Harris Visited El Paso But Avoided THE BORDER ITSELF


We are ruled by lunatics: Biden finally sent his female buddy, Harris, to Texas but she never went near the border at all!  The crazy lady went to the place below which was 8915 Montanan Avenue in El Paso where one of the processing centers for illegal aliens is run by her agency.  We see from the map below that this spot she chose to spend less than 2 hours examining, is right next door to the…AIRPORT.  Fast in/fast out.  This stupid woman is going to replace Biden when he finally fades out and he is fading out, fast.



Kamala Harris went to the border Friday for the first time as vice president, some three months after President Joe Biden put her in charge of the ongoing (and worsening) migrant crisis.


This woman didn’t go anywhere near the actual border.  She also didn’t go to where the problem is the worst which is the Rio Grande Valley next to the Gulf of Mexico which is hundreds of miles away.


Her visit comes on the heels of a disastrous trip to Guatemala and Mexico last month — a calculated distraction from the historic surge of illegal immigration at the southwest border, which saw more than 180,000 apprehensions in May, a record for that month, and nightmarish conditions at migrant youth detention centers across the country.


Things didn’t improve from there. For one thing, Harris didn’t even go to the actual border. She visited a Border Patrol station about nine miles from the Rio Grande, talked to some immigration activists and legal service providers, posed for press photos back at the airport, and departed for Los Angeles before 1 p.m. Even the choice of El Paso was pure theatrics. Instead of going to the epicenter of the crisis, on the other end of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, Harris reportedly chose El Paso because that’s where the Trump administration first implemented its short-lived family separation policy. Politics, not the harsh realities on the border, was her motivation.


She should be impeached for dereliction of duty which is to protect our borders and she is doing this deliberately so I want her charged with treason.


Right now, a cop who wrestled with a gigantic black man who later died of overdose in the hospital was sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison while violent radical rioters are released over and over again after attacking government buildings and burning and looting businesses, etc.  This severe sentence for police while letting leftists rioters and black criminals run riot is pure insanity and is rapidly leading to a civil war situation.



Everything is falling apart now, inflation is screaming along just fine as the DNC loves to do this and taxes are rising, violence isn’t stopping, it is getting worse.  Police in all DNC cities are basically on strike now, they will do minimal work and let crime run out of control yet again, this is nothing new, it is 100% an exact repeat of the 1970’s to 1990’s.


Rent control destroyed the Bronx:



I used to give speeches while standing in the rubble of NYC.  We are going into inflation/Democrats pouring money into hell holes where it vanishes in a violent flash all over again just like in the good old days of my younger life.  Thank goodness, I live far from there now.



All that housing was habitable in 1950.


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4 responses to “Harris Visited El Paso But Avoided THE BORDER ITSELF

  1. AT

    It seems most of the illegal aliens are being drawn to Elon Musk’s SpaceX launch facility?

  2. Zeke

    El Paso IS a border town. El Paso is ON the border.
    Walk across the bridge out of El Paso across the Rio Grande river and you’re in the City of Juarez, Mexico.

  3. Timothy Carroll

    Just putting this out there…..

  4. Yes, it is the BORDER but she didn’t go there, look at the map I provided: she was inside the city and went to a facility next to the AIRPORT, not the BORDER.

    Reading everything is required here.

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