ANTIFA Riots Continue In DNC States, Crime Soars In DNC Cities


Now that the USA is run entirely by deranged Democrats, any voters who did vote for Biden, hoping to have peace at last after giving leftists goodies…well…things are getting worse!  Crime is running out of control in all DNC run hell hole cities, even rich cities.  DNC run states are seeing more, not fewer riots.  The rioters are attacking citizens and demanding a communist dictatorship, instead!  They are not charged with crimes!  Meanwhile, in black DNC places, shoot outs are openly done with impunity, shooting each other is way, way up, attacking everyone else is way up, too!  Law and order is collapsing wherever Democrats control the courts and police.


The battle over the Wi Spa ‘let full males pretend to be females so they can expose their junk to children’ riots continue.  The left believes that males can do this to children because it is all about what one pretends to be.  If a child molester decides he is a young girl, then he is a young girl according to these deranged people.   This is spreading chaos, of course and is the fault of liberals unleashing an army of hostile male molesters on everyone else.



The Democrats running California might be voted out next election.  Right now, many conservatives are openly fleeing the place due to it being uninhabitable.  Washington DC is also uninhabitable:



Two car loads of probably black thugs shot at each other next to the parking lot.  This scared everyone in the stadium who ran out of the stadium and into the parking lot where the shooting happened.  Some of the shooters have been caught but no one is mentioning who or what they all are which is typical when blacks commit crimes these days.  Liberals think, if you don’t tell people who the escaped criminals look like, they won’t turn racist after noticing that most violent crimes are done by black criminals.


Now, everyone assumes criminals are black! This is backfiring, badly.


A ‘America First’ rally was cancelled and forbidden by the city of Anaheim, California.  Claims that ANTIFA rioters will cause problems was the excuse given by authorities.  Yes, ANTIFA will riot and the way to fix this is to arrest them all and like the DC rioters, put them in prison for a long time!  Don’t stand back or release them with no charges, eh?



The event was originally supposed to be held in Laguna Hills at the Pacific Hills Banquet & Event Center but they canceled because the general manager said he wanted to “stay clear of that.”  The event then got shuffled over to the Riverside Convention Center but they canceled at the last minute as well.


One last story: the executive working for Black Rifle Coffee came out of the closet to attack Trump and his own customers!  This is interesting because that coffee company tripled sales when they supported Trump and Trump voters!  Now, they will discover bankruptcy:



Hating your own customer base is a very interesting way to run a company.  Many are doing this now after they are harassed by non-customers who are on the left and don’t buy these things at all.  Talk about suicidal!


So, hating one’s customer base has a bad ending!  The NFL and NBA are slowly discovering this yet continue to alienate their own customer bases!  They are suicidal.


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8 responses to “ANTIFA Riots Continue In DNC States, Crime Soars In DNC Cities

  1. AT

    “ . . . hating one’s customer base has a bad ending! The NFL and NBA are slowly discovering this yet continue to alienate their own customer bases! They are suicidal.”

    Neither profits nor revenues matter now we have entered into a full bailout money printing economy. Virtue signaling gets handouts. This black rifle guy wants more free government money. That won’t “backfire” until the money machine breaks and it all ends in tears.

  2. Petruchio

    What ANTIFA and BLM are doing is sickening and it’s shameful that the MSM won’t discuss the topic, but that subject is a distraction. Our Rulers want to hide something. They want to hide the fact that they are making Public statements about their concern over “White Supremacists”. They won’t do anything about ANTIFA or BLM, but I believe our Dear Leaders WILL do something about those evil White Supremacists. Our Rulers could and would do something about ANTIFA or BLM if they wanted to, ut they do not want to do anything. Our Rulers CAN and WILL do something about those imaginary White Supremacists Look out White People!!

  3. Petruchio

    @#1AT: I can remember when the NFL Owners were all talking about fining Players who didn’t stand at Attention during the National Anthem. Then the NFL Owners switched sides. What whores. I don’t know why the NFL is so popular. Its Team Owners have shown time and time again they have ZERO loyalty to their host Cities. The St. Louis NFL team has moved multiple times. To Arizona and then another St. Louis NFL team has moved back to LA. San Diego’s NFL team moved to LA. Oakland’s NFL team, a previous mover, moved to Las Vegas. On to of all this, the NFL is rigged!! Just like Pro Wrestling. The NFL is legally incorporated as an Entertainment Entity. This means the NFL can legally script the outcomes of any and every game the NFL likes. I love watching Sports. I’m a big Football fan–and other Sports too, but I am real cynical about how all this Pro Sports stuff works. The NFL Owners can all go bankrupt for all I care.

  4. AT

    @3 The NFL teams are getting government bailouts too.

  5. lou

    4–and who owns them? billionaires? jews? chinese? who?

  6. lou

    For Second Week in a Row: More COVID-19 Vaccination Deaths than COVID-19 Deaths in the US According to CDC and VAERS Websites
    JULY 18, 2021

    The VAERS website released its weekly numbers on Friday.
    There are now 11,140 reported deaths from the COVID vaccine in the United States.
    This is up from 9,125 reported deaths from the COVID-19 vaccinations total from last week.


  7. Petruchio

    Just Keepin’ it Real in a DNC run City”

  8. At no point in time did the vaccination process claim it was 100% effective. This is a novel vaccination and they hoped it would be 90% effective.

    Since hundreds of millions of people have had the vaccination, the fact that a tiny number have died of the disease is remarkably small in number. I note that people posting this junk don’t compare the vaccination/death rate as percentage.

    The alternative being driven here is, EVERYONE should be fully exposed to the germs with ZERO protection! Great. Imagine the death rate in that scenario.

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