No Patriot July 4th Parties/Only Gay/BLM Parades Allowed In Some DNC States!


Democrats are demons.  They yell about how we cannot have public gatherings because of germs.  Then, since the very beginning of this epidemic, ONLY in DNC hell hole cities have we seen massive marches, riots, actions, mobs over and over and over and over again, every week, sometimes, every day!  This is insane.  Well, the communists running the DNC are delightfully preventing patriots from celebrating events like the 4th of July…while encouraging leftist parades and mobs!  Arrest all Democrat politicians due to obvious treason.

In Florida, a gay pride driver waiting for their obvious parade which has been happening all year long all over the place, freaked out and thought he was hitting the brakes when he hit the gas pedal, instead, killing a person.  He is a member of a gay chorus who were going to sing at the parade.


We are in this unending loop whereby people who have sticks on their shoulders, demanding we knock these off so they have an excuse to attack us, trying desperately to find more excuses to attack fellow citizens.  This has a very nasty ending!  It is also very foolish.


Speaking of fools, Biden is obviously insane.  But hard to see this considering his entire party is insane.  Well, the former Obama doctor thinks Biden is senile and dangerous.  Time for obvious tests for senility.  But then, what is Harris’ brain problem?


She laughs like a deranged character in a Marvel movie.



Funny news: the NYPD in New York City, a dying hell hole mess created by Democrats, wants to pay us $3,500 for crime tips!  So people are flooding the call center to report corrupt DNC politicians especially the mayor, de Blasio.


This is exactly what I said, too:



I helped put half a dozen DNC crooks in prison or the grave years ago.  Time to do this again.  But both Giuliani and I no longer live in the City.



In a very high crime city being systematically destroyed by blacks, the black mayor declares ‘racism’ (by the vanishing white folk) to be a ‘public health crisis.’  I would say, fears of ‘racism’ by powerful blacks who are destroying their own cities, is a ‘public health crisis’ and they all need to be put in insane asylums.



Federalism is collapsing as more and more states resume States Powers due to a collapse in our government caused by deranged, evil communists who took over the DNC machine.  Note that the female in charge of our southern border who has forced Texas and Arizona to do their own border wall works, is too busy doing SEX PARADES for deviants:



Meanwhile, Harris and her gangster sex fiend buddies are ignoring reality, blaming WHITE people for surging crimes when 90% of this is actually black/Hispanic DNC voters and illegal aliens committing nearly all crimes of every sort:



Whites are the majority population and barely showed up in the ‘who is the criminal’ statistics.  Nearly a MILLION race crimes are black/Hispanic gangsters attacking white victims!  Where is our senile President on this issue?  Where is Harris?  Where is Pelosi or any of these criminals destroying our country?


Arrest them all.



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5 responses to “No Patriot July 4th Parties/Only Gay/BLM Parades Allowed In Some DNC States!

  1. Zeke

    It is inappropriate to set off CHINESE Fireworks to celebrate good ‘ole AMERICAN 4th of July!

    That is treason. Arrest them all who set off CHINESE fireworks and noisemakers on July the 4th!

  2. Jim R

    I always loved your photo coverage of the little Berlin parade on July 4.

    Sad news..


    ELAINE: Sorry to confuse you! I was talking about the big cities in my state, my tiny town is defiant and doing as we please which is why I live here, happily! We will have our parade this year!

  3. Petruchio

    Joe Biden will never submit to taking any sort of Cognitive testing; he knows he will FAIL. It is starting to become obvious to more people that Joe Biden is a frail, decrepit old Man. Who belongs in a Nursing Home. Maybe The Plan was to insert Kamala Harris into the Presidency. And note how the MSM is protecting Ol’ Joe over his incompetence. And, note how this same Media is silent about Biden’s drop below 50% in popularity ratings. Trump’s drop below 50% approval rating was a HUGE deal.

  4. lou

    Elaine’s ‘chickens home to roost’, all the leftist lies of the 60s, now the jews are in power.

  5. lou

    meanwhile, here are facts,

    The ban on GoF function was lifted by Obama in January 2017.
    In 2019, the lab at Ft Detrick was shut down over concerns about contaminated wastewater.

    They mess with all sorts of nasty bugs, including Ebola.

    Guess the wastewater issue was sorted out, as the lab reopened April:
    Now what could possibly go wrong?? /s
    As to funding Wuhan, that was done by the NIH via Eco Alliance.

    While people were busy making Summer plans, Congress was quietly making their own:
    Because they’re not busy enough, Congress will be discussing the following legislation today.
    H.R. 550, the “Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act”
    H.R. 951, the “Maternal Vaccinations Act”
    H.R. 979, the “Vaccine Fairness Act”
    H.R. 1452, to direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to publish the formula the Secretary uses to determine the allocation of COVID-19 vaccines, and for other purposes
    H.R. 1550, the “Promoting Resources to Expand Vaccination, Education and New Treatments for HPV Cancers Act of 2021” or the “PREVENT HPV Cancers Act of 2021”
    H.R. 1978, the “Protecting Seniors Through Immunization Act of 2021”
    H.R. 2170, the “Helping Adults Protect Immunity Act” or the “HAPI Act”
    H.R. 2347, the “Strengthening the Vaccines for Children Act of 2021”
    H.R. 3013, the “COVID Vaccine Transportation Access Act”
    H.R. 3655, the “Vaccine Injury Compensation Modernization Act”
    H.R. 3742, the “Vaccine Information for Nursing Facility Operators Act” or the “Vaccine INFO Act”
    H.R. 3743, the “Supporting the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health and the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the Food and Drug Administration Act

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