NY Democrat Run Court of Appeals Attacks Hero Rudi Giuliani Hope To Eliminate Him, Politically

I live in NY.  I want the Appellate Judges FIRED for FRAUD.  How dare they attack the only mayor to stop crime in NYC, Giuliani!  They are doing this because they are pissed he put some of them in prison for corruption.  So they have to frame him now which is insane and insulting.  They are now desperately pretending there was no election fraud in an election rife with many frauds the worst being the DNC gangsters in NY and California enabling an army of illegal aliens to vote, too!


Arrest the Appellate Judges of NY.  Charge: TREASON.  They basically are claiming, looking for cheating in the last election is illegal?  Good lord.  NY is home to vast, vicious, continuous voter cheating which is why NYC refuses to verify who is a voter and lets anyone and everyone vote!  I want all these people arrested!!!


Meanwhile, BLM rioters who only demonstrate for vicious, nasty criminals, were doing this yet again in South Carolina.



These violent criminals were setting government buildings on FIRE!  Arrest them all!  But they were not arrested at all.  Only ONE COP showed up.



The firefighters showed up.  And the violent mob did their best to block the fire fighters and let things burn which is typical of leftists who are very destructive and obviously insane and quite illegal.


Parents of kids in many school systems are learning all about ‘Critical Race Theory’ which is pure Maoist garbage being drilled into our children.  Arrest any teachers doing this.   Arrest all school board members pushing this.  In places like Texas and Florida, they are passing laws FORBIDDING ‘Critical Race Theory’ teaching.


After being cheated out of electing Trump who really won the last election, voters are furious at the takeover of all systems by rank communist radicals all of whom are now heading towards being removed from office and hopefully, arrested for various crimes one of which is treason.


They hate our nation and hate our government systems and want a communist dictatorship, instead.




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5 responses to “NY Democrat Run Court of Appeals Attacks Hero Rudi Giuliani Hope To Eliminate Him, Politically

  1. lou

    Supkis, do you identify as Black?

    A Massachusetts town council approved a fund to pay reparations to Black residents to atone for slavery, discrimination and past wrongs, which several town officials suggested an initial seed investment of more than $200,000 from surplus budget funds.

  2. shawntoh


    What is this? A remake of this movie? It’s more “Gangs from NYC”? That’s what it is… but for the 21st Century…?


  3. lou

    2–‘inspired’? odd term to use for killers.

    meanwhile, in the karma department, Israeli leftist who had a mission to prove USA is rat cyst killed by a n—–,

    Anat Kimchi, a 31-year-old Israeli-born doctoral candidate and scholar at the University of Maryland, wrote a paper published in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology in 2019 attempting to prove America’s criminal justice system was racist against “young black offenders” and “black drug offenders.”

    While visiting Chicago over the weekend, Kimchi was ambushed and stabbed in the back and neck while walking near a homeless encampment at 401 South Wacker at around 3:35 p.m. Police said witnesses told them the assailant was a homeless “slim black male with long dreadlocks who wore a red bandana and a blue tank top,” CWB Chicago reported.


    jewish news ‘she was brilliant’…translation, she was trying to raise blacks up and kill whites.

    ‘Brilliant’ Israeli-born doctoral student murdered in Chicago
    Search domain worldisraelnews.comhttps://worldisraelnews.com/brilliant-israeli-born-doctoral-student-murdered-in-chicago/
    Anat Kimchi was pursuing a PhD in criminology and criminal justice; was about to embark on a professional career. By World Israel News Staff. An Israeli-born doctoral student visiting friends in …


    ELAINE: Lou, if you read my stories, you would notice I wrote about this murder.

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