Equity/Racism Are Communist Ploys To Destroy Capitalism And Patriotism


The entire Bilderberg machine is in full hysterics: they desperately need to destroy the US election systems from top to bottom so they can prevent anyone like Trump from ever running our country, properly, again.  The ‘equity/inclusion’ charade is being pushed brutally by every Bilderberg gang member.  For example, Bezos of Amazon.com, is pledging to destroy his own business by hiring people based on their skin color or sexual deviances, not ‘ordinary people.’  This is sexism/racism 100%.  A Jewish guy in Manhattan is running for office and is in trouble for his S&M sexcapades, for example!  The left is going nuts now at every possible level.  And demand we all go nuts with them.


Zack Weiner, 26, a City Council candidate running in Manhattan, has found his campaign tied up after video of him enjoying a sadomasochism session found its way onto Twitter.


“My magnificent domme friend played with Upper West Side city council candidate Zack Weiner and I’m the only one who has the footage,” reads a tweet from the anonymous account which posted the video last week.


All the Democrats are running wild, now.  The #2 DNC creep is Kamala Harris who should be impeached for TREASON.  She was handed over control of our borders by Biden and she immediately opened these wide to invaders.  She continues to open the borders to invaders while adamantly refusing to even go there to see who is invading!  This is beyond ‘dereliction of duty’ this is TREASON.


Arrest Harris.


We have another pressing issue.  Who are the people ‘telling Biden what to do’ as he mentions over and over again, ‘I can’t answer any questions because THEY don’t want me to…’   He obviously isn’t even his own boss!  Arrest his secret boss.  His name is ‘Obama’ and he has a fancy house right onshore off of Long Island.


The sex/race DNC gang in DC are now pushing to punish religious people via the IRS, denying them the church tax exemptions:


The US courts are riddled with leftist judges who hate free speech, religious rights, privacy of citizens, free will, etc.  They want communism now, openly.  Every solution they create for every problem involves the equity/racism model that dictates outcome, not how we do things.  No matter how lazy or incompetent someone is, they get to get jobs, for example, based on their sex lives and skin color, not skills or abilities.



The globalists who are Bilderberg gangsters who also run the dying Olympics have now openly decided, men pretending to be women even when they still have their dicks and have ten times higher level testosterone than women, will be allowed to compete with weaker women!  As I predicted, this will utterly kill women’s sports from top to bottom:


Pretending women are as smart and strong as men has to finally die a terrible death.  Delusional females brought this mess upon themselves and the pathetic female students in our schools who are falling for all this hook, line and sinker, still don’t understand, they are going to be replaced, eliminated, terminated by MEN pretending to be WOMEN.  PERIOD.


On top of all this, we have this news from dying Portland, OR:
Day after day, night after night, the politicians in the DNC send out police and others to fight street battles with lunatic leftists who are then released from jail hours later to run riot all over again with zero punishments.  Just yesterday, the DA and Gov. of these stupid places dropped all charges in Oregon, in NY, everywhere.  They let these riots happen then punish the POLICE for fighting these rioters!




Speaking of crimes, Biden’s corrupt kiddie has a new scam: selling his crappy ‘art’ to the super rich/foreign entities!  They ‘buy’ his ‘artwork’ and he collects bribes for his daddy!  Win/win!  Arrest them all.



So given the lack of “fundamentals” and “objective intrinsic value,” who sets the price?Answer: dealers wheel and deal.As Schrager puts it, “Dealers are manipulating prices in a market where they have a financial interest.”


Georges Bergès is one such dealer. And since he’s a private citizen, we have no idea what marketing and financial strategies he might be using and with whom he’s using them. For all the reasons we have seen, the price of art is infinitely variable. It’s hard for anyone to determine a “fair price.”


This murkiness makes the art market a natural magnet for those who might wish to squander money–or to launder money.bipartisan report last year from the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations concluded that Russian oligarchs have laundered at least $91 million and perhaps much more via the art world. “Given the intrinsic secrecy of the art industry,” the report found, “it is clear that change is needed in this multi-billion dollar industry.”


