London’s ‘American School’ Attacked By Parents For Peddling Critical Race Theory Garbage


People moving to London from overseas often, if they are rich, send their kiddies to expensive private schools.  This is true in New York City, too.  Public schools are too crummy even for the natives who move to the suburbs to avoid any and all public urban schools.  Amusingly, the Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA teaching has totally taken over expensive private schools which are now teaching the so-called ‘Critical Race Theory’ communist ideology.  This means abusing ‘white’ boys viciously and hammering on them how they are ‘oppressors’ and ‘racist’ by a bunch of oppressive racist ‘teachers’ and staff.


This is racist child abuse by insane adults!


The American School in London is Britain’s most expensive day school, charging an astonishing £32,650-a-year in fees to the capital’s loftiest bankers, corporate lawyers and celebrities.


NYC has several such schools, too.  Nearly all are in Manhattan.


Despite its rarefied status, this elite seat of learning is at the epicentre of a spectacular and utterly toxic dispute over claims that a cabal of Left-wing staff are seeking to brainwash impressionable pupils via ultra-woke ‘identity politics’.


This is rapidly filtering into all schools since the leftists took over the Education Departments of our university systems.  It now churns out radical leftist teachers who are intolerant and stupid, a dangerous combination indeed.


The row culminated last week in a group of concerned parents sending its headteacher, Robin Appleby, a 12-page complaint accusing ASL of ‘institutional racism’ and ‘indoctrination’ of children via the teaching of ‘critical race theory’, a ‘controversial and divisive’ ideology that revolves around the concept of ‘white privilege’.


This school is London has mainly ‘minority’ students whose parents are in London due to being actors or diplomats or running corporate international offices, etc.  Teaching very, very elite black kids that they are ‘oppressed’ and that white males are evil is very evil.  By definition, if any child is in this ridiculous school, ipso facto, they are the ELITES and are oppressing workers, of course.


All our US and now all of British elite schools pretend their elite students are ‘oppressed’ and they go forth to harry and harass real workers who do all the dirty work and heavy lifting, accusing these workers of being ‘elites’ which is hideously obnoxious of these stupid spawn of the very rich.


The American School in London (ASL) is a private, independent school in St John’s Wood, London, England, for students from kindergarten through high school. The school’s mission statement is: “The American School in London empowers each student to thrive as a lifelong learner and courageous global citizen by fostering intellect, creativity, inclusivity and character.”[1]


This school has an excellent reputation that is now totally trashed.


The schools (now run by SJW lunatics) include a secondary in Peckham where ‘persistently politicised teaching’ recently saw teachers circulate Black Lives Matter petitions and encourage art students to produce work containing the slogan ACAB: All Cops Are B*******’.


This has a very bad ending for these elite rich brats: when a revolution comes, THEY will be put to the guillotine, too.  The tough, angry, street smart poor kiddies will kill them all.  I wish the true history of the French Revolution would be taught in schools to show these poor kiddies, what will happen next if we copy that event, here.


Elsewhere in the dossier are details of how pupils at an academy in Wargrave, Berkshire, were handed ‘a kid-friendly guide to social justice terms’ that asserted the following definition: ‘Police: workers chosen by, protecting and serving people in power.’


Now this is interesting: the sheriffs of the old Wild West were chosen by the voters, for example.  Police were city people in the East Coast areas back in the 1800’s.  Sheriffs, where my family lived, would have a ‘posse’ when going after criminals of all sorts.  My own female ancestors used guns, too.


That was the Wild West of Old Tucson, for example.  Police are now hired by the State or City and answer to whoever has the political upper hand.  In all DNC hell hole cities, the mayors and the Democratic Party has chosen to punish, harass and harry all police officers which is why crime is climbing though the roof and these cities are being systematically looted and destroyed.


At a community college in the North-East, pupils were told during a presentation that ‘disagreeing with black, indigenous, or other people of colour’ was an ‘example of covert racism’.


This is extremely racist and utterly deranged.  Disagreeing with someone automatically ‘racist’?  That is racist!  Blacks are probably crowing to each other, they put white man in his place.  But what is really happening is a very dangerous backlash is gathering power and speed and 13%  of the population will be crushed by this if they keep on pushing the narrative, it is OK to be racist if you are ‘black.’


Now on to a black actress who was given an Oscar for being black recently:



Mo’Nique, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2009 for her role in Precious, went on to accuse the women she had seen of having no ‘pride’ in themselves, asking: ‘When did we step away from, “Let me make sure I’m presentable when I leave my home. Let me make sure I’m representing the family I created. So that if I’m out on the street, I look like I have pride in myself”?’


