could SARS-CoV-2 have circulated in China before it was discovered,” said senior author Joel O. Wertheim, PhD, associate professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health at UC San Diego School of Medicine.


    ELAINE: Yes, it was moving about, LEAVING CHINA, way back in November, 2019. It came from CHINA. Not the US. It didn’t get noticed by the US until END OF DECEMBER. Immediately, Trump acted on the information and I reported on it.

  25. Study authors used a variety of analytical tools to model how the SARS-CoV-2 virus may have behaved during the initial outbreak and early days of the pandemic when it was largely an unknown entity and the scope of the public health threat not yet fully realized.

    These tools included epidemic simulations based on the virus’s known biology, such as its transmissibility and other factors, developed by study co-author Niema Moshiri, PhD, assistant teaching professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego. In just 29.7 percent of these simulations was the virus able to create self-sustaining epidemics. In the other 70.3 percent, the virus infected relatively few persons before dying out. The average failed epidemic ended just eight days after the index case.
    “Typically, scientists use the viral genetic diversity to get the timing of when a virus started to spread,” said Wertheim. “Our study added a crucial layer on top of this approach by modeling how long the virus could have circulated before giving rise to the observed genetic diversity.

    “Our approach yielded some surprising results. We saw that over two-thirds of the epidemics we attempted to simulate went extinct. That means that if we could go back in time and repeat 2019 one hundred times, two out of three times, COVID-19 would have fizzled out on its own without igniting a pandemic. This finding supports the notion that humans are constantly being bombarded with zoonotic pathogens.”

  26. Jim R

    They had to really work to keep this one from fizzling out.

    They packed it into nursing homes and cruise ships, and incubated it for two weeks with the otherwise-healthy workers and clients. They tried to keep people cooped up indoors all last year…

    In an average year, something like 2.64 million Americans die. How many died in 2020, altogether?

  27. snoosebomb

    & china only had 5000 deaths from a pop of 1.4 billion LOL !!

    and ZERO vaccine deaths in Canada LOL !

    U know they are lying when ,,,,,, ?

  28. lou

    Snoose, news ‘100 died of covid in China today’–and 1.4 billion did not die of it.

    Dr. John Lee, a pathologist in the UK, said from the very beginning that deaths due to coronavirus were being overcounted. So three million may be correct but in a population of 7+ billion it’s nothing to panic about. The Black Death in the Middle Ages had a death toll of 50%, not 0.00042. And here’s a voice of reason on viruses in general:

    “The point is that no cell has ever existed which did not have to live alongside replicating RNA molecules, and, later, RNA viruses. It’s not unusual to have a new virus that’s out to get us. It happens all the time, in more ways than we have been able to measure. Every amoeba, every simple organism composed of a few cells, every fetus in its mother’s womb, every child, every adult, has to make their way in a world rife with independent RNA molecules following their own agenda.”


    Because politics and political hatreds have so deformed truth, it’s all but impossible to know who’s lying, who’s not, and who, in spite of everything, has clung to sanity.

  29. lou

    The actual numbers of deaths and injuries are overwhelming.

    When medical accidents, deaths and mistakes happen, and, as you can see for yourself, many do happen, the news is suppressed, distorted or kept well-hidden from public knowledge such as we are facing now.

    Doctors who speak out and admit to the injuries and deaths that are occurring because of the Covid vaccines can be stripped of their medical licenses by their state medical boards and forced to go to court and sue to get them back.

    Doctors and scientists who oppose vaccination are accused of not believing in or understanding science. But if anyone takes the time to do their own research, they can easily understand, even in layman’s terms, how deadly vaccines are.

    Even if they’re too frightened of career repercussions to admit it, many scientists, epidemiologists, researchers and doctors know that vaccines do not work. They know that much of the data has been changed to appease pharma and the government. The PCR test that was used to start this whole “pandemic” is completely unreliable and can easily be skewed to show what the pharmaceutical industry wants the tests to show. https://www.peopleforreason.org/problems_with_pcr_testing.pdf

    Each and every reporter in the media should be made responsible for the information and advice they provide. After all, many of them reach millions of people. Either they are true believers themselves or are too lazy to read even one book on the disastrous effects of vaccines. Most of the talking heads on TV who work for one of the cable news channels that are owned by pharmaceutical industry dare not speak the truth even if they know it for fear of being fired. The end result of their cowardice and ignorance is devastating.

    Here are two good resources to to assist in educating yourselves before you decide to get jabbed.

    ” Dissolving Illusions”, by Suzanne Humphries,M.D.
    ” Vaccination Condemned By All Competent Doctors”, by Eleanor Mc Bean

    —– Suzie Matthews – RN, PRISM board member

  30. Jim R

    In which the TWIV team discusses a paper on inflammatory symptoms in children.

    Turns out the spike molecule has a super-antigen domain in it. Right there next to the cleavage site. Other familiar examples of super-antigens are poison ivy and ragweed pollen. They trigger a dramatic inflammatory response without killing any microbes.

    And of course, the TWIV team tiptoes around the fact that all five of the most prominent vaccines are entirely based on spike. Well DUH.

    Elaine, next time you’re jonesin’ for a vaccine shot, why don’t you just scrape up some dirt from the woods behind your house, and shoot up with that?

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