Boycott Hasbro! Critical Race Theory Toy Business Is No Business


The communist SJW gang warfare against citizens is now out in the open.  In DNC run cities, crime is being legalized so open theft is no longer ‘illegal’ so thieves are proliferating like crazy in all areas controlled by the DNC Bilderberg criminals.  San Francisco was a solvent city recently and is rapidly being systematically destroyed by criminals as the DNC cheers this onwards and upwards.  Meanwhile, their statistics hide this chaos by simply not recording crimes anymore as the city dies.


Meanwhile, the only thing this gang of gangsters is focused on is corrupting very small children by exposing them to adult materials in order to brainwash/sexualize very small children: Hasbro pushes CRT thought control systems on SIX MONTH OLD babies due to ‘white babies are racists.’


Johnson, who first shared his story with Project Veritas, told host Sean Hannity that Conscious Kids co-founder Kate Ishizuka-Stephens declared during the training that “by 3 to 6 months, babies are beginning to notice and already express preference by race.


So, babies of all races quickly figure out who their parents and others are via observation and then bond based on this incoming information.  All normal humans have families and recognizing one’s own family is a survival skill.


“By age three, children are already starting to apply stereotypes, and research shows that they also may use racist language intentionally at this age. White children at this age may report explicit or overt negative attitudes towards people of color,” Ishizuka-Stephens claimed later in the session, according to video released by Project Veritas.


All children are ‘racist’ because all of them have this very important need to bond with their own clans.  This need to bond goes way, way back in time, namely, throughout the entire history of all mammals.


Johnson, who is Black, told Hannity that as soon as he heard Ishizuka-Stephens claiming as fact that babies are inherently racist, that he needed to disseminate her comments to warn parents what might be soon presented to their children.


I will note here that Fox TV now capitalizes ‘black’ because the leftist communists demanded this.  They also demanded no one can capitalize ‘white’ because ‘whites have power so they don’t need it.’  This is very rank racism.  Fox TV now capitalizes ‘white’, too.  The rest of the insane media won’t do that.  This is all very childish and extremely evil, meanwhile, the flood of TV ads featuring only blacks and or showing them being super smart while white males have to be told what works best by blacks, this lunacy has taken over all systems.



There is open war on white males.  White leftist males who are communists are doing this very cynically since they, themselves, are white males who are slated to be second class citizens, too.  Being communists, they believe their war against fellow white males won’t backfire which is insane since all communist takeovers end up a bloody mess with more people being killed, by 90%, AFTER a ‘revolution’ compared to before.


The rampant crime rate in San Francisco is beginning to scare people.  Businesses are going out of business at an astonishing rate.  Big businesses are rapidly shutting down stores especially stores easily accessed by black looters.  All across all DNC run hell hole cities, black looters are running rampant while the DNC claims, white males endanger us more than this vast army of thieves and violent rioters.



“>And in DC, run by communist Democrats, rioters in the January 6 event are being locked up in prison for entering Congress while leftist rioters get all charges dropped after rioting, looting and burning DC:


And there is this interesting news about the draft and a white male being prosecuted for joking about women being drafted thanks to the ‘no discrimination’ DNC rules:



This poor man accurately predicted DNC policies!  And will go to prison for this thought crime!  It is now in the Congressional Record that Democrats want to make military drafts sexually equal so everyone under the age of 30 can and will be drafted!  I hope the males sue to force all females to fight on the front lines, too.  Equality!


The changes to Selective Service could be attached to the National Defense Authorization Act, a defense policy bill that’s one of the few pieces of legislation considered a “must-pass” by Congress. The move would reignite a contentious debate over whether women should be required to register for the draft, a move the House and Senate have each considered in recent years, though the change has never become law.


The language proposed by Reed (D-R.I.) would expand registration for the service to “All Americans,” striking explicit references to males. It’s expected to be considered during committee markup this week; floor action on the bill would wait until later this year. A spokesperson for Reed declined to comment.


HAHAHA.  Draft Hillary’s brat!  Draft Biden’s wife.  Send them to Afghanistan to fight the nasty males there.


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28 responses to “Boycott Hasbro! Critical Race Theory Toy Business Is No Business

  1. Ken

    Among the many subtle ways in which blacks (no capital “B”) are shown to embody traits that everyone wishes they had is a recent mattress commercial I saw on the internet. The mattress company shows a diverse group of people sleeping on, and otherwise enjoying, the company’s mattresses. All of them are sleeping or relaxing in the comfort of the mattresses, except the black person. That person is shown reading in bed. If that had been the only white person engaged in an intellectual pursuit there would be an outcry of racism.

  2. TinaB

    Ken are you THAT lazy that you can’t evaluate all persons on their merits instead of their skin color? “Bad” people come in all colors! But I guess it hard to break lifelong brainwashing especially when you’re just plain lazy!

    And what does this “black bashing” accomplish anyway? You treat them like scum and guess what they will behave like scum. Duh.

    And you think YOU are superior? Sounds to me like there’s a lot of cobwebs in your brain so you need to “give your head a shake” extremely hard. Come on now “white” guy you can do better can’t you? After all you are SUPERIOR!

  3. lou

    Tina, go away.

    Ken, it is not subtle, once one accepts the facts.

  4. TinaB

    lou, go away – you wouldn’t know a fact if it smacked you in the face!

