Condo Collapse Caused By Pool Deck Weakness Design Errors


Probably my final story about this unfortunate condominium in Florida: we finally know how and why this badly designed building suddenly collapsed.  The parking garage which is below ground was below the pool deck.  The pool deck was designed as if it were on solid ground, not a thin layer of concrete.  Ao, in a nutshell, the sand and thick bricks used to pave over the concrete roof collected water and caused the entire structure to collapse which led to the pillars holding up the buildings to collapse, too.


This design is criminal.  Who on earth thought this was a great way to build a plaza over an underground parking garage?  It is utterly insane!



The brick/sand layer was deeper than the cement layer, too.  And the bricks were not cemented together, they were loose bricks!  On top of that, they installed heavy cement planters and made the bottom of the planters leak water into the brick/sand platform.  Argh!  How utterly irresponsible and insane this all is!  On top of all that, the sub structure of the garages was as slender and weak as possible so they could squeeze in as many cars as possible, too.



We can see many ridiculous tower building messes  going on in many cities.  The millennium tower is amply named.  It is a million times worse than the condo complex in Florida!  It is not only sinking rapidly into the ground, it is leaning sideways while doing this, too.  It will fall!


When this monstrosity was built, the Democrats decided they didn’t need to follow the engineer’s plans for driving pilings all the way down to solid rock.  They wanted to save money and build it so it would sit on sand, only!  Now, to fix this mess, they are going to drive pilings into the rock base and charge taxpayers part of the costs for doing this expensive ‘repair’ that was in the original plans until the developers gave the Democrats money and thus, got the engineer’s design cancelled.



This isn’t just in the USA!  In other countries, huge towers are erected and then go sideways.  This has been going on for the last several hundred years.  Note the famous ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ which would have already collapsed but it kept up, precariously, with engineering tricks.  Nearly all tower tragic events are due to developers wanting to have something cheap.  They cut corners to fill their own pockets.


This irresponsible behavior would end quickly if developers were put in prison when their developments collapse due to poor design choices.  Many a rooftop parking area has caused collapses in the past!  This is no mystery.  Underground garages, when roofed over with massive buildings of tremendous weight, are insane.  There must be internal WALLS not mere skinny cement or steel posts to support these structures!


And no more 90 degree angle spaces, these must be arches, not square structures.  Square structures have very little strength under stress.  This fad of using square structures to hold up heavy weights is INSANE and INFURIATING.  Good grief.


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6 responses to “Condo Collapse Caused By Pool Deck Weakness Design Errors

  1. Zeke

    Congratulations Elaine!
    You are showing signs of human growth and development.

    You were ADAMANT that the condo collapsed due to Navy underwater explosion conducted a week prior a hundred miles away not affecting any other building – no matter.
    Shhhhh don’t even mention that now. Just back away from it.

    You are showing some signs of growth in your flexibility. Kudos.

    (Zeke still maintains that it was the pre/post tension construction technique that, when cable integrity is breached – causes cables to snap like rubber bands and whole structure to go to ground instantaneously as if a rubber band snapped.
    Note in debris pile – no structural steel elements poking up, no elevator shafts, no hardened fire exit towers. Just pulverized dust from cables snapping.)

    Other similar buildings have been ordered evacuated in the Miami area.

    As far as responsibility, the building construction or erection was almost forty years ago – – but it SHOULD BE NOTED that your lord and savior Trump pledged to do away with “job killing regulations” without ever mentioning any such regulation.

    The vast majority of regulations are there to protect life and limb, worker safety, food safety, etc.
    No matter; Trump wanted them gone – to maximize profits.

    From reports, rules and regulations were not adhered to during construction and even in maintenance – putting cost cutting above adherence.

    So, in that INDIRECT sense, you should agree that the collapse and these deaths CAN be laid at Trump’s feet. INDIRECTLY, of course.

    Similarly with allowing Boing to self regulate and self inspect vs. FAA – – resulting in two new aircraft falling out of the sky with resultant loss of life. Lay those even more so at Trump’s feet.

    Now, I know that the crazed Trump worshippers that frequent this site will find that a hard nut to swallow.
    In a rare moment of candor Trump did posit that he “could walk down 5th Ave. and shoot someone and not lose any followers”.
    He marveled at that himself.

    But Zeke brings truth to the ignorant, those dwelling in darkness, not those already well informed. They don’t need Zeke; you do.

  2. Your stupidity level rises every hour.

    I speculated that the explosion earthquake caused the SAND TO SHIFT. Then, weakened structures due to WATER DAMAGE from a HUMID CLIMATE would give way, being RUSTED.

    And…this is what happened.

    I also noted, the architecture was stupid due to no arches. All this is now confirmed. You should read my stuff much more carefully in the future if you want to attack me mindlessly.

  3. Going all the way back to 2500 years ago, the Bible talks about not building on sand if you want a building to stay upright. HAHAHA. Imagine that.

    The building falling in San Francisco was also built on silt and sand, too, not anchored to any rocks.

  4. Also also, I mention that other countries have the exact same problem for the same reasons: NO ONE wants to spend money on foundations if they can avoid this. I have complained about this in the past, too. I have literally designed and built foundations for many years and know a great deal about this particular topic.

  5. lou

    NO ONE wants to spend money on foundations.

    I take that as symbolic of our nation and the world.
    Not having moral foundations or crumbling moral foundations.

    As far as the ‘covid-not covid’ discussion goes, 500k dead/400m = 1 in 800 or 1 in 1600 [over 2 years] dead from this C19.

    Now Elaine may respond, with some insults. No one posting here has covid fear but EMS.

  6. TinaB

    Joe Rogan discussing “regulations” with Dave Rubin (a right wing nut job). 6 minutes for Joe to pulverize his stupid way of thinking!

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