Senator Cheney, Globalist Pig, Is Now Totally Alienated From GOP


As the wheels fall off of yet another DNC circus train, the Democrats are doubling down on the idea that the January riot is the end of the world.  This push to make it a day to destroy all Republicans is backfiring very badly and the DNC is too stupid to see the popular tide is turning on them as inflation and invading foreigners grip the nation’s attention, both of these caused by the DNC.  This refusal to let go of the politics in January while the US is being openly invaded by foreigners from all over the planet is leading to a political crisis of huge proportions.


Adam Schiff tried twice to impeach President Trump.  This clown now wants to impose a police state on us due to the January 6th event:



The Republicans chose the legislators  to be the ‘jury’ on this ‘trial’ and the DNC gang doesn’t like these choices so they are refusing to cooperate.  So this ends the farce of a hearing.  They also know the legal legs of this ‘trial’ is very weak indeed.


The US public wants all the leftist riots investigated, not the small riot in DC:



The poll finds that two thirds (66%) of voters want the costly Black Lives Matter related riots investigated, while only 49% of voters agree that a January 6th investigation should be a priority.


Meanwhile, the left continues to riot in DNC hell hole cities and last night, they did this in Manhattan yet again:


The rioters flung themselves on the car so it ‘ran over’ them trying to get away.  This happens all the time and the rioters are never arrested and then put in prison which would stop this nonsense which has been going on for four years so far.


The leftists put in power during a fake election are pushing hard to impose ‘racial justice’ junk on children:


These radicals want NO DISCIPLINE in any BLACK/HISPANIC classrooms!  Already, for 50 years, we have seen total chaos in all, yes, ALL DNC run schools in every DNC hell hole city.  Students who are ‘colored’ are not disciplined at all and cause chaos and mayhem in all the schools and no one learns anything in these schools except…how to riot.


These children desperately need discipline!  This is literal life and death for them all.


Meanwhile, the US female Olympic team continues to act like children, protesting police killing violent criminals resisting arrest or who are trying to kill people:



Note all the black women on this team: THREE.  All but three really hate the USA.  A few days earlier, only two patriotic players saluted the flag.  Oh my, don’t they all hate BIDEN?  HAHAHA.



All the sports now have to pretend they hate white people especially white athletes.  Then we can have them all on their knees, sneering at their audience which is running away rapidly. All sports are dying now thanks to this silly business.  Virtue signaling is backfiring badly.


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18 responses to “Senator Cheney, Globalist Pig, Is Now Totally Alienated From GOP

  1. Zeke

    The Trumpterdian faction of the RNC are doing a FREAKOUT – desperate to stop any legitimate investigation of the Jan. 6 attempted coup.
    To muddy the waters and dilute the investigation, they sought to include any and all other non attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6 in the investigation.
    The polar opposite of their multiple Benghazi investigations.

    “Adam Schiff tried twice to impeach President Trump.”
    Lemme break the news to ya: former Pres. Trump WAS Impeached TWICE ; he just wasn’t removed from office.

    Repubs refused to join in a joint investigation – so the Speaker of the House formed her own and invited Repubs to nominate their own participants – WITH THE ADVICE & CONSENT of the Speaker. The Speaker objected to and rejected 2 of the 5 proposed participants. At which point Trump toady McCarthy threw a tantrum and withdrew all 5 members.

    Liz Cheney, on this point, on this occasion, having had been a personal TARGET and intended VICTIM of insurrectionists coup members (500 of which are now arrested) having first hand knowledge of the coup its effects and harm – – is a JFK like PROFILE IN COURAGE for standing up to the mob and doing the right thing despite possible political consequences.

  2. Floridasandy

    Benghazi investigation ?
    4 Americans murdered in a 7 hour firefight with our drunk SOS AWOL on the freaking anniversary of 9-11
    Even the 2 liberals murdered didn’t matter to the liberal cult. I watched them being dragged through the streets, and nobody was ever held accountable
    STFU with the stupid.

    Everybody knows why Adam Schiff was so hysterical 😩

    I remember how much liberals hated Duck Cheney, and now it’s a love fest for the daughter doing the exact same crap her dad did

  3. Zeke

    Exactly! You’re making my point!
    The Repubs focused on the Benghazi attack.
    They did not try to muddy the waters by including other attacks in other cities.
    They did not try to dilute the investigation by including far ranging material.
    They remained totally focused on the Benghazi Consulate attack.
    Granted that their objective was to tag and blame Hillary, they did focus.

    The opposite of what Repubs want to do with the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol investigation. There they want to muddy and dilute – and derail the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6.
    Of course, they goal in the Capitol invasion investigation is the opposite of their goal in Benghazi.
    Their goal is now not to tag or blame anyone but to exonerate the instigator Trump from any culpability.

    Thank you for (inadvertently) making and reinforcing my point !

    And so you STFU with your stupid.

    And as regards Liz Cheney – there is no “love fest”. As was stated – “on this point, on this occasion,” she is correct.

  4. snoosebomb

    the capitol is the peoples building , they had every right to be in it

  5. The guards opened the doors and let them in! More: when FEMINISTS invaded and were assaulting Congress people, the leftists thought this was OK. This ‘we get to break laws’ attitude is core to the leftist problems they cause. Note how the crazy people at my own site love to look at small things caused by conservatives while ignoring huge things they do, all the time including outright rioting.

  6. Zeke

    Another stupid one.
    Not to halt or disrupt the function of government and the Constitution. Not to threaten and destroy; not to smear human feces on the walls; not to rifle thru and rummage computers and podiums; not to assault legislators and batter police.