  5. TinaB

    People who generalize are just plain lazy period! Most old, white guys like yourself are just that – LAZY! That’s why we have “slave labor” in China now instead of black slavery in the US! Just keep exploiting “other” people cause you know you are so SUPERIOR anf LAZY!

  6. TinaB

    If you’re so SMART what do you think happens when you “disenfranchise” people (deprive (someone) of the rights and privileges of a free inhabitant of a borough, city, or country). Let’s see how your privileged ass would handle that! But go ahead just keep living in your “white” bubble with your head firmly planted up you a$$.

  7. snoosebomb

    says TinaB from Posh vancouver where there are few blacks

  8. TinaB

    Lou it sounds like you are unhappy with your “lot” in life (do you do anything else but scour the internet to find examples for you to justify your hate and comment incessantly on this blog – you really need to get a life)

    ELAINE: This is your last warning,Tina.

  9. TinaB

    Elaine: I am going to delete all of this silly person’s stuff now.

  10. Petruchio

    Rule #1 on how to fight Propaganda: Do NOT play by their Rules!!! Not allowed to criticize them? Says WHO??!! Tear in to them every time you debate them or respond to their actions. AND: that clown in the picture above? The one who allegedly got 8 months in jail? He’s ANTIFA! Or maybe he’s just some idiot looking for some money. Someone offered him X number of dollars to do this “insurrection” on Jan. 6th and he said OK. The ti off–one of them–is the Trump T shirt this joker is wearing. Imho that’s trying too hard to frame someone or some group. The other ti off is that there is NO WAY this fake “insurrection” could have happened if it were a REAL protest. There is heavy security in D.C.. A real protest would have been tear gassed and shot at a long time before it even got close to the Capitol steps. Silence from the Media.

    ELAINE: True, they let in the demonstrators. This whole thing is ridiculous now.

  11. Jim R

    (off topic) …

  12. shawntoh

    The “top news today” is that life expectancy is down 1.5 years as of 2020. It appears that, along with COVID-19, overdoses have had a huge impact on this stat.*

    Obviously, the lockdown has made things worse for people overall.

    ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

    I fail to see how attacking people PERSONALLY by calling them “lazy”, speculating on the size of their genitals as being inadequate, and so on… contributes constructively to the discussion of the issues here.

    So I will say it again. When fighting what you perceive to be “monsters” then please take great care NOT to become a monster yourself in the process!

    The attacks against Ken and Lou are examples of the fallacy in debate of abusive ad hominem.



  13. lou

    7snoosebomb — says TinaB from Posh Vancouver where there are few blacks and even less latinos.

    However Hong couver has homeless, lots of over priced real estate and lots chinks. no thanks

    Snoose, why argue with an idiot?

  14. Zeke

    With each passing day you become more and more goofy.

  15. lou

    meanwhike, on the corona front,

    earlier this week based on data from the CDC website – not MSM bullshit – that the States with the highest Vax rates are experiencing a higher surge in positive tests than are the States with the lowest Vax rates.

  16. Zeke

    Dying of COVID begging to be vaxed –
    – but it’s too late for them by then.

    “They cry. And they tell me they didn’t know. They thought it was a hoax. They thought it was political. They thought because they had a certain blood type or a certain skin color they wouldn’t get as sick. They thought it was ‘just the flu’.”

    “But they were wrong, she said, and they can’t go back.”

  17. Mewswithaview

    Politician caught by own lies

  18. AT

    In many ways, CRT goes way to far and appears to be a cynical ploy to divide and rule using identity politics pedestals. And, the puppet show involves both fake parties in the uniparty. On the other hand, there is clearly still racism in parts of society, albeit much, much less than in the past. So, perhaps there is some room for incremental benefit as well? But, at what cost?

    I think we can all agree on The Golden Rule, at a minimum, however.

  19. CRT is a communist ploy to destroy us. All communist countries are very cruel to ‘minorities’. But in liberal countries, the communists lie to young people and pretend to be anti-racist. But it is merely a tool to take over.

  20. Zeke

    There are no Communists – except inside your skull. Even the ChiCom are more Market based than the criminal so called “‘FedReserve”‘.

    Yes ….. the criminal so called “‘FedResv”‘ is a Stalinist like organization of Int’l Banking Cartel of top down undemocratic state planning where they fraudulently set interest rates but is for the majority benefit of the rich.

    FRONTLINE : “The Power of the FED”.
    Show did not go as far as I do in correctly identifying it as a criminal organization but it is a rare look outside the ‘Overton Window’ permitted by ‘the Media’.

  21. lou

    Dear Abby,

    There are no Communists – except inside your skull.


    Ima Fool.

  22. Zeke

    At least at last you finally admit you’re a fool.

  23. lou

    22-are u really that stupid?

    the fool is he who first posted–There are no Communists – except inside your skull.

  24. Zeke

    You’re so stupid, you’re funny.

    I can’t mention your IQ or I’ll get cancelled cultured – again.


    ELAINE: people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  25. snoosebomb

    @ 13 chinks are ok , hard working , sorta smart

  26. lou

    ELAINE: let me rewrite that, fools in glass houses do throw stones.

  27. Zeke

    Stretched, overextended analogies become strained – break.
    Cute phrases are not a good substitute for actual thinking.

    To mentally sub par people, a wise man can seem derisive.

  28. Good description of your posts, yourself, Zeke. Your wisdom seems to stop at your own front door and you won’t answer when it rings your doorbell.

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