Many Drown In Vast German Floods After Government Refused To Lower Reservoirs Before Storms


Many parts of central Europe were hit by vast floods due to heavy rain caused by this la Nina summer.  Over a thousand people died in Europe this week due to heavy flooding.  I once lived in Germany where the floods took out houses.  Western Germany has lots of mountains and this means, lots of mountain rivers which can turn into violent torrents during floods.  The German government recently revised flood protocols but did this while worried about ‘global warming’ and thus, little to no excess rain due to being too hot.  Well, we are in a La Nina cold summer in the Eastern half of the North American continent and in Western Europe.


Instead of using their brains, our Bilderberg leaders are doubling down on the fake ‘global warming’ scam while unable to call it that due to the climate changing to cool climate problems, not warmer climate problems.  This is a problem for the super rich who need foolish followers to mindlessly destroy their own lives to ‘save the planet’ while the elites happily live in multiple, vast palaces and fly private jets and drive heavily armored cars, etc.


Germany is being destroyed by floods this summer.  We also have some flooding here in NE USA.  Every few days, we get some sunshine and then it returns to heavy clouds and frequent storms.


Making things much worse, it appears that the dams in Germany were left totally full this last week after a month of floods so immediately during this latest storm, the dams overflowed and flooded downstream.


This is happening to China all this last half year, too.  Lots and lots of floods.  One thing that isn’t happening are Atlantic Ocean hurricanes!  Nothing at all!  Below is a map showing the earth’s oceans and we can see clearly that the cold upwelling of nearly the entire North Atlantic is probably causing these floods and preventing the hurricanes:


Following exactly the equator, the la Nina upwelling isn’t just between Peru and Indonesia, there is a smaller, identical upwelling right on the equator between Brazil and Central Africa.  It is high summer in the Northern Hemisphere and little in the way of warm waters!


This shows what la Nina weather patterns do to North America.


Germans are quite angry that the global warming fanatics in the government did nothing to protect them from this la Nina cold/wet weather:


German officials have defended their anti-flooding measures after torrential downpours submerged towns and villages and killed at least 195 people across the country and Belgium.  The head of Germany‘s civil protection agency, Armin Schuster, said the weather had been “forecast relatively well” and that all major rivers had been prepared for flooding.


Except the government did NOT prepare at all.  Due to belief in global warming, they continued to assume, all summer long, that a hot, hot, dry summer was going to happen so they hoarded water when water should have been discharged!


The probe found that many sirens had been removed after the Cold War and push alerts for the national warning app were sent late or not at all.


Good grief!  The present generation running Germany grew up learning that Nazis were totally evil and that saving the earth was their mission so of course, they took this to extremes which is typical of Germans and decided to destroy all systems supporting their civilization…again!  Amazing to watch!  Here is the latest German laws concerning dams:



They have noble intentions and stupid implementation of systems controls.  Designating ‘flood zones’ is easy.  Coming up with plans is also easy.  DOING THE RIGHT THING is nearly impossible when the brain is paralyzed by fake propaganda that scares the people who control all of this into doing suicidal or stupid things instead of thinking ahead and doing smart things.


This is the danger of all ideologies: the word ‘idiot’ seems apt.  Left or right, people who have ideologies can’t think straight or understand incoming data necessary for survival which is why all of human history is a long list of stupid things people do over and over and over again.



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18 responses to “Many Drown In Vast German Floods After Government Refused To Lower Reservoirs Before Storms

  1. TinaB

    Yup just as I have been saying – humans are stupid! Scientists (at least Guy for one) have been warning for decades now that abrupt climate change will lead to extreme, catastrophic weather events. Humans refuse to believe things they don’t “like”, Constantly making messes we cannot fix.

    James Hansen wrote the book “Storms of my Grandchildren in 2010. The book “Limits to Growth” was written in 1972! Paul Ehrlich wrote the book “The Population Bomb” in 1968! Just to name a few. But nope – not only did we not take precaution we went “pedal to the metal”. Let’s take a risk, let’s gamble on our one and only “home” you know shit in our own nests.

    “Globally, 2020 was the hottest year on record, effectively tying 2016, the previous record. Overall, Earth’s average temperature has risen more than 2 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1880s. Temperatures are increasing due to human activities, specifically emissions of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide and methane.”

    Just wait until the permafrost melts. “Some studies imply a direct link, as they predict cold air passing over ice is replaced by warm air passing over the sea. This warm air carries heat to the permafrost around the Arctic, and melts it. This permafrost then releases huge quantities of methane.” WE WERE WARNED!