    And whether it be a nuke plant, a military base, a library, a national park, an archive, or a court room or a legislative bldg.: gov’t has the right to limit and restrict public access for safety.

    You don’t have “every right”. Otherwise it’s trespass and mob rule.
    I can’t believe I have to explain this to anyone.
    Is the Canadian educational sys. also so bereft that even the basics have to be belatedly explained? Our mentally ill, ethics deprived Canuck friend is an nincompoop.

  7. Zeke

    The Trump wannabe dictator coup rioters BROKE the windows; SMASHED thru the doors using bike rack type barriers. They scaled the walls (unnecessarily because there were steps right there – but nobody accused them of being bright) with ropes (for hanging?) for photo op dramatic effect.
    They erected a hanging scaffold, they yelled “hang Mike Pence”, they hit police with bear repellant spray, fire extinguishers, flag poles from their many Trump flags turned into weapons.

    Trump along with deranged cohort Rudy Giuliani assembled the mob and instigated the violence: “Fight like hell!” said Trump and Rudy egged them on with “Trial by Combat!”

    “The guards opened the doors and let them in! ” ONLY AFTER the guards were completely overwhelmed and they realized resistance at the doors was futile – and the fighting continued inside the Capitol Bldg.

    Trump said “I’ll be there with you!” Just another of what 30K of lies – he ducked into his bullet resistant protective limousine and raced back to the WH to watch it on TV.

    Just as the Benghazi investigation was focused on Benghazi, so too the Capitol coup riot investigation must be focused on the Capitol.
    Republicans don’t want that. They want their old tactic of “oh yeah, well what about …. ” obfuscation, distraction and denial to muddy the waters and cloud the vision of what we saw that day.

    The Benghazi investigation resulted in about 30 reforms for embassy security.
    We need similar from a focused investigation on the attempted coup on Jan. 6.

    Never again should a malignant narcissist losing candidate be allowed to spread lies like so much rioter excrement, assemble an insurrectionist mob with helmets, flak jackets, bear spray, ropes, etc. to attempt a coup.

    The perps, notably Trump and Giuliani, must be brought to heel and held accountable for their treasonous perfidy.

  8. Moe


    I read your blog every day and appreciate your effort but it is becoming repetitive and inundated with superfluous comments, hence less relevant daily. It’s understandable that coverage of ongoing events will produce repetition but the egregious comments result from an overly tolerant posture toward commentary standards and a lack of rational censorship.

    In retrospect, I find you impervious to critique and this is either a weakness or a calculated mechanism to ignore and discount criticism. It detracts from your attempt to inform but more importantly it identifies your intransigence as either personality flaw or manipulation.

    Not going to be here much longer, regrettably…

  9. Zeke

    “Not going to be here much longer, …..”

    Good riddance. You did nothing but complain and communistically want to ban people who thought differently than you.
    You might consider moving to North Korea. All ONE opinion of “the Dear Leader” there.
    You contribute nothing but just nag and complain.

    Don’t let the door hit yer a$$ on the way out.

    You won’t be missed.

  10. lou

    10–OCD, much?

  11. Petruchio

    I just have to comment again on what complete WHORES these Billionaire Pro Sorts team owners are. Most , not all of them. When their Black employees first started to kneel at the National Anthem, the Owners threatened to release those kneeling players. Now these Owners KNEEL along with their kneeling players!! It’s really encouraging to me to see these Pro Sorts teams are losing Fans AND losing MONEY. And Money is the only thing these Billionaire Owners REALLY care about.

  12. Petruchio

    And about those disrespectful Soccer players on the Women’s Soccer team. First, if this Country is so awful, why stay here? Why not go to a different Country? History is FILLED with people who did just that! My grandfather left England for the USA because there were better opportunities here. So did a lot of English folks. Lots of Irish left Ireland because they were starving. Secondly, this Country is obviously not as bad as these hateful black athletes think and there is PROOF for this. In a REALLY evil Country, anybody who would publicly kneel and disgrace the Flag would be thrown in jail for Life OR get the Death Penalty. Here in the “tolerant”, multicultural USA we encourage it.Sad.

  13. lou

    13–there was the tale of the first skyjacker. took the plane to Cuba. He was not welcomed. He expected a heroes welcome. he got life in a cuban prison.

  14. Yes, we have some astonishingly nasty posters here who think I will shrink in fear when they unleash vomit here.

    Nope. I feel sorry for people trapped in their hell holes. All, self made.

    Look, there was a RIOT in DC in January! And MANY RIOTS before that and AFTER that by leftists of whom NO ONE was put in prison at all. They were all released just like in all DNC run hell hole cities.

    The lunatics here who think we are not law and order because Trump supporters had a riot on one and only one day, well…compare that to Democrats who endorse and enable DAILY RIOTS without end!

    This is literally comparing a tiny ant to an elephant in size. The leftist riots has burned down more than a few cities and continues to this very day, destroying and looting all DNC cities systematically.

    And leftists whine about ONE DAY RIOT? Good lord, they are all insane.

  15. About sports competition: nationalism entered this arena way back in the time of Herr Hitler and the Berlin Olympics. Now, it is all over the place and now, even later, it is the opposite, it is political warfare whereby leftists make fists and salute Mao and Stalin while patriots get ready to lynch them for doing this.

    That is, a brewing civil war. And the left is losing power rapidly. It will not fare well with them, not at all at this rate.

  16. lou

    brewing civil war.

    Yes, it is called ‘stirring the pot’ one of many things red ‘activists’ use.

  17. lou

    She ‘will shrink in fear’–Not Elaine, sorry Zeke.

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