The above picture is her being ‘presentable’ in public.  Oh my.  Um, bad taste there.  Here is the example of a woman like her who isn’t as ‘presentable’ as she:



I admit, this lady at the airport is even worse!  But what about the ‘being fat is beautiful’ movement which a large number of large black women are pushing right now, this very minute?  Oh my, this is the result, of course.


Here is a Lufthansa flight in the late 1950’s.  I flew Lufthansa, too, back in 1968.  It had excellent service and the flight staff even helped me escape from customs and enter Kennedy Airport illegally through the staff’s gate, too!



Ah, the days of SkyChef!  Miss you.  They are still around but no longer cooking in flight.



The food is so annoying, they are worried more about ‘waste’ when people refuse to eat their junk!  So they want to ‘recycle’ that which is rejected?  HAHAHA.  I remember the old meals.  They were cooked on the plane and everyone happily ate the food.  I know, I did back then.


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19 responses to “London’s ‘American School’ Attacked By Parents For Peddling Critical Race Theory Garbage

  1. Richard

    Women have gone insane. It’s not lack of pride, but hubris.
    The clothes get more revealing, the more hundreds of pounds
    they put on, and that revelation is disgusting. Social media
    is the echo chamber that pushes it among these shameless

    Make up, false hair, nails done; housework, forget about it.
    Meanwhile, as the activity decreases, the weight on, increases.
    I am sick at seeing fat, overweight woman. What happened to
    Beauty?. Thinking of getting back issues of Playboy, to
    see what women use to look like.

    Feminism caused females to get ugly on the inside, and
    now it shows on the outside. They got the system behind
    them and they know it. Communism must promote the ugly.
    And now,
    Woman are so ugly, guys are winning Beauty pageants.
    Miss Nevada, on his way to Miss America.


    ELAINE: It is even stupider: in all movies and TV shows, skinny, smaller females beat up massive, muscular males all the time, using ‘magic’ and ‘special powers’ which is utterly insane and horrible, too. All shows from top to bottom, mock masculine males especially white males are held up to ridicule and are easily defeated by weak females who I could win a fight against and I am a woman!

    This was due, for years, because I did MEN’S WORK in construction all my life requiring highest physical skills and strengths. I am 70 years old now and still do this at home, for myself. I am not as strong as 20 years ago, for example. But in movies and TV, women with sticks for arms are illustrated as super strong which is utterly insane and totally stupid and utterly irritating.

  2. Petruchio

    The Critical Race Theory folks used one of White Western Cultures most precious values against us White Western Cultural types: tolerance. Tolerance of ideas other than ones own is critical to a REAL education. BTW: remember how the Gay Movement always asked for….tolerance? Now look who is intolerant! What we have now in our Education system, even in places like those supposedly elite schools in London is a INtolerant, hate filled Dogma that blames White People–not just White Males–for every evil in the World. The focus now is on just White males, but the Critical Race Theory folks disciples hate ALL White people. ###Meanwhile in Nevada, a ‘Trans’ has won the Miss Nevada title and will compete in the Miss Universe Contest.

  3. Pertry

    “Critical race theory” = white genocide. Look at this:
    National Strategy for Countering
    Domestic Terrorism

    Click to access full.pdf

    Aside from the underlying premise being absurd on its face, even Pentagon lawyers have admitted that this “strategy” is blatantly unconstitutional. They. Don’t. Care. The facade has finally been pulled back.

    The agenda will be to run more false flags in order to declare a “state of emergency” as a pretense for instigating gun confiscation. Then BLM/Antifa gangs armed by Soros would be unleashed against whites.

    This pattern has been implemented over and over again around the globe by tyrannical regimes.

    “Critical race theory” isn’t a game folks. Prepare accordingly.

  4. Richard

    Yes, the facade has been pulled back, because the
    Deep State is in panic. Puppet in Chief, explaining how
    they have F15’s and nukes they can use against us,
    shows how terrified they are. We don’t need guns,
    we just need Truth, and keep hitting back with the Truth.
    The lies against Trump, never stuck, but the Truth about
    the Deep State has stuck every time, and exposed them all.

    The Democratic party has fractured itself. It has even
    less support now. Same with BLM and the rest.
    Fear and propaganda are their weapons
    People are awaking,
    turning off the fear propaganda, and living their lives.
    Parents are voicing their opinions, and sharing
    their videos as they call out School committees.
    People are sharing alt news articles, which the
    deep state can’t stop unless they take down the internet.
    If they do take down the internet, they are screwed
    because their systems rely on it.
    Amazon would be crushed. Crytos would be crushed
    if they took down the internet.