    BOE (ice free Arctic) this year or next then we will really see things speed up. But hey who gives a shit – it’s not in my backyard. Well it is coming to a theatre near you. What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic.

    “The Amazon rainforest is now emitting more carbon dioxide than it is able to absorb, scientists have confirmed for the first time”.
    You do know that it was a CARBON SINK – now it’s an EMITTER! OOPS!

    Those damn, pesky facts just seem to keep getting in the way of our fantasies! Infinite growth on a finite planet YES!

    Nope don’t believe it lalalalalalalalalalal! It’s a hoax! Why would I believe scientists who actually study this stuff on the ground and can see with their own eyes when I can believe you Elaine (someone who is NOT an EXPERT on it but you THINK you are)?

    “Intelligent individuals learn from every thing and every one; average people, from their experiences. The stupid already have all the answers.”

  2. Mewswithaview

    The river Ahr tributary to the Rhine has history of severe flooding every hundred years or so, the last major incidents being 1910 & 1804, the proverbial one hundred year flood, so outside living memory.

    Reconstructing peak discharges of historic floods of the river Ahr, Germany

  3. Mewswithaview

    The effects of flooding have nothing to do with climate and are man made including

    Populations in and adjacent to flood-prone areas, especially in coastal areas, continue to increase, putting more property and greater numbers of people at risk,
    Flood-moderating wetlands continue to be destroyed,
    Little has been done to control or contain increased run off from upstream development (e.g. run off caused by paving over land),
    Many undeveloped areas have not yet been mapped (mapping has been concentrated in already-developed areas), and people are moving into such areas without adequate information concerning risk,
    Many dams and levees are beginning to deteriorate with age, leaving property owners with a false sense of security about how well they are protected,
    Some policies (e.g., provision of subsidies for building roads and bridges) tend to encourage development in flood plains.

    At a minimum, when people blame climate change for damaging flood events, they direct attention away from the fact that decision makers already have the means at their disposal to significantly address the documented flood problems.

    Germans did actually learn lessons from the 2002 Elbe flooding event that they applied successfully in 2013. It was rather surprising to observe the loss of life in the latest instance, but, I guess no one had experience in living memory of previous floods in the area.

  4. TinaB

    Elaine WTF are you talking about? You don’t think there has been a 2 degree F increase in the global average temperature? You don’t even need science at this point – just vision! Ever heard of “feedback loops”?

    Climate Change And Infectious Diseases
    Today, worldwide, there is an apparent increase in many infectious diseases, including some newly-circulating ones (HIV/AIDS, hanta virus, hepatitis C, SARS, etc.). This reflects the combined impacts of rapid demographic, environmental, social, technological and other changes in our ways-of-living. Climate change will also affect infectious disease occurrence

    The scientists who study how diseases emerge in a changing environment knew this moment was coming. Climate change is making outbreaks of disease more common and more dangerous.

    Yup the cycle of life and death that unfortunately HUMANS tried to control. The outcome will not be pretty!

    Peter Wadhams
    Few people understand that the Arctic sea ice “death spiral” represents more than just a major ecological upheaval in the world’s Far North. The decline of Arctic sea ice also has profound global climatic effects, or feedbacks, that are already intensifying global warming and have the potential to destabilize the climate system. Indeed, we are not far from the moment when the feedbacks themselves will be driving the change every bit as much as our continuing emission of billions of tons of carbon dioxide annually.

    I repeat
    “Intelligent individuals learn from every thing and every one; average people, from their experiences. The stupid already have all the answers.”

  5. TinaB

    The four types of climate denier, and why you should ignore them all
    Damian Carrington
    The shill, the grifter, the egomaniac and the ideological fool: each distorts the urgent global debate in their own way

    Elaine is the egomaniac
    The egomaniacs are also tragic figures. They are disappointed, frustrated people whose careers have stalled and who can’t understand why the world refuses to give full reverence to their brilliance. They are desperate for recognition, and, when it stubbornly refuses to arrive, they are drawn to make increasingly extreme pronouncements, in the hope of finally being proved a dogma-busting, 21st-century Galileo

    Perfect! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  6. Moe

    Excerpt: “Left or right, people who have ideologies can’t think straight or understand incoming data necessary for survival which is why all of human history is a long list of stupid things people do over and over and over again.”

    This would also apply to Elaine’s hysterical reaction to the Coronavirus.



    A 2% plus death rate is normal for a disease in modern times??? This is childish. Look at the statistics! The 2% death rate came after record lock downs to prevent the virus from spreading.

    Last time we had a death rate from a virus that was over 1% was the Hong Kong Flu and I nearly died of that terrible disease.