Here is a collection of cunning comments to the above article:


And finally, in Britain, the battle against germs goes off the rails, as always:



In the US, they also let rioters and party people to go nuts and do as they pleased for an entire year while hollering that we are all going to die.  This is lunacy.  This has to be the stupidest epidemic, ever.  Everyone seems nutty now.


Well, our rulers are evil and insane as well as openly wanting us to all die.  This is bad, very bad.  Arrest them all, I say, endlessly, every day.


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8 responses to “Equity/Racism Are Communist Ploys To Destroy Capitalism And Patriotism

  1. Petruchio

    “Pretending women are as smart and strong as men has to finally die a terrible death.” And so the Worm has turned! This issue of Trannies is Women’s Sports is just another line of attack. The #1 Enemy is the White Western Race of Peoples. With White Males the attack was focused on “fairness” and “intolerance”. They used the terms “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism”. Strange they would do this seeing as how History is FILLED with Wars and all sorts of other kinds of violence due to Race and Cultural differences!! Of course, the main proponents of Diversity and Multiculturalism were and are FULLY aware of this fact. As for Women, the promoters of this “Equity” in female sports are showing they have not just a deep, bitter HATRED of White Males but have similar feelings towards White Females. This has all been a disguised War on the White Race, but they Promoters of this “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism” dogma were smart enough to disguise their REAL intentions.

  2. Zeke

    Zeke makes two observations:

    – can’t tell what the hell that is – no Adam’s Apple; no Rudyard and Kiplings,

    – maybe ‘artwork’ will become the new ‘speaking fees’.

  3. Zeke

    This country does not have “Capitalism”.
    It has Soviet style Central Planning Central Bankism led by Chairman Powell.
    When Too Big To Fail institutions are pillaged and about to collapse, the criminal “FdrRsvBnk” rushes in to ‘rescue’ the TBTF entities.
    Which also fraudulently suppresses interest rates to steal from wage earners and savers and bloat stock and real estate prices.
    Nothing Capitalist about it.
    Meanwhile, millions of people are nearing foreclosure or eviction.
    And the faux Elite keep their taxes hidden because they pay little or no federal taxes.
    Please disabuse yourself of the false notion that this country has ‘Capitalism’.

  4. lou

    thanks Pet. >. The #1 Enemy is the White Western Race of Peoples. With White Males the attack was focused on “fairness” and “intolerance”. They used the terms “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism”. Strange they would do this seeing as how History is FILLED with Wars and all sorts of other kinds of violence due to Race and Cultural differences!!

  5. lou

    dorsey is at it again–https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2021/06/21/twitter-censors-conservative-news-site-for-story-on-tweet-reporting-coronavirus-vaccine-death/

    If someone posts about covid on fakebook, there is an big brother type auto prompt that offers their version of things.

  6. lou

    do you get paid to grow plants?

    Gabon has become the first African nation to receive a financial reward for protecting its forests as part of international efforts to fight climate change, the government announced Tuesday

  7. The liberals should pay me for protecting all humans via my forest here. Of course, I get not one dime for this service.

  8. lou

    7–ask for funds to study n fight GLOBAL WARMING. Shoe in.
    WEF/Schwab backed manlet Matthew Liao (Chinese, ofc) wants to make people allergic to meat.

    “A controversial proposal by a New York University professor to combat Climate Change through biohacking has attracted the attention of influential non-governmental organizations like the World Economic Forum and the Gates Foundation.
    Matthew Liao, a bioethicist at NYU, first presented the proposal back in 2012 in a paper he co-authored with Oxford University’s Anders Sandberg and Rebecca Roache. Titled ‘HUMAN ENGINEERING AND CLIMATE CHANGE’, the crux of the paper argues for the use of radical biomedical interventions on humans so as to create people who are literally physiologically-environmentally-friendly.
    These biomedical interventions involve three approaches: a voluntary eugenics program against tall people, inducing intolerance towards dietary-meat, and radically lowering birth rates by altering women’s cognitive abilities

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