    It will be an
    interesting summer.
    The globalist are in panic/ fear, and cowering behind their
    walls. Nemesis is at work.
    A Trump rally can get more attendance, and views
    then the Deep State got in a lifetime.

  5. shawntoh

    As George Seldes used to say… STOP THE PRESSES!…

    Bill Cosby has had his conviction overturned, people… Whoa!

    This signals, I hope, the end of the excesses of the “#metoo” era of attacks against men… However, I have many concerns… What can we learn from all of this…? How can we heal the damage done between women and men…?

  6. shawntoh

    Elaine… this is disturbing… what they are saying about China… oh no! The “mighty dragon” is perhaps emboldened by the Biden administration… Seriously… Frieden…

  7. shawntoh

    Zeke der Sonderling will be in a tizzy like an old tin lizzy spurting along the highway to Hölle…

  8. Zeke

    The ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’
    has been leaning for about 800 years. It’s still leaning and standing.
    It didn’t collapse.

    The Surfside condo bldg. was ok one minute; the next minute it was on the ground. Essentially without warning. The 10′ floor to ceiling space became 10″ within seconds.

    It was a mostly concrete and steel bldg.
    But the steel was not “structural” steel. The steel was pre or post tensioned cables.
    Masonry bldgs. don’t collapse suddenly like Surfside outside of earthquake or 3rd World corruption. Likewise with structural steel bldgs.

    Surfside condo collapsed when one or more of the tension cables snapped or otherwise failed giving little to no notice of impending doom.

    This marks the end of that construction technique.

  9. THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE just hours before the collapse. A 3.8 earthquake triggered by a bomb explosion in a test offshore of the condominiums.

  10. shawntoh

    Thanks and kudos to ABL… He makes the most sense here out of a tragic situation that has happened all too often in Hollywood, corporate America, and too many other places on this planet…

  11. Zeke

    So …… no one else in Florida or along the entire East Coast had ANY Earthquake damage.

    No picture fell off the wall, no window cracked, no Garden Gnome fell off its mushroom –

    – yet these two tension cable 12 story buildings TOTALLY collapsed. Into a piles of pulverized dust. No STRUCTURAL STEEL (I Beams, Channels, Angle Iron or such) elements poking up thru the debris.

    Zeke speaks for the entire readership when says that it is so sad to see someone once so astute – experiencing such cognitive decline. Maybe you should take the ‘Montreal Cognition Test’ that your hero Trump brags that he “aced”.

  12. lou

    a bomb explosion in a test offshore of the condominiums?? Whats that about?

  13. Jim R

    The Navy was doing some ‘test’ … a 3.9 is a pretty wimpy earthquake, but maybe it had something to do with it. And maybe that building was poorly constructed, and about to fall down anyway.

  14. AT

    Maybe the Israelis tunneled under it and sapped it.

    Like they’ve done to all of Gaza.

  15. Jim R

    I dunno, were any of ’em dancing? Or working on some bizarre ‘art project’ in the building?

  16. Zeke

    Mostly elderly, crushed to death in their beds as they were startled awake at1:30 am.

    The couple of survivors, who escaped have interesting stories. One child sort of ruble surfed out of harms way. Another light sleeper awoke to strange noises and ran out of the complex arguing with security guard if it was earthquake or something else.

    Overwhelmingly, elderly startled awake did not achieve ‘situational awarenress’ to form a response.

  17. It takes very little to trigger something that is on the verge of collapse. Yes, the bomb test did register and it probably loosened up some of the systems that were weak so they finally gave way. This happens all the time in the real world.

  18. Zeke

    The US military is a very bad community member, civic partner, etc. Many or most military bases are environmental disaster zones. People living near military bases know this.
    Some are even superfund sites.

    The navy doesn’t care how many dead bodies of whales and dolphins wash up on beaches. They keep their sonar testing and toxic dumping and high explosive blasting cranking along.

    Of course they’re gonna deny any connection to the condo collapse.
    The incidences were six days and a hundred miles apart.

    Navy Public Relations Officer assures everyone that all is well.

  19. Creating an earthquake and then pretending it doesn’t cause new cracks in the earth and destabilizes the region…good lord, this is so insane, this inability to see the obvious.

    ANY earthquake of ANY sort can trigger geological events nearby not even instantaneously but INSIDIOUSLY.

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