  7. TinaB

    There are two main links between climate change and extreme rainfall events like the one in northwestern Europe.

    First, as Hayley Fowler, professor of climate change impacts in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University, told me, a warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture. “According to the Clausius-Clapeyron equation, a one-degree rise in temperature has the potential to give you a 7 percent increase in the intensity of rainfall,” Fowler said.

    “The second point is that the [Earth’s] poles are increasing in temperature at two to three times the rate of the equator,” Fowler said. That, she said, “weakens the jet stream of the mid-latitudes, which is basically over Europe. In summer and autumn, the weakening of the jet stream has a knock-on effect causing slower-moving storms. So there’s a double whammy of increasing intensity, but the storm lingers longer too.”

    And that kind of double whammy can have devastating impacts on the land and infrastructure.

    “All this happened very fast, and I’ve never experienced a situation which developed that fast,” Tanja Krok, head of volunteering service in the German Red Cross in North Rhine-Westphalia, told me. She’s been working in the region for nearly 30 years. “In 2002, we had flooding in the east of Germany, but it impacted one region and developed slowly,” Krok said.

    The powerful flow of water has also caused landslides, leaving some roads unusable if not completely washed away. “We’ve never had landslides before. We feel like our houses here are stable and fixed. It’s not often that you see houses collapse,” Krok said.

  8. nclaughlin

    We had a similar problem in 2017 at the Oroville Dam in California that was nearly a disaster. Too much water in the dam.

  9. snoosebomb

    ”Ever heard of “feedback loops”?”

    ever check what the actual increase in atmospheric water vapor has been ?

  10. Zeke

    Neither Supkis nor Trump have ever made a mistake, an error. They are always right and never wrong.
    (At least they won’t own up it it.)
    ‘How great thou art.’
    Genuflect and worship them.


    ELAINE: You better worship me, mere humanoid.

  11. Mewswithaview

    Pharaoh Blames Plague Of Locusts, Water Turning To Blood On Climate Change

  12. Richard

    Instead of reading and writing climate propaganda,
    Read about the Mini Ice Age 1620-1750. The flooding
    in Europe and China happened then, during the
    last solar minimum period. It’s a 400 year cycle.
    Food has become more difficult to grow.
    P.S. There is still snow in the winter,
    and the polar bears are enjoying the cool summer.


    ELAINE: Absolutely true. During the Little Ice Age, the farmers in the US Southwest in Arizona/New Mexico/Colorado all fled their CITIES they built during the Medieval Warm Cycle. The droughts starting in 1400 to 1600 were horrible.

  13. Jim R

    They will still try to claim it is a busy hurricane season, by giving a name to every little pipsqueak thunder storm that pops up over the Atlantic.

    Of course, most of them won’t last even long enough to hit land anywhere. Maybe some little Caribbean islands…

  14. TinaB

    There are currently more than 3,000 firefighters on the wildfire frontlines.

    Clint Chapman of the BC Wildfire Service also spoke at the news conference. He said that a total of 300,000 hectares of the province have already been burned, whereas the average for this time of year in B.C. is about 100,000 hectares.

    “We are expecting what we call a ‘subtropical feed’ coming up from the United States which is going to bring significant wind into the South Coast Fire Centre and to the Interior of the province,” he said.

    The outlook isn’t good, he said, and fire officials are relieved to know that 500 more personnel will be joining the frontlines in the next 10 days.

    Yup just normal weather patterns haha! The ice age better hurry up. Where exactly are the wildlife supposed to go? Their habitat is burning up! Maybe we could ship them to Elaine’s place!

  15. TinaB

    Russian army helicopters join battle against Siberian wildfires
    Siberian Heat Wave Nearly Impossible Without Human Influence. A new study finds that the exceptional temperatures seen in Siberia in the first half of 2020 would have been extremely unlikely without anthropogenic climate change. … Global warming made the heat wave at least 600 times more likely than in 1900, they found.

    I thought Siberia was cold? Haha!

    Yup just propaganda – nothing to see here! Tell that to the over 3,000 firefightersin BC. You’re likely to get blasted right in the face!

  16. And half of the Northern Hemisphere is having a record COLD summer. We in the NE USA rarely see the sun and it pours every other day! And we get hail storms, too. AND LA NINA is strengthening rapidly AGAIN! Whoosh.

    Leftists love to crush people based on baseless fears. Hot and dry won’t be fixed by starving people to death or cutting off all electrical power to people.

  17. lou

    16–still, half of half is only 25% of the planet.

  18. TinaB I admire you for trying. There’s haze in the sky here from wild fires, but Elaine probably has a conspiracy theory to explain it